In His Eyes

It's been 5 years since Sophie Wades father was murdered. Ever since then, Sophie has been living in fear of everything. So when her father's killer's son starts at Sophie's school, she finds herself falling for him. But with his bad-boy personality and charming good looks will Sophie be able to move on from the past and learn to love again?


2. Underrated

"Sophie? Sophie, honey wake up, it's time for school." I could hear my mothers voice intruding into my sleep.

I rolled over, grumbling, as I pulled my blanket over my head.

"Sophie, get up." Mom said. I heard her walk out of the room, but I knew she'd come back.

And I was right. Seconds later, I felt my blanket being pulled away from my head, the warmth and comfort it had given me, gone. I could feel cold water droplets on my face, and my eyes fluttered open.

"Mom, I'm awake!" I groaned, sitting up. Everything seemed like a blur. My mother was standing beside my bed, holding my alarm clock and a glass of water.

"You have this for a reason." She said, holding up the alarm clock. "I'm not going to come wake you up everytime your alarm clock stops ringing. You're 17 now, you should wake up on your own without having me come in every morning to do so." With that, she walked out of my room, and down the stairs.

I sighed, swinging my legs out of my bed, and into my worn out slippers. I shuffled out of my bedroom, grabbing my clothes that I had layed out the night before, and into the bathroom. I stripped out of my clothes and went into the shower, letting the hot water cosume me, and hopefully wake me in the process.

About 10 minutes later, after showering, blow drying, brushing my teeth and hair, I made my way downstairs, tying my hair into a ponytail in the process. Mom was in the kitchen, frying eggs, as I could smell the eggs from all the way upstairs. 

I sat down at the dining table, drumming my fingers against it, waiting for my breakfast. I let out a yawn, rubbing my eyes. Mornings weren't exactly my thing.

"Here you go Sophie" Mom said, placing a plate of eggs and bread in front of me.

"Thanks mom"  I muttered.

I quickly ate the food, then ran back upstairs, fixing my hair for the final time and grabbing my backpack. I went back downstairs, where my mother was waiting in the foyer, keys in her hand.

"You ready?" she asked, and I nodded.

I slipped into my black Converse and followed her outside of the house to her car. The day was nice and warm, which I was very grateful for. I got into the passenger seat of my mothers car, an old Acura.

She pulled out of the driveway and began the 5 minute journey towards my school, Green Oaks Secondary School. When we got there, Mom stopped in front of the school, as I gathered my things, pushing the door open.

"See you later sweetie" Mom called.

"Bye mom!" I said, and shut the door.

I made my way down the pathway that led to the courtyard of the school. As I was walking, my besr friend Kristina Webler ran up to me, her cheeks flushed and her eyes bright.

"Guess what!?" she exclaimed.

"What...?" I said cautiously. Whenever Kristina got this excited, it wasn't exactly for all the right reasons.

"Jenna told me there's a new senior, and that he's super hot" She squealed, referring to our friend Jenna Mines.

"Really?" I said, raising an eyebrow. To be honest, I could care less about the new 'hot' senior, probably because I was a junior and I was more of the "focus on your studies" type of person.

"Yep!" Kristina said. "I haven't seen him yet, but i'm dying too"

"Well hopefully you will Kristina" I reassured her.

Suddenly the bell rang out, signaling the start of school.

"I'll see you later then alright?" I said to Kristina.

She nodded. "Alright" she said, smiling.

I smiled back, then turned around, walking towards the side entrance which I always used to get to my first period Math class.

As I made my way towards the doors, I noticed a small crowd of people, surrounding the doors. I frowned, wondering why so many people had decided to use this entrance today. I pushed my way through the throng of people, determined not to be late for Math.

Just as I was nearing the doors, I stumbled on someones foot, and I felt myself falling. Panic filled me until I felt a pair of hands grasp my arms, keeping me from falling.

I found my footing, looking up to whoever it was that had saved me from publicly embarrassing myself and found myself looking into the eyes of a handsome male, with dark green eyes, and brown curls that fell on his forehead ever so lightly. But just looking at him gave me chills for some reason.

"Be careful where you walk, beautiful" He whispered in my ear.


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