In His Eyes

It's been 5 years since Sophie Wades father was murdered. Ever since then, Sophie has been living in fear of everything. So when her father's killer's son starts at Sophie's school, she finds herself falling for him. But with his bad-boy personality and charming good looks will Sophie be able to move on from the past and learn to love again?


1. Prologue


It was his daughters 12th birthday. The man drove home from work, a big smile on his face, the iPod she had wanted beside him wrapped in gold and blue wrapping paper; her favourite colours.

He pulled up at the gas station just a few miles away from his house, and stepped out into the cold, frigid air. He shivered as he buttoned up his coat, then turned towards the gas machine, inserting his credit card. 

He noticed that the gas station was eerily deserted, not a single soul in sight. He figured this was probably because it was almost 10 pm. 

He unhooked the gas nozzle from its cradle and turned around, when a black gloved hand pushed him with full force against his car. The man gasped for air, as a hooded figure pressed him against the car. 

"Say your last words fucker." The figure snarled. 

The man opened his mouth to scream, but the figure covered his 
mouth with his gloved hand. 

"Too late" The figure said. 

Pain shot though the man's chest, as a knife was repeatedly stabbed into his chest. He felt the life draining out of him, as thoughts raced through his mind.

The man knew it was over. He would be lucky if he managed to stay alive. He closed his eyes, and said his last prayers, tears streaming down his face.

"And for the final touch." The figure growled. 

Something cold and circular pressed against the side of the mans head. He knew it was a gun. 

"I love you Sophie" He thought, as the trigger was pulled and a pain so sharp shot through his head. 

Then everything went black.

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