Loving him was RED

Two enemies. She's the famous 18 year old singer and he's the regular 20 year old fan. But, they're enemies.
When, both of them gets picked to play the maincharacters in a movie together, things start to change.
What will happen between them? What will happen when their families find out about their relationship if they get together?
It's just another sick, twisted love story after all...


3. Beginning

*Author's note: I'm skipping til a month later 'cause I'm so freaking lazy! XD Enjoy!*


I take a quick shower and change into some simple clothes; short studded universe shorts with a beige shirt tucked into the shorts. 
I put my hair into a high and tight ponytail and don't put any make-up on. Today, we're just going to go through everything real quick and then we're going to begin with the movie. I run downstairs to the kitchen. Cassia and Luke and Philip (our chef) are there and chatting while eating. I sit down beside Philip and greet them good morning. 

"So, how's everything going?" Luke asks. 

"Good", I say as I stuff food into my mouth. 

"Whoa! Take it easy there or else you might throw up, hunny", Philip jokes. I drink my glass of water and smile. 

"I know. It's just... I'm so nervous!" I exclaim nervously. They all chuckle and I look at my watch on my wrist. 

"Shit! I got to go or else I'll be late! Damn, my alarm clock for not waking me up! Anyways, bye!" I squel as I run to the front door and slip on my flat sandals. I quickly get into my car and tell Toby - my driver - where to drive. 


"Thank you Toby!" I say as I slam the door shut and run down the small path that leads the beach, where we're taking the first few shots. I run as fast as I can and soon, I see the whole cast there. Unluckily for me, the guy maincharacter is going to be Blake also known as my enemy. Gary hears me running and turns around, causing everyone else to do so. I stop running once I'm infront of him. 

"Sorry... Sorry, I'm... Gosh, I really should work out more...", I pant as I double over and rest my hands on my bent knees. I hear someones chuckle and I smile. I stand up straight and smile as I wipe off the imaginary sweat on my forehead.

"Sorry, I'm late. My alarm clock didn't wake me up", I apologize. 

"It's okay", Gary says. "Okay, everyone! Let's go through this real quick and then we'll begin!" 


"Such a beauty. Good thing you don't use much make-up", Amy, the make-up stylist says. I smile and bite my lip.

"Thanks", I say politely. 

"There, hun. You're done." I nod my thank you and she smiles warmly. Amy looks like she's in her early thirties with black curly hair and outstanding yellow/brown eyes. 

"Schuyler! I want you to stand here", Gary says and I nod, walking to where he wanted me to stand.

"3...2...1...Action!" Someone says. 


"Cut!" I let out a sigh of relief and drink some water. We've been recording the same scene over 40 times and we finally got it right. Acting is more tiring than you think. The movie is about a depressed girl that's fighting the pain and struggle everyday. Nobody knows that she's depressed 'cause no one can see through her golden smile and laugh and act. What she doesn't know is that all of her friends has their own story, but they're too afraid to tell each other because they think that the others will leave. But, when the new guy moves in a few houses down from the maincharacter's - Taylor - things change. The boy tried to be her friend, but she just pushed him away. After trying and trying, they finally become friends. After a while of hanging out and such, he starts to discover things such as why she doesn't eat. He starts to discover things everyday and one day, he discovers everything. They fight and don't talk to each other for a few weeks and that's when she realizes that she has developed feelings for him. 

It's a really realistic story and I love it. 

"Sky, you did an amazing job!" Jennifer Lawrence says. I was actually surprised when she didn't get the maincharacter role. Instead, she got the role to be the girls' maincharacter's mom - Anne.  I smile when she used my nickname. 

"Right back at you, momma", I joke and wink. We burst out laughing. 

"Are you excited to see the whole movie when we're done?" 

"Hell yeah! I can't wait!" I grin, making my dimples pop out. 

"You got dimples!" 

"Always had." 

"You're so cute! Is this your real hair colour?" I look down at my curled dark red hair and look up at her again and nod. 

"Yeah. Why so?"

"It's beautiful."


"Girls! It's time for scene two!" Gary shouts, waving us over. We nod and walk over to him. I notice Blake staring at me from the corner of my eye. I turn and look at him. His eyes quickly sweep over my body and then he smirks at me. I roll my eyes and turn back to Gary. 

"Alright! Shall we start?" Gary asks. 

"Wait!" Amy comes running towards me and puts on some more powder and lipstick. 

"There", she says with a smile. I smile and thank her. 

"Alright; Let's start!" Gary shouts and we start. 


When I come home the next day - yes, the next day - I walk up to my room and just crash on my bed, falling asleep instantly. 


Author's note: Hello, lovely anti-social people! :3 I just want you to know that I'll call my readers and fans for "dreamcatchers" from now on, just so you know. This is just a filler chapter, there will be a few more of this sort. But, I pinky promise you that things will happen and a lot things actually. Just be patient with me. That's not too much to ask for, right? Anyways, comment and tell me what you think because I want to know what to do better and what you think. Should I add something? Maybe, pictures? Bio of characters along with pictures? I don't know. Therefore, you have to tell me, if you want to. Thank you for waiting and I love all one of you so very much! <3

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