Loving him was RED

Two enemies. She's the famous 18 year old singer and he's the regular 20 year old fan. But, they're enemies.
When, both of them gets picked to play the maincharacters in a movie together, things start to change.
What will happen between them? What will happen when their families find out about their relationship if they get together?
It's just another sick, twisted love story after all...


5. Pssshhh


Today, we had the day off from the movie since I and some others couldn't come this day. I was to go to an interview and as usual, I am late. I was fangirling hardcore because I am about to meet the most famous boy band ever - One Direction. 

Anyways, when I came there, the stylist quickly fixed my make-up, nails and hair and whatever that needed to be done. 

"There, you're all done, darling", the woman said and smiled at me. I smiled at her as a thank you and get up to look at myself in the full lenght mirror. Don't judge me, I always do it. The ends of my hair were curled and I'm wearing a red lace shirt with a tank top under - it's one piece - and a belt the woman had wrapped around my waist, black skinny jeans and brown shoes with about 3 inches heels, pearl bracelets and pearl earrings. My make-up is really simple: very light brown eyeshadow with thick eyeliner and lip gloss. I smile and wink at my reflection earning a laugh from behind me. I turn around and roll my eyes.

"So confident, now are we?" He says with a smirk.

"Can you, just for once, stop being an arrogant dick?" I ask and cross my arms. Yeah, you probably already know who it is; Blake The Arrogant. 

"Nope." I roll my eyes and walk away from him.

"Where are you going, Sky?" 

"Away from you."

"Ouch, that hurt." 

"It should." I hear him sigh as I sit down on the couch and grab a slushie from the tray that's on the table. He sits down next to me.

"Why are you like this?"

"What do you mean?"

"An Arrogant pussy."

"Pssshh, says who?"

"Says me." I sigh frustrated and slam down the slushie on the table and turn to look at him. 

"Look, I've tried to be nice with you, but enemies can't be nice to each other, okay? And I just can't stand you being so arrogant and all. I would maybe give you a chance if you stopped being like this, but right now, I'm not because I can't stand your arrogant sorry ass!" With that I storm off.

I hate people that are arrogant and like him. Even though he is extremly hot, I don't like it. I breath in and out in frustration. Ugh, I should at least have tooken my slushie with me. Well, I can always go back...

"Can't resist me, now can you?" He smirks when I walk towards the table again. I glare at him and grab my slushie and walk away. Now that I think of what I said to him, I think that I really should stop cursing so much. 

Thank you, Cassia, thank you.


"Welcome, Schuyler!" Luke, the interviewer says. Yeah, Luke. The Luke, that lives with me. 

"Hello Luke! Long time no see!" I say with a grin and hug him.

"Yeah, I saw you this morning." We pull back and sit down. 

"Too bad I see you almost everyday.." He put his hand on his heart and acts hurt.

"Ouch, that hurt!" I laugh and pinch his cheeks. 

"You're a cutie! Don't you agree guys!?" The audience shouts and screams and we laugh. 

"Now, tell me; How does the film go?" 

"It goes pretty well, actually. Not much drama which I'm too happy for." 

"That's nice. Well, you're going to meet One Direction tonight, am I right?" Everyone starts to scream and I grin and nod eagerly. 

"Yeah! And I'm soooooo happy!" 

"I can see that. Now, we'll take a break and then we'll come back!" He smiles at the camera. 


When I wake up the next day, I quickly change into some clothes that don't even fit together. Yeah, I'm stressed. Yeah, I'm about to be late. Again! Ugh, stupid sleep that I love so much. Toby quickly drives me to wherever we're going to be filming and then I quickly run to the cast. 

"Why are you late? Again", Jenn asks with a smirk. 

"I was at a One Direction concert yesterday, got a problem? I had a great time with them backstage and all. I saw them in only boxers, it was beyond amazing!" I squel. 

"If you were in the crowd, you were screwed."

"No, I was watching them from backstage." I grin and she smiles. 

"Well, you heard the news?" 

"About Sam?" 


"Of course! But, I'm mad at him; He didn't invite me!" I pout and she laughs. 

"What are you going to do about it?" he asks.

"Punch you somewhere the sun doesn't shine", I say with a smirk. He fake gasps and I chuckle. 

"Noooo! Not there!" 

"I was just joking."

"As if I didn't know that." He playfully rolls his eyes.

"Anyways...CONGRATULATIONS!!!!" I throw my arms around his neck and hug him tightly. He chuckles and hugs me back. 

"Thank you." I pull back after a few minutes.

"Say hi to her from me, okay? I need to go and change now."

"I will."

"See ya Jenn and Sam!" I walk away and sit down on the stool to let Amy do her magic on me. 


"Okay, so today is just a filler chapter, so nothing special happens. Understand? But, after like, two days, things start to get excited and BAM! The plot twist is revealed. Understand?" Gary explains and we all nod. 

"Good, now let's get started!" The ones that are in this scene prepares themselves as the others just sit or talk or read a book or something. I sit down and play Subway Surf on my phone. What? Don't judge me, okay? I'm a teenager too, I've got a right to do this! 

After a few minutes I feel someone sit down beside me. I turn off my phone and turn to my side, thinking it is Jenn or Sam or anyone from the crew except Blake.

"Oh, it is you", I mutter and turn again and unlock to my phone to continue playing.

"Who else would it be, babe?" I roll my eyes with a sigh and exit the game and lock my phone. I get up to walk away and get a drink, but he follows me. I ignore him and drink from my water bottle.

"I see you set out the silent treatment car." I roll my eyes and sigh, looking at him.

"Look, I don't want anything to do with you, so just let me be because I will no matter what ignore you, understood?"

"Yeah, suuuurrreeee. That's why you have been talking to me a lot."

"Well, I'm going to stop from now on; For the sake of my family." I start to walk away, but what he said took me off guard and made me so angry.

"It's not like you ever loved or even liked your family." With anger rushing through my veins, I turn around and punch him on the cheek bone. He stumbles backwards and grimaces at the pain as he cups his cheek bone. 

"Don't you ever f*cking say that again, do you understand!? If you ever, ever, talk to me again, I will punch you much harder than I did right now, so you better not talk to me!" I scream and ignore everyone that are staring at us. With that, I walk away to the make-up room to calm myself down. 

The worst thing is that he has right.

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