afraid of love

this is a story about a girl ho loses every thing and every one she loves, but what happends when she falls in love with two fames guys(one direction)????????????


3. 3

Louis P.O.V

It was great to be in Switzerland, but of course it was a few girls that had somehow had got in on the airport and of course it was emotional Directioner’s that sat around crying. It was one pretty girl on a bench crying, but when she saw us, she looked at us with disgust, like she had something against us with reason and not just a directinator. “Hey Liam, look” I said pointing at the girl that now had turned the back at us. “What is it whit her” he answered with a questioned look. “When she saw us it looked like we had done something with her” “Well, then we got to ask” Harry said with his eyes on her. We went over to her and sat down, Niall and I on each side of her. Next to Niall sat Harry then Zayn, beside me it was of course Liam.

Lucy’s P.O.V

They sat down beside me. What did they want, like they haven’t ruined my life all ready.” So are you a directinator or have we done something to you” Harry asked. Should I answer or not, I cohoused not to. That was a bad thesis eon. “ You should answer you know, it is rude if you don’t” Liam said lowed. ”no, wont talk to people that ruined my life“ I answered short. “That is just rude” Zayn pointed out “tell us at least what we did” I gave them a short worsen. “You made my brother jump of a bridge and my parents to leave me” I said with tears in my eyes again. I looked at their faces they were in shock. I stated to leave, when Louis took my arm and looked me in my eyes “We are so sorry, we didn’t knew” even he had tears in his eyes. I still had the tape in my pocket, so I gave it to him, so he could hear it himself. “Here, listen to it and you will see” with that I walked away. Walked to my empty home, with tears running free down my cheeks.

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