Dark -Harry Styles Fan Fiction-

This is not my story. I do not take any credit for it at all.
I simply posted it on here for you all to read.


8. Chapter 8


My bare feet wandered down the hall. I had tried to get as much water as I could out of the long hair that fell down my back. My fingers worked on plaiting as I took the time to have a look round without Harry. The space was still as tidy as last night, but it looked different in the morning light. My eyes curiously fell on the front door before I moved towards it. I took the handle in my right hand, my left holding the plait I still had to find a tie for. It didn’t surprise me when it wouldn’t budge. Harry had a thing about locking me in, maybe he was afraid I would run away.

I aimlessly walked round the living room, a few pictures catching my eye. Most were with his friends, but there was one with Harry, a girl round his age and what looked to be his mum. He was sat in the middle, arms slung round the shoulders of the two women. I smiled at how happy they looked, with Harry displaying his deep dimples.

I hadn’t even heard the front door open, my focus still on the photo.


I jumped, my body swiftly turning to see Harry staring at me. His jeans slung low on his hips and a dark navy jumper covering his torso. His green eyes flicked from my face to the picture.

“I, umm, I was just looking for something to tie my hair with.”

He walked away and I faintly heard him rummage through drawers. Harry appeared moments later a band held between his thumb and finger. He slowly moved forwards until he was stood in front of me. His looming height forcing me to tilt my head up to him.

I didn’t object when Harry took the end of the dark plait. His long fingers carefully moving to tie the hair. Harry brought his plump bottom lip between his teeth in concentration. Once he had finished he let it lie over my left shoulder.

“Thank you.” I spoke quietly.

“The car is outside.”

I manoeuvred round his tall frame to the hallway to pick up my things before remembering I had left my shoes in his room. I hurried towards his bedroom, hastily putting them on and swiftly travelling back down the hall. My body stood in the doorway as I intently watched Harry pick up the photo I had been interested in. Even from behind I knew his curly hair would be flopped over his forehead as he looked down. Harry drew in a deep breath, releasing the air in a sigh. The picture was carefully put back into place before he turned. He appeared a little startled at my presence before composing himself.



Harry seemed to be lost in thought as we drove to my house. I got the impression there was something more to that photo. But I wasn’t really sure if I wanted to know. We were soon pulling into my road, Harry parked opposite my house, undoing his belt and turning his head towards me.

“I enjoyed last night.” He smirked.

He reached for my hand, holding it tightly. My belt was released as he tugged me closer. Harry’s plump lips falling to my ear.

“Don’t worry. I’ll be putting my fingers to good use soon.”

I felt him chuckle against my neck as I visibly tensed at his words. I had learnt Harry was not one to shy away from intimate subjects. Hot breath puffed out as a large hand slid up my thigh.

“And my mouth.” He added.

I jumped as his hot tongue ran a wet line up my neck. I hadn’t even noticed my eyes were squeezed shut until I opened them. Harry withdrew, a cheeky grin spread across his face as he winked at me. I was left stunned as he opened his car door and jogged round to my side. Large hands held my hips as he helped me down.

Harry’s fingers entwined with mine, walking me across the road to my house. Once we had made it to my door, Harry spun me round to face him. He cupped my chin before pressing his mouth to mine. I felt his tongue slide along my bottom lip, looking for entry but I denied it. Harry pulled away, shaking his head as he deeply laughed.

“I’ll see you soon, Bo.”

He turned to walk away but sneakily pressed another kiss to the corner of my mouth. My hands pushed at his chest.

“Goodbye, Harry.” I told him.

A smirk crossed his beautiful face before he winked and strolled over to his black car. I hastily opened my front door, slamming it shut behind me. My back pressed to the wood before sliding down it to slump to the floor. I sat and listened as the car drove away down the road. Silence then followed and I was left to ponder over what on earth I was going to do.

I propped myself up on my elbows, lying on my front as I aimlessly scrolled through Tumblr. I clicked reblog on a post I found particular amusing before continuing down the page. My mum had been away for a little while. She was visiting a relative I had never met before, who had been taken ill. I had called her in the morning, asking how everything was, but she sounded a little defeated. She still didn’t have any idea on when she would be home, but I told her not to worry.

My head sharply turned when I heard my phone buzz. I let out a huff, not wanting to move from my comfortable position. I lazily rolled over, my fingers clasping hold of the device. Zoe’s name flashed on the screen, I opened the text.

Zoe: “Hey :) Just wanted to let you know we’re having a film night round mine tomorrow. BRING ICECREAM!! Xx”

I laughed before replying. Our film nights almost always ended up with us chatting over the forgotten movie left to play on the TV. I hadn’t seen much of them recently, and I had a feeling they would be very interested in the Harry situation.

“Great!! Consider it done. Xx” I replied.

I dropped my phone to the duvet, looking back at my laptop screen. A small laugh was released from my lips as it buzzed again seconds later. My fingers routinely unlocked my phone, my attention still on Tumblr as I opened the message.

Harry: “What’s your middle name? x”

I frowned in confusion until I scanned to the top of the screen. Harry. He’d never really asked about me before, I wasn’t sure if I should divulge the information. My fingers fiddled with the case on my phone before I typed.


I bit my bottom lip, as my thumb hovered over the send button. I jumped as my grey tabby, Doug, climbed up onto the bed. His soft stripy fur brushed against my hand at an attempt to get my attention. I smiled, scratching him behind the ear before looking back at the phone screen. My fingers quickly added to the message.

“Grace. What’s yours? x”

My phone continued to buzz throughout the night. We texted, asking about each other questions about our lives. But being Harry he slipped in a few very intimate questions which made my cheeks tingle with heat.

*Next night.*

“H-he saved you, Harry saved you?”

I nodded.

The girls looked astounded at what I had told them. We were all laid round Zoe’s living room, pillows everywhere. As I predicted, the film on the TV was being ignored as we ate our ice-cream and talked.

“And you…you, well you know?” Charlotte stuttered.

I could feel the pink rise in my cheeks as I confirmed what had happened in Harry’s bedroom. We shared pretty much everything with each other, something that made us close as friends. My attention was drawn to my phone which was balancing on the armrest. Harry’s name flashed up before I opened the text.

Harry: “What colour underwear have you got on? x”

My cheeks continued to blush as I read over the bold words. His confidence astonished me. I set my phone down without answering.

“Maybe he’s not as bad as we thought? Harry seems alright.” Lucy suggested.

I knew I looked a little flustered, the girls smiling at me. Multiple pairs of eyes flicked from my face down to my phone.

“What is it?” Zoe asked grinning.

“Umm, I’m just going to the toilet.” I gushed.

I scrabbled up and out of the room, quickly walking to the bathroom. Mentally cursing, I realised I had left my phone. When I returned a few minutes later, the girls were silent before giggling uncontrollably. Shoot, they’d seen the text.

The phone was hastily grasped in my hand as I looked over the screen. My eyes widened as I scanned my sent messages, to my horror they had texted Harry back.

“Black lace ;) x”

I raised my head.

“Oh my god, I can’t believe you did that!” I urgently spoke.

Their laughing was interrupted when a vibration ran through my hand. My eyes darted down to my phone. My heart thumped against my chest as I opened the message.

Harry: “Holy shit. Send me a picture. x”

Their eyebrows rose as they waited for my reaction. Charlotte took the opportunity to snatch the phone from my hand as I stood with my mouth hanging open.

“Oh gosh!”

She passed the phone to the other two, who were sat on the opposite sofa. They smiled before looking over to me.

“He likes you.” Zoe teased.

She got up and walked over to me, handing me the phone. I batted her hands away as she playfully tried to tickle me. I flopped down onto the seating, releasing a sigh. My head fell back as my eyes closed.

“Bloody hell.” I mumbled.


I was embraced in a tight hug as we said our goodbyes.

“I can call you a taxi.” Zoe suggested.

“No, it’s fine.” I smiled. “It’s not that far home.”

I stepped out of the front door then turned back to her.

“And you’re sure you don’t want to stay over?”

I caught hold of her forearm, squeezing it.

“Honestly, it’s fine.”

“Alright, well text me when you get in.” Zoe paused. “That’s if you’re not too busy texting Harry.”

I mumbled for her to shut up as she laughed. We said goodbye and I started my short walk home. My coat was pulled closer to my body as the wind whipped round. The moon shone brightly as I looked up. The street lights dimly illuminated the road as I quickly walked down. Cars lined the quiet residential street and I noticed a few lights turn out in the houses I passed. My feet turned the corner, my eyes being drawn to a pub a little further down. Loud jeering spilled out of the doors.

My pace quickened, wanting to get away from the alcohol driven atmosphere. But I had to take a second glance at the darkened alley down the side of the building. Even from across the road I recognised his tall frame and dark curls. My body stopped. I could tell the situation was tense, the stances of the men a little defensive. My vision stayed locked on the group as I witnessed Harry forcefully shove one of the guys away. I didn’t know what to do. My mind was telling me to walk away, but I couldn’t. The rate of my breathing increased as one of them held Harry to the wall. The other delivered a heavy punch to his stomach.



He stumbled slightly before turning round to face me. A frown etched into his brow as he scanned for the person calling his name. His eyes locked on me. One of the guys took his distraction as an opportunity to hit Harry hard in the face. My hand flew up to my mouth in shock. Why was he fighting again? My thoughts jumbled as I ran across the road to the group. Harry up against the wall as he took another fist to his face. Fear coursed through me as I recognised the guy beating Harry. Jake. His cuts had healed slightly, but his bruised eyes looked painful. The right, darker than the left. A smirk crossed his injured features as he watched me sprint up to them. When I reached them my arms were roughly tugged behind my back by the man I assumed to be Jake’s friend. I was forced to watch, desperately looking to Harry; his jaw tight with anger.

“Nice to see you again, Bo.” Jake teased.

His attention diverted back to Harry, who was intently staring at me. That was until I witnessed Jake’s clenched fist pound into Harry’s stomach. A grunt was forced from his parted lips, his body bent over slightly as he clutched his abdomen. I knew he had been drinking, the air around them smelling strongly of alcohol. Jake’s fist rose again.

“Don’t.” I warned.

My elbow sharply jutted back into the stomach of the man detaining me. He cursed before shoving me away. He quickly disappeared out of the alley and onto the street, clearly displeased that I had put up a fight. I urgently placed myself in between Jake and Harry, who was slumped against the wall. Jake sniggered, reaching out to brush his fingers against my face, but I quickly pushed it away.

“You shouldn’t bother with him, babe.”

He dipped his head down slightly to my level.

“I’d give you what you need.”

I didn’t really have time to process what I was doing. My right hand rose and smacked him hard across his cheek. The force caused his head to turn. My chest quickly moved as my rate of my breathing increased. I heard Harry deeply laugh behind me. Jake angrily stared at me; his vision then diverted behind me towards Harry.

“You need a girl to protect you.” Jake taunted.

We both knew this would provoke him. Harry shoved himself off the wall, stumbling forward to try and get to Jake.

“For god sake, Harry. Just stop.”

I forcefully pushed him back, the action more affective when he was intoxicated. Any other time his body wouldn’t have budged. His curls lay messily over his forehead, his normally sparkly green eyes looked dull. His beautiful face left injured after taking multiple hits. I spun round, my back nearly touching Harry’s chest as I defensively stood in front of him. My hands trembled at my sides as I looked up at Jake’s smirk.

“Just leave.” I told him.

It surprised me when Jake slowly turned, strolling away.

“I’ll be seeing you, Styles.”

I fell back slightly, Harry’s warm breath trickled over my neck. Relief washed through me.

“Oh, and you too, gorgeous.”

The comment angered Harry and I felt him struggle behind me. My body hastily spun, desperately trying to keep him there. My hands caught hold of his face, angling it down to me.

“No, no.” I spoke. “Look at me.” My voice deliberately soft as I attempted to calm him down.

His focus stayed fixed on me until I was sure Jake had gone. Harry’s breathing was still fast but at least I had managed to prevent him from challenging Jake. I caught hold of his chin, tilting it to get a better look at his injuries. Harry’s swollen bottom lip had been split open, blood smeared across his cheek from his nose. The small cut just above his left eyebrow oozed blood. His dark gaze never left my face as I sighed and shook my head.

“Harry.” I whispered.

He was clearly drunk, finding it tough to walk in a straight line. I caught hold of his arm and placed it over my shoulder. He tried his best to lean as little of his weight as possible on me.

“I’ll drive.” He mumbled.

I noticed Harry reach behind his back, his long fingers digging round in his back pocket before he retrieved his keys.

“No you’re not. Don’t be stupid, Harry.” I sternly told him.

His deep chuckle sounded as I struggled to pry the keys from his grasp, but he raised them higher. He saw it as a game. Eventually I succeeded, taking them from Harry and shoving them in my pocket. I found it difficult to steer him in the opposite direction to his car. He huffed at me, reluctantly allowing me to take control.

“Where are we going?” His raspy voice somewhat slurred.

I pondered over his question before sighing.

“Back to mine.”

He seemed more than happy with this decision. A gasp escaped me when his large hand slipped down my back, resting over my bum before squeezing it. I tightly gripped his wrist, yanking his arm back up and round my shoulder, whilst he laughed.

The walk back to my house was difficult to say the least. Constant attempts were made to either hold my hand or squeeze my bum. My reluctance towards both gestures only encouraged Harry. I sighed in relief as we approached my front door. Harry leant against the doorframe, grinning at me as I unlocked it. I caught his wrist and tugged him inside, dreading to think what my neighbours would say if they saw us.

I made Harry drink a couple of glasses of water, hoping it would sober him up slightly. The ascent up the stairs was a little easier than I was expecting, his strong arm still round my shoulders as I led him to my room. I released him, Harry’s body falling back onto my bed.

“Stay here.” I told him.

When I returned his t shirt laid strewn across the floor. I watched as he awkwardly attempted to see the large red mark on his stomach. He prodded the area with his long fingers, before wincing in pain.

“Ow.” He mumbled, then flopped back on the bed.

I couldn’t help but think how childlike his behaviour was. When he noticed me in the doorway he sat up, grinning. I walked over to him, large hands quickly grasping mine as he used his strength to try and pull me onto his lap.

“Harry, no.”

He frowned when instead I sat down next to him. I felt the heat radiate from his body, our thighs brushed as I told him to turn towards me. Harry intently observed me as I raised my hand. He squirmed under my touch as I tried to clean the blood from his face.

“Hold still.”

He refused to listen so I placed my hands on his shoulders, pushing him down on his back to the bed.

“Hmm, I like this side of you.” He teased. “It’s hot.”

I rolled my eyes, dabbing the cloth over his plump lip which was pouted slightly. I could tell Harry was staring at me, his gaze burning into my skin. We stayed quiet for a minute before the silence was broken.

“Why did you defend me?”

I was somewhat taken aback by his question, not really sure of the answer myself.


“Y-You were getting hurt.” I shook my head in confusion.

Harry’s eyebrows furrowed. I jumped as he pushed my hands away from him.

“I can take care of myself.” He angrily stated.

He stood up, pacing towards the door. I jumped as his hand slammed into the wall. He stayed with his back towards me, his breathing deep. I nervously watched as Harry slowly turned. His green eyes came back to my frightened face. I watched his jaw clench and then relax as his features softened. His bare chest slowly rose and fell, calming himself down.

I held my breath as he slowly came back to the bed. He sat on the edge, my body subtly moving away from him. His large hand carefully reached for mine, but he frowned as I pulled away. Harry didn’t quite know what to do, the alcohol in his body gradually losing its affect as he realised he had overreacted.

My hand gently rose and continued to wipe away the red liquid that had trickled down the side of his face.

I walked back into my bedroom from changing my clothes in the bathroom. Harry propped himself up on his elbows as he watched me enter. The covers had fallen lower on his bare chest and I hoped to god his lower half was still clothed. I made my way over to the bed as Harry pulled the duvet back for me to slip in. It was warm, but goose bumps quickly rose on my skin as a strong arm dragged me closer to Harry’s body. There were a few minutes of silence before my mind wondered back to the picture in Harry’s flat. My mouth seemed to have a mind of its own, the words tumbling out before I could stop them.

“Who were the people in the photo with you?”

I felt his arm tense tightly round my waist. The subject was obviously something that touched a nerve. My body wriggled round in his hold, our faces close. Harry’s curls flopped onto the pillow as we both lay on our sides. His big green eyes stared at me as I felt his warm breath fan over my skin. I was about to tell him not to worry about it, but he quietly spoke.

“My mum and my sister, Jess.”

I noted that he and his sister looked nothing alike.

“They’re beautiful. Do you see them often?”

He lightly shook his head, his gaze falling away from my face. I could tell something wasn’t right. The hurt in his eyes, painfully clear.

“Harry.” He slowly rolled his head back. “What happened?”

I patiently waited as he seemed to be divided as what to say.

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