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18. Chapter 18

“Who the fuck was that?!” Dan’s voice raised, following me around the locker room.

It had been about five minutes since Scott had left. My emotions were in disorder, clouding my rational judgement and tugging away from Dan in fear as he caught my hand. I received a sympathetic look as he peered down.

“Is that your blood?”

My only thought was of disgust as I dropped my gaze to the drying red liquid upon my skin. I stretched my palms out in front of me, hastily turning them from side to side. It was Scott’s blood. I felt dirty.

“Help me wash it off.” My voice trembled as I stumbled over to the toilet door. “Dan!” I desperately called.

He was by my side in seconds, rolling my sleeves up and guiding my hands under the tap. I stood and sobbed as he scrubbed me clean with soap and water in the small wash room. The cool water was chilling my already icy skin. A towel was tugged from the rail, Dan gently drying off the moisture. Droplets still shimmered on his hands as his right cautiously rose to my face. My chin was tilted upwards, his thumb brushing over the marked area on cheek; it was sure to bruise.

“Please don’t.” I whimpered.

My split lip was sore, I knew it would take a while to heal. But my attention was diverted away from the stinging sensation as warm fingers carefully curled around my hand.

“This is to do with Harry, isn’t it?” Dan paused. “That guy who did this to you, it was because of Harry.”

I already knew full well Dan disapproved. They hated each other.

“You have to tell him.” He abruptly spoke.

“No.” I vigorously shook my head. “Scott said..” My voice trailed off, not having the courage to finish the sentence.

Dan’s expression hardened as he stared at me, head dipping lower to my level. His warm breath fanned over my face and I had no other choice but to hold his eye contact.

“He’s no good for you, Bo. He’ll end up hurting you because of who he is…Harry’s dangerous.”

“No.” I whimpered.

My fingers slipped from his as I refused to accept the words falling from his lips. Did he expect me to leave Harry? I recognised Dan’s frustration, reaching out to me before I could pull away.

“For goodness sake, Bo. Look at your face.”

I sharply inhaled as Dan’s fingers gripped my chin once more, angling my face to the mirror. It shocked me to absorb the image of a broken girl in front of me. My eyes were watering, desperately trying to prevent the threatening tears. The spilt on my bottom lip was tender, dried blood smudged around the area. My cheek was pink, hints of darkness tinted into the skin.

“Do you see what he’s caused?”

My smaller hand gripped his, ripping it away. I had no desire to stand and endue his voice repeatedly scolding me. I’d had enough of it.

“Stop it!” I cried, taking us both by surprise. “You don’t know anything!”

Dan appeared shocked by my outburst, my body backing away into the locker room. I hastily scooped up my bag, shoving my hair back over my shoulders and quickly walking to the back door.


“You can lock up.” I spoke quietly before making a hasty exit.


I jumped as my phone began to vibrate, fumbling in my bag before pulling out the device demanding my attention. My head darted around, a figure catching the corner of my eye. The unassuming young guy continued to walk along the path the opposite side of the road as I took in a deep breath. My level of anxiousness had sky rocketed, finding the task of crossing the street a little challenging. I attempted to keep my head down, brushing my hair over to the side in an attempt to conceal the bruising on my cheek. I hit the green button, raising the phone to my ear.

“Hello, Beautiful.”

An involuntarily breath was tensely inhaled, tightening my chest. The last person to greet me with those words had taken his anger out on my face.

“Bo? Baby, you alright?” His husky tone was confused.

I gulped down the sob attempting to escape.

“I-I’m fine.” I unconvincingly reassured.

Harry paused for a second, contemplating my answer before continuing.

“I’m looking forward to seeing you.” I could hear his smile through the phone. The sound of his voice had already started to magically work on my nervous state. “Is it still alright for me to pick you up?”

But my eyes quickly widened in panic, I couldn’t let him see me like this. Scott’s threat echoed in my mind, I wouldn’t let anyone hurt Harry. I had to protect him; and if that meant withholding certain information from him, then so be it. My thoughts swirled as I raked my brain for a believable excuse, anything to keep a distance between us.

“N-No, I’m..going to a friend’s house.”

“Oh ok.” The disappointment in his tone was heart breaking. “Well, I can take you.” He suggested.

“No, Harry..I’ll walk.” I spoke quietly. He was unaware I had already made a dramatic exit from the shop.

“Are you sure you’re alright? You sound upset.”

The voices in the background had faded slightly, removing himself from the busy environment to talk to me in a quieter setting.

“It’s nothing, just a stressful day at work.” I lied, completely downplaying the events that had taken place. He didn’t need to know.

“Was it that dick from the shop?” Harry tightly asked. “I’ll kick his arse if he’s upset you.”

My eyes squeezed closed, typical Harry. If he’d of seen my face I knew he would do more than just throw a few punches. The thought chilled me. I continued to make my way home, turning to walk along the path in the direction of my house.

“No, you don’t have to kick anyone’s arse.” I lightly laughed.

My small smile was mixed with salty droplets stinging against my wounds.

“Good.” The amusement clear in his voice, quickly changing the subject. “I want to cook for you.” Harry paused. “Well..when I say cook, I mean picking up the phone and ordering a take-away. But it’s the thought that counts, right?”

“I’d love that.” I smiled, momentarily getting caught up in his sweet gestures before reality came crashing down. I painfully gulped, staring at my reflection in the window by my front door.

“I have to go, Harry.” I spoke, struggling to hold my composure.

“Ok, I’ll talk to you later, Baby.”

“Bye.” I whispered.

“Bye, Beautiful.”

I ended the call, unable to keep a grasp of any sort of equanimity slipping through my fingers. I barely made it within the safety of my house before collapsing to the floor, sobbing as I curled my knees up to my chest. My back pressed to the hard wood of the front door, releasing my fear in petrified tears.

I had remained in bed for two days; cuddled in the safety of my duvet. When I had built up the courage to inspect the damage my face had sustained, the sight frightened me. My lip was still painfully split, my jaw slightly bruised. The wetness of my cheeks was something of a constant flow, tears leaking from my eyes. Throbbing could be felt as I moved my arms, the dark marks harshly brandishing my skin.

I jumped, shoving the covers back as the vibration on my phone rattled against the wooden surface next to my bed. My fingers fumbled with the device, nervously gulping when the name flashed up. A deep breath was taken in preparation, I had to keep calm.


“Hey, Harry.” I spoke quietly.

“You didn’t tell me you felt unwell yesterday.” He dove straight in. “I went to pick you up today and Poppy said you phoned in ill.”

“Shoot, sorry Harry. I should have text you.” I spoke honestly, the thought never crossing my mind.

“How are you feeling?” His voice sounded a little distant, not his normal cheeky self.

“I’m alright thanks.”

“I’ll come by later to see you.” Harry sharply suggested.

His words flooded me with panic. The last thing I wanted was Harry coming around. Not when I looked like this.

“No, no, I feel a lot better today, there’s no need.” I gushed.

“I don’t care, I’m coming to see you anyway.” The authority in his voice chilled me.

“I-I’ll come to you.” I quietly spoke.


I had thought going to Harry’s would be more beneficial, that way I had more time to prepare and I could leave when I wanted to. But as I stared at my reflection the idea of facing him made me feel nauseous.

No matter how much make-up I plastered on, the lingering bruising still shone through. I had no idea how to conceal the injury my lip was displaying; I don’t think the cosmetic product I desired had been invented yet. My eyes looked a little puffy from all the crying that had taken place whilst I attempted to get some sleep. I was a mess.

I took one more painful glance in the mirror before grabbing my jacket and bag. My mum had been surprisingly calm when inspecting the injuries my body had sustained. I had a feeling I was partly the reason for her deciding on a career in nursing. As a child, not more than a couple of days would go by without me banging my elbows, or grazing my knees. I was always knocking into things, so when she asked me how I’d hurt myself, the excuse of falling into a door was completely feasible.

My thoughts were snapped back to the present when a passenger dinged the bell for the bus driver to pull over at a stop. I suddenly felt a little faint, recognising the familiar road. I stood from my seat, trying to keep my sore arms from brushing against any of the other people having to stand on the crowded transportation.

I thanked the driver, stumbling off the bus and onto the pavement. As much as I wanted to prolong the time before having to face Harry, the gradual encroaching night was beginning to chill me. The air was warm, but I had no desire to be alone when darkness fell; the image of an enraged male forcing himself into my mind encouraged me to make haste along the path.

I knew he’d be waiting for me. My feet finding the steps up to Harry’s flat a challenge. My fingers ruffled at my hair, letting the waves fall partly over my face in order to take away the emphasis of tinted bruising. I steadied my hand as it rose to knock on the dark wood of Harry’s front door. His footsteps could be heard seconds later, travelling towards the solid barrier between us and swiftly opening it. He remained quiet, staring at me before dropping his gaze and moving to the side, allowing me in. Harry’s back was to me as he shut the door. I nervously stood holding my breath as he deeply inhaled, almost as if he were preparing to face me. When he finally did, it wasn’t difficult to notice the sadness in his frosty eyes, trailing over my face. Dark curls flopped in disarray, full lips paler than the healthy pink they normally displayed. My grip tightened around the strap to my bag, Harry’s fingers lightly brushing my hair away. I watched as his head tilted slightly, peering at me to get a better look. His assessing gaze was coupled with sadness, the tips of Harry’s long fingers gently angling my chin up.

He was so quiet. Abnormally quiet. I hated it.

“What happened to your face?” Harry almost whispered. It was the inevitable question I had prayed would never leave his lips. “You tried to cover it.” His thumb brushed over the mark I had attempted to conceal with makeup.

I made an effort to turn away in a wince but Harry’s grip wouldn’t allow it. His touch carefully traced over my bottom lip.

“I didn’t want you to worry. I fell…it was an accident.” I forced.

I found it difficult to hold his penetrating eye contact. The frosty green keeping me captive, the colour beginning to harden. His eyebrows had creased into a deep frown, jaw tightening with my words. Anger.

I felt my hands start to tremble as his touch fell away from my face, Harry’s body moving closer. My breathing was uneven, eyes focused dead in front of me. Soft lips brushed my neck before moving to my ear, our chests touching.

“You don’t think me naïve enough to believe that bullshit, do you?” His raspy tone whispered.

My lips parted, eyes widening. Harry knew.

His looming presence retreated slightly from my personal space. Harry’s height aided in the intimidation he held over me.

“I don’t know what angers me more, the fact that you didn’t tell me yourself..or who I actually had to find out from.” Harry grimaced.

His words lingered, unable to find my voice. I had no idea how to respond, my dry mouth opening only to close seconds later.

“Bo, you were attacked.” Harry’s voice echoed. “He fucking hit you!”

His sudden raise in volume made me jump, triggering the tears spilling down my cheeks as I sobbed. We were still stood in his hallway, an area that had been occupied on a number of different occasions to steal playful kisses as Harry greeted me, tugging me inside his flat. But those images seemed so distant as I stared at the guy blocking the door.

“Do you know who told me?”

I remained silent as the darkness in Harry’s eyes began to swarm, consuming the pretty green. It was frightening how quickly he could transform from gentle touches to harsh words.

“That fucker from your work, Dan.” He snapped.

As the information sunk in I came to realise that Harry had never spoken to Poppy, it had been Dan. I winced as Harry’s tall frame brushed passed me. I hastily followed after him before becoming frozen in the doorway that marked the boundary to the kitchen. He was over by the sink, head bowed, muscles contorting in his back through the material of his t shirt as he gripped the worktop.

“I need another drink.” Harry mumbled to himself.

My heart sank as Harry turned to the vodka bottle on the side. I watched as he emptied the small amount left in the glass before filling it again with more clear liquid. My pulse was racing. The only other time I had witnessed Harry in a drunken state was when I was forced to take care of him, cleaning the injuries he had sustained from a fight. He had been playful, almost childlike on that night. But this was different, he was driven by anger and that frightened me.

When the glass was brought down roughly on the side I stumbled back. Harry swiftly turned, eyes locking on me as he moved forward. I didn’t know what else to do…so I ran.

My legs quickly carried me down to the hall to Harry’s bedroom. He was shouting at me. I slammed the door, panicking as his heavy footsteps were heard. Tears were trickling down my cheeks as I dashed over to the bathroom, hastily putting the wooden barrier between myself and the furious, intoxicated angel like creature.

Seconds passed before I felt the thumps of Harry’s fists on the locked door. They seemed to grow louder, taking his aggression out on the wood. I brought my hand up to my mouth to mask the sobs escaping.

“Bo, open the door.”

I didn’t think the barrier could withhold much longer, my body crawling away from Harry’s voice. I was petrified as I clambered into the bathtub, curling my knees up to my chest. My fingers caught hold of the shower curtain, gently tugging it across the bath in an effort to cease the anger aimed at me. He wouldn’t stop. My hand reached up behind me, turning the shower dial. The water was cold, splashing onto my skin and saturating my clothes, eventually reaching the warm temperature that I craved. I wanted to block his voice out.

“Bo?” Harry’s tone was questioning.

I was only granted a few moments of peace.

“Bo, open the fucking door!” Harry bellowed.

That was last time he spoke before the door swung open with the weight of Harry’s shoulder. The curtain was ripped back, my entirety attempting to become as small as possible. I risked a glance up to my boyfriend. He stared at me, full lips parted as he absorbed the image of the frightened girl curled up in his bathtub. Harry’s t shirt was hauled over his head, carelessly dropping it to the floor. I gasped as large hands carefully slid me forward. My body was encouraged back into Harry’s as I sat between his parted legs. I was engulfed in strong arms, drawing me into his bare chest. I couldn’t help my surprise as his head rested on my shoulder.

“I’m still angry with you.” Harry gently hushed.

“I know.” I released in a breath.

We sat under the water for what felt like hours. During our silence, one question repeatedly thumped in my mind before it escaped in a whisper.

“What are you going to do?”

He contemplated his answer.

“I don’t know yet.” Harry admitted.

“P-Please don’t..

My words were abruptly ceased as Harry’s arms constricted around me, holding me impossibly close in anger rather than affection.

“You don’t get to decide.” Harry’s rough voice harshly stated. “You have no say in what I do.”

I sobbed quietly, his words holding nothing of warmth. When I didn’t reply he shook me.

“Do you understand?” Harry heatedly asked.

“Y-es, yes.” I pleaded.

The water shut off as Harry got me to my feet. My hand was grasped, helping me from the bathtub to stand in front of him. I watched as he reached for a towel, tousling his curls with the soft material to rid his hair of water. Droplets trickled down his tanned torso, dipping into the tensed muscles. Harry handed the towel to me, my fingers clasping it and bringing my hair over one shoulder. He stood observing me for a second before long fingers fiddled with the button on my wet jeans. Harry’s annoyance was voiced in a grunt as I stumbled away. I cried out when he gripped my forearms, his fingertips unintentionally digging into my damaged skin.

Green eyes curiously assessed my reaction before pushing my soaked jacket from my shoulders. The clothing had barely made contact with the floor before Harry’s fingers were peeling my long sleeved top from my body. My wrists were grasped, gently raising my arms. Harry’s bottom lip was taken between his teeth as the dark bruising came into view. His eyes squeezed closed in pain, lowering to his knees to unlace my shoes. I stood completely still, my feet bare as Harry attempted for a second time to remove my jeans.

I didn’t protest as he stripped me to my underwear, my body cold and wet. The shivering continued as the clasp to my bra was released, my knickers soon around my ankles. I stood naked before him. Harry’s eyes icily trailing up and down my chilled body as he released his belt. It clinked, fingers fumbling with the button and zip before he shoved his jeans down his legs. His boxers followed seconds later. A towel was secured around his waist. Then he just walked away. He left me shivering in the bathroom, arms wrapped around myself as I cried.

When I entered Harry’s room he was just pulling up his joggers to cover the black boxers he wore. I watched as he climbed into bed, his eyes finding mine as I gripped my towel tightly. His vision was emotionless, following me as I walked over to the chest of drawers. I felt empty as I witnessed Harry close himself down. There was nothing left of the boy who invaded my thoughts every second of the day.

I sobbed, dropping the towel and tugging one of his t shirts over my head. My fingers found a pair of boxers, slipping them up my legs. I turned to see Harry propped up on his elbows, his hand slid over the duvet, pulling it back. A spark of hope ignited within me as I hesitantly travelled over to the bed. My body climbed into the cool sheets, jumping slightly as Harry enticed me closer.

“Keep me warm.”

His words stabbed at my heart. They were cold and emotionless. I cried as he repositioned me to his need, draping my body over his side as I became nothing more than a heat source for him. My hand rested on his chest, my tears trickling onto his skin. He did nothing to comfort me.

I don’t know how long I laid there, exhausted from the lack of sleep I had been deprived of the last couple of days. The person who I had relied on for some sort of relief had shut me out. I carefully adjusted, peering up to the beautiful male. His soft curls shone in the dim light from the bedside table. He wouldn’t normally leave the lamp on, desiring to fall asleep in complete darkness, but still it illuminated the corner of the room. Harry knew I was still frightened by the events that had taken place beyond his control. The pitch black engulfing the room would have caused me alarm. Maybe he’d left the light on for me.

Harry’s eyes were closed, long lashes fanned out on his cheeks as my touch lightly glided over his chest. His prominent collarbones were carefully traced with my tips. My fingers barely brushed his soft ringlets before my wrist was caught in his large hand, pushing mine away.

“Please, Harry.” I whimpered.

Our skin made contact but he wouldn’t let me touch him, not properly.

I trembled as I waited for any sort of sign. Anything to show that I wasn’t completely alone.

“I did it for you.” I whispered.

My eyes closed in defeat, resting my head upon Harry’s chest and wishing to be taken away from consciousness. As I drifted into a heavy sleep, the gentle touch of entwining fingers was something of a dream.

Harry's POV

It felt slightly cool on my skin, the warmth of a second body absent from the bed. I sleepily patted the covers around me, expecting to find Bo. When I discovered emptiness, the events of the previous evening came flooding back. The alcohol, the shouting, the fear and bruising on my girl’s face. But my resilience towards her seemed to melt away as Bo clung to me in sleep, my fingers curling around hers to stop the nightmares.

I shot up, squinting with the light infiltrating the room from between my curtains. My heart was pounding, eyes darting around the space in an effort to seek her out. The duvet was shoved back, stumbling from the bed and over to the bathroom door.

I regretted shouting at her, regretted frightening her.

My knuckles made contact with the wood, allowing only a couple of desperate seconds to pass before abruptly swinging the door open. Where the hell was she? She wouldn’t have just left.

I was angry and intoxicated, Bo’s decision not to inform me of her visitor at work was something I couldn’t understand. How was I supposed to keep her safe if she didn’t tell me anything? When I saw her face the previous evening I knew what Dan had told me was true. The cocky bastard almost took pleasure in informing me that he was the one that had come to Bo’s rescue. I had no desire to dwell on the thought of what might have happened.

I swept my hair from my forehead, continuing my determined stride down the hall to the kitchen, hoping to find Bo. Empty. My feet carried me to the open door of the living room. Fingers grasped the frame, peering in. I was about to turn when a flash of dark waves caught my eye. She was sat on the window sill, knees curled up to her chest as she observed the world go by through the glass. Her small hands clasped around a mug as she brought it up to her lips, sipping on the liquid.

Bo must have caught me in her peripheral vision, her head snapping around in shock. The fullness of his blue eyes decreased slightly upon locking on mine. Her face still looked sore, lip split, bruising on her jaw. My beautiful broken girl.

“I made you one…a tea.” She stuttered, shaking her head.

My eyes absorbed her appearance, recognising the plaid shirt adorning her torso, it was mine.

“It’s probably cold now though.” Bo continued. “I-I didn’t want to wake you.”

When I remained silent her focus fell to the cuff of the shirt, fiddling with it anxiously. All I wanted to do was cuddle her, but for some reason I couldn’t bring myself to move forward. I’d heard her cry for an unbearable amount of time the previous evening, tears wetting my chest as she sobbed. But I could do nothing. Bo continually threw me curve balls, but the last one was quite unexpected. Why hadn’t she told me?

“Thanks.” I spoke quietly.


Bo's POV

This was getting ridiculous. It had been two days since our confrontation. I thought Harry would have wanted to take a break for a little while, as his communication with me was bare minimum. So to say I was surprised when his car was waiting for me outside of work the next day was an understatement. We drove back to his flat in silence; I knew he wanted to keep watch over me.

Dan had been absent from the shop, confirming my suspicions that he was too cowardly to face me. He’d gone behind my back and told Harry exactly what had happened against my will. But I refused to deal with him, I had enough on my plate with the curly haired boy who found it difficult to meet my eye contact.

I’d grown tired of Harry’s immature behaviour. Yes, I’d withheld information from him, but this was silly. He’d keep me safely locked away in his flat and yet couldn’t find it within himself to talk to me properly. So I decided to handle the situation myself, I wasn’t going to be ignored. And if it meant having the inevitable argument, I would take it, anything not to have to endure another day of tiptoeing around the subject.

I had lingered around the kitchen doorway, my back leaning against the hall wall. When Harry appeared my body quickly removed itself from my supported position, standing boldly in front of the looming figure. I mirrored his movements as he stepped to the side, blocking his path once again. Harry’s jaw tensed, eyebrows descending along with his darkening state. He was angry. His towering frame shadowed over me, eyes deeply penetrating my own. I knew from his harsh exterior that Harry was trying to intimidate me, but I shoved the fearful thoughts to the back of my mind.

“Talk to me.” I spoke.

I witnessed his focus falter for a second, clearly not predicting my pleading instruction. Harry composed himself quickly, shielding himself once again with his unapproachable posture.

“Move..or I’ll move you.” Harry’s voice threatened.

Why was he being so cold?

“Not like that.” I frowned.

I knew what he was attempting as the expanse of his plams caught hold of my waist. But Harry was unsuccessful, almost instantly placing me back on my feet as I struggled in his hold. I stumbled back slightly before closing the distance between us, gripping his shoulders and mustering my strength to shove Harry away in annoyance.

“Stop!” I cried. “Stop doing that, I’m not a little child that you can just pick up, and brush off to the side when you don’t want to talk to me.”

My chest was rising and falling at an uneven rate. But Harry took no notice, my eyes squeezing closed as he coldly brushed passed me, lightly knocking into my shoulder. I could sense his growing irritation as I pursued him into the living room, Harry taking a seat on the sofa.

I watched on in disbelief as he snatched the remote from the coffee table and flicked the TV on. The channel was changed multiple times before settling on a football match. He had to be kidding me.


His frown deepened, staring impassively at the screen. I strode over to the device that held his unconvincing gaze, standing directly in front.

“You don’t make a very good window.” Harry glared.

“I don’t care.” I replied in a hard voice.

The sound of the audience on the TV ground away at my patience as I waited for Harry to act. His frosty green vision chilled my body until I turned, pressing the button to cease the annoying distraction.

“Talk to me.”

“Why didn’t you tell me!?” Harry harshly spat.

The abrupt raise in volume caused my heart to pound, ill-prepared for his sudden question.

“Because I wanted to protect you! I wanted to keep you safe for once. He said he’d kill you if I told anyone.”

My body betrayed me, unwanted tears leaking from my eyes which I hastily wiped away. When Harry rose from his seat I took a step back in fear, only to bump into the TV stand. I couldn’t comprehend how frightening he could become when he wanted to.

“I can take care of myself, which is little to be said for you!” He cuttingly shouted.

I cried out in aggravation. How dare he. I’d been perfectly fine with looking after myself before he came along. Harry could be such a stubborn arse at times.

“I didn’t tell you because I couldn’t bear to have anything happen to you!” I yelled. “For goodness sake, Harry, it’s because I’m in love with you!”

The words tumbled out before I had a chance to contemplate the consequences. Harry’s eyes were wide, mouth parted as he stared at me from across the living room. The silence was deafening, my bottom lip trembling. I swallowed the lump in my throat, head darting to the door in a panic. I hastily retreated, fleeing to the hallway. My bag was scooped up, items escaping before I desperately collected them.

Harry had come to stand in the doorway, struggling to form any sort of sentence. I beat him to it.

“I-I’m going home.” I stuttered quietly.

My feet rushed clumsily down the hallway, it was only then that Harry managed communication.


I cursed with the sound of his raspy whispered voice behind me. I yanked at the door, the wood only complying to open a small amount. My eyes desperately darted to the obstruction of the silver safety chain. Cheeks running with tears, I slammed the door, hurriedly fumbling with the chain and drawing it across to allow me to escape outside.

I brusquely shut the door behind me, the dark wood providing me with a barrier between Harry and myself. I barely made it to the bottom step before breaking down in uncontrollable sobs, collapsing to sit. What the hell had just happened? I’d confessed my love for Harry and then fled. I was unable to collect my thoughts, my head too much of a mess to think clearly. The only question my mind tortured me with was asking why he didn’t say it back.

The clicking of a latch brought my attention hurtling back to the present, fingers quickly brushing away the evidence of my distraught emotions. I glanced back to see Harry at the top of the steps, desperate gaze focused upon me. My body scrambled up as he descended a pace towards me. I forced my legs to cooperate, my feet quickly carrying me along the path away from the flat I had just exited.

“Bo!” Harry yelled.” Bo, wait!”

And for the second time in a matter of days, I ran from him.

I had barely made it home, shedding my hoody and bag by the door. My emotions had calmed slightly, still a bit shaken but nothing compared to when I had fled. I had no desire to face anyone, opting to walk home instead of getting the crowded bus. The soft breeze had seemed to settle my nerves, drying the wet streaks that trickled down my cheeks. As I helplessly mulled over what had and hadn’t been said, I bent down, fumbling with the laces on my boots. All I craved was to crawl into bed and lose consciousness, anything to ease the ache my heart was weighted with. But my actions abruptly ceased. The loud thumping knock was unexpected, taking me by surprise and jolting my body. Harry.

I desperately fumbled with the catch, yanking the door open. But as I peered up, it wasn’t who I had hoped. Tom stood in front of me, he was panting, sweat droplets glistening on his forehead. His expression was something of desperation and fear.

“Tom? What’s wrong?” I asked with concern.

A hand grabbed at my arm.

“You need to come with me.” He gushed.

“Why, what’s going on? Where’s Harry?”

My voice displayed signs of distress, cracking as the last question was expelled in a panicked breath. Oh god, Harry.

“Come with me, I’ll explain on the way.”

I didn’t bother with my hoody, instead grabbing my keys from my bag, slamming the door and sprinting after Tom to the vehicle that had been left running. I hastily entered, taking a place in the passenger seat. The car was in motion before I had a chance to put on my belt, anxiously looking to Tom for some sort of explanation to his sudden arrival.

“Bo, he’s lost it, Harry went out looking for Scott.”

My stomach dropped, fingers tightly gripping the fabric of the seat with the rushed words.

“Tom.” I attempted to encourage him.

“He found him.”

I had never experienced a car ride like it. My heart was in my mouth, pulse thumping as Tom practically floored it. We came to a screeching halt just on the outskirts of town. I don’t think I had ever moved so fast, stumbling from the car and running to the unfamiliar pub Tom had informed me Harry was in attendance. The amount of fights that had taken place in the presence of alcohol was enough to put me off of drinking for life.

“Bo, wait!”

My palms shoved at the heavy door, forcing it to comply and tripping into the busy inside of the social environment. My gaze desperately scanned the area for my curly haired lover. At that moment in time I didn’t care that my words hadn’t been reciprocated by Harry. All I desired was find him, stop him from doing something stupid.

That’s when my wide eyes fell upon two males. I knew it was Harry. Despite his soft curls being hidden from view under a hood, his lean frame was something I had become very intimate with. Expansive hands gripped Scott’s shirt, fisting it and forcing him up against the wall down the corridor for the toilets. They were of equal height, stature much the same. But Scott was nothing in comparison to the beauty of the man currently pinning him with an icy glare.

My body jolted as Harry tugged Scott from his leaning position, only to aggressively slam him back into the wall. A hand on my shoulder yanked my vision away from the terrifying sight. Tom peered down at me, following my line of sight to witness his friend uncompromisingly drag the large man down the darkened passage. I ran to catch up, both men unaware they were being pursued by Tom and myself. It was happening again. Harry was going to lose control, just like he had in his mum’s back garden and how he had in the boxing ring.

The fire exit door was swung wide open, the cool night air infiltrating the pub. I followed after Tom who had taken the lead. I had barely made it outside before Harry delivered a hefty punch to Scott’s stomach, his body crumpling over.

“You’re a waste of space.” Harry spat. “What kind of man hits a woman?!”

Tom attempted to guide me back inside, repeating to himself that he should never have brought me. I refused to move, unable to stray from the image in front of me. Harry’s hand constricted on Scott’s shoulder, holding him in place as he sharply raised his knee, roughly impacting his stomach once more.

“Please, Tom. Stop him.”

I stood shivering in fright as I witnessed a boy I knew could be caring and gentle, repetitively strike the male who had marked my skin. Scott had appeared so powerful when confronting me. But now he was unrecognisable, stumbling to the floor, incapable of standing as Harry’s fist impacted his jaw.

Tom had complied to my pleading request, grabbing hold of Harry’s shoulders, tugging him. I could only watch on as Harry carelessly shoved his friend away, he was too absorbed in inflicting pain to realise who it was. This time Scott received a kick to the shoulder, roughly crying out in agony. I wouldn’t be surprised if he walked away with a few broken bones, if he could walk away at all. The way Harry was laying into him was something quite horrific.

This was going to go too far. I attempted to move forwards to the three males, desperate to do something, anything. But I ceased as Tom halted me with his hand, mouthing for me to stay put.

“I’ll fucking end you!” Harry bellowed.

My hand clamped over my mouth to smother the sobs. The rage Harry displayed caused my body to tingle with goose bumps. Tom was more determined this time.

“Stop. Harry stop, you’re frightening Bo.”

The familiar green of desperate eyes flashed to me as Tom used his strength to force Harry turn in my direction. He looked completely lost for a second before his features hardened once more.

“Take her away. I don’t want her to see this.”

I frantically shook my head, dark waves clouding my vision before I swept them back.

“You’re going to lose her. Harry, you’re going to lose the best thing that’s happened to you if you don’t stop!”

His knuckles were dripping red. The colour symbolised danger. And that’s what everyone had told me. Harry was dangerous. He was void of emotion as he stared at me, holding my gaze captive. Tom’s words seemed to have formed some sort of barrier, preventing the next hit that would have probably knocked Scott unconscious. Whilst Harry’s attention was diverted he’d taken the opportunity to make a cowardly exit, staggering to his feet and running as best he could down the alley way towards the main road. Scott had remained silent through the whole ordeal, maybe it had occurred to him that he could never win. If it hadn’t been for Tom and myself he may have been leaving the alley in a body bag.

Harry was forcefully restrained from pursuing Scott; arms held with constricting tightness. I knew it would be agonising for him to just watch as Scott escaped; deprived of the chance to inflict the possibly fatal damage he desired. Even from my position I could hear my name being used as a calming incentive, an encouragement to prevent the anger from bubbling over once more.

I’d apprehensively waited as minutes passed; the resonating sound of Harry’s breathing being steadily controlled. Tom released him, Harry’s focus landing on me. I despised my own reaction as he moved forward, my feet instantly taking a step out of his reach. Harry worriedly looked to Tom who had come to stand by the side of me.

“I’ll take her home.” Harry spoke softly.

I instinctively shifted behind Tom, fearful of the male who was desperately staring at me. He looked hurt. Hurt that I was taking refuge with someone else instead of him.

“Best not mate; I think she’s still a bit shaken up.” Tom leant forward, squeezing his shoulder in reassurance.

A glimpse of fear sparked in the mossy green of his eyes, visibly swallowing.

“Let me say goodbye to her.” Harry instructed.

His vision darted up to Tom’s when I was still obstructed by his body. Harry frowned, his tone deepening, eyebrows knitting together.

“Tom, she’s still my girlfriend.”

I felt exposed as my defence left me standing on my own. My head dropped to the floor, feeling ill-prepared to come so close with the person who had inflicted furious anger minutes before. Threatening tears watered in my eyes as I caught a glimpse of Harry wiping the blood from his knuckles to his jeans. Moments later, a careful touch tilted my chin up.

I couldn’t understand, he looked like an angel. Sparkling eyes, pink pouted lips. How could such anger and hatred come from someone so breath-taking? I gently encouraged his warmth away from my face. My hand rose to carefully remove the grey material of his hood, allowing his soft curls to escape and tousle lightly in the wind. As I studied him, I came to alarmingly discover small flecks of red splashed onto his white top which his plaid shirt revealed.

I gulped as he cautiously leant down to me, my head turning ever so slightly. It wasn’t the first time I had denied his kiss. Harry paused; hurt lacing his beautiful features as his warm lips pressed to the corner of my mouth. He didn’t have to travel far before his laboured voice reached my ear.

“I love you, Bo.” Harry whispered.

My breath seemed to hitch, my cheek brushing with his as we became intimately close. His hushed statement dumbed my body. I’d never heard anyone admit anything with quite such raw emotion.

“Say it.” Harry quietly begged. “Please…tell me that you love me.”

My body flinched as he grabbed hold of my hand, smearing what was left of the blood onto my skin. I desperately looked to Tom who moved forward with my urgent gaze. Harry’s touch slipped from mine in defeat. Tom not being able to replace the empty feeling as he gently pulled me away from Harry. Brown eyes attempted to catch my attention that repeatedly wandered back to the bloodied angel.

“Go and wait by the door.”

I nodded, following his instructions. My feet carrying me around the corner, but I lingered, my back pressing to the cool brick as I listened covertly to the conversation.

“Fuck.” Harry cursed. “I’ve lost her.”

I intruded blindly to the words being exchanged.

“No, no, she’s just in shock. Don’t worry, she’ll come around.” Tom reassured.

“She’s scared of me, I could see it in her eyes. She didn’t want me to touch her.”

“Bo will be fine, she’s stronger than you give her credit for.”

There was a pause.

“I love her.”

I turned my body, fingers clasping the corner bricks to peer around. Harry’s head was hung until he brought it up to meet Tom’s focus. A sharp breath expelled from my body as Harry’s eyes instantly fell on me. He looked hurt, unsure of what to do.

“You’ll call me when she’s home safe.”

“Of course.”

“Thanks, Tom…for everything.”

“No worries.”

I watched as the two men said goodbye. Harry curiously observed me as I emerged from my sheltered position, drawing what little courage I had left. Tom met me half way, taking my hand in his, beginning to lead me down the alley.

“Come on, Bo.”

But I couldn’t leave, not like this. Harry had spent too long in search of something nobody had seemed brave enough to give him. Love. My fingers slipped away as Tom spoke my name in confusion.

My body ignored the sound, taking hesitant strides towards the tall figure left in the darkness. The hood had been tugged back up, concealing the ringlets I ached to run my fingers through. Bright eyes were intently watching my movements. There was no point in being timid now; my hand hooking around the back of Harry’s neck. A gasp escaped, my lips pressing a delicate kiss to the warmth of his cheek.

As quickly as it had happened I was walking away, back to a waiting Tom. He held his hand out with a smile, quickly accepting the gesture we made our way out towards the road. But not before allowing myself one last glance; my head twisting to witness the towering frame of a male emerge from the shadows.

“I love you.” I mouthed.

The unmistakeable curve to his full lips warmed my heart as he silently echoed my words.

We’d both said it. Both expelled those words that I hadn’t had the courage to say until five days ago. And that’s how long it had been since I’d seen Harry last. Those final few seconds had been etched into my brain, replaying every small detail as he soundlessly shaped the words on his lips, “I love you.”

It was a commonly used, commercialised phrase that seemed to hold little worth in the current day. But coming from Harry it gained new meaning. Apart from his family I doubt he had ever uttered the words to another individual. Maybe he had never desired that sort of connection with someone, too many emotions, too intimate. To love another human being.

Harry’s words had given me a new type of strength I didn’t know possible. One that allowed me to suppress the heavy fear that weighted in my chest as the sound of rushed footsteps approached behind me. I was walking back from Zoe’s house, the night clouded in an eerie darkness. My fingers pried the popper on my bag open to grasp the can that lay at the bottom. I didn’t want to be the victim of intimidation any longer.

“Back off!” I yelled, stumbling around to face the pursuer.

My right hand tightly held the can, arm outstretched as I aimed it at the figure.


It was only then I recognised his slightly panicked features. Harry stepped back as he waited for me to lower my weapon. My heart thumped against my chest, relieved I wasn’t forced to confront a stranger.

“Is that pepper spray?” He spoke in disbelief. The small can was taken, Harry reading the label as I attempted to calm my breathing. “Where the hell did you get it?”

It was handed back to me, dropping it safely into my bag.

“Lucy’s dad works for the police.” I explained. “You shouldn’t have crept up on me.”

“I won’t make that mistake again.” He teased.

Even through his playful tone it was obvious that my defensive gesture had surprised Harry. But as seconds passed a noticeable silence loomed over us. The few texts we had exchanged seemed easier to communicate than a phone call, at least then we weren’t pressured to speak. As I stood before him I didn’t know what to say. The last time we had properly spoken to each other we had confessed our love. Where do you go from there?

I looked to Harry whose bottom lip being chewed between his teeth, an indication of nerves. It gave me a little comfort to know he was in the same boat.

“Shall we..” He gestured to continue our journey along the path.


As we walked I covertly observed his hesitant hand, not certain if attempting to hold mine was crossing the imagery line drawn between us. I hadn’t placed it there, it was Harry’s fear.

“They’ve noticed, Harry.” I abruptly spoke.

“What?” His tone hinting at misunderstanding. “Who’s noticed what?”

“The fights, pub brawls.” I lightly shook my head, continuing to walk alongside him. “They’re on the rise and the police have noticed. Look, Harry, I just want you to be more careful. I’ve told you before that I’m not visiting you behind bars and I stand by that.”

“Alright.” He replied simply.

“Just like that?”

I was expecting a little more protest, Harry’s quiet confirmation causing me to stop in the middle of the pavement. He turned to face me, still looking somewhat cautious. The warmth of his hand moved to reached out to mine, but it dropped almost instantly back to his side.

“I’m not losing you.” Harry paused. “If it means I have to be more restrained then I’m willing to try.”

I was astounded with his reasoning. Harry’s stubborn nature was one of his more bold characteristics, finding it difficult comply to other people’s instructions. He was never one to go along with the crowd.

“Thank you.”

A shy smile was displayed before it quickly disappeared, transforming to one of amusement. His playful side was a part of Harry I quickly came to love and I had a feeling that I was one of the more privileged when it came to seeing what most didn’t.

“Come on, Sean’s show starts in forty minutes and you still need to change. I know how long it takes you women to get ready.”

“I resent that.” I teasingly scolded.

His laugh made me smile.

“Yeah, yeah, come on.”

Even after breaking the ice our touch was kept to bare minimum. Upon walking my head turned to glance at Harry. I hadn’t taken the time to thoroughly absorb his appearance until now, his torso adorning a white shirt revealed by the open an blazer. He wore black jeans, finished off with a pair of shoes I’d never seen him wear before.

“I like your hair.”

The normal unruly mess had been pushed back from his forehead, the straighter style suggesting fingers had been combed through multiple times.

“Thanks.” He breathily laughed.


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