Dark -Harry Styles Fan Fiction-

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16. Chapter 16

My fingers entwined with his, urging his hand away.

“P-Please don’t, it’s too much.” I whispered.

The look in his beautiful eyes made me believe he was desperately begging for my forgiveness. But my words were misunderstood, Harry thinking I wanted to stop completely. When he moved to gently pull out from me I caught his hip.

“No..I want to feel you.”

I knew he was aware of what I was asking. But he still seemed apprehensive to comply.

“Please.” I weakly smiled.

Leaning up, my lips pressed to his, fingers finding his now damp curls. Harry deeply hummed into the kiss. His steady pace continued to rock against me. Hot breath emitted into the small space between our mouths, profanities tumbling from the angel-like figure above me. Harry was fighting to hold on, but seconds later large hands slid beneath me. I gasped, my torso lifting from the mattress as Harry held me tightly in his arms. My head rolled back as he gave me a few quick thrusts. I wrapped myself around his body.

“Fuck…Bo.” Harry moaned.

My breath seemed to hitch in my throat as I felt Harry twitch inside me, releasing his warmth into the condom. Our chests were tightly pressed together, the thump of our hearts beating just as furiously as one another’s. Kisses were pressed down his neck, a prominent vein protruding as Harry rode out his orgasm.

I was carefully laid back on the pillows, my body feeling sore, completely exhausted as I sprawled out on the duvet. Harry sweetly kissed my lips before collapsing on top of me.

“Are you ok?” He whispered breathlessly.


Harry smiled, rubbing his nose against mine. His thumb brushed my cheek as he stared at me. The sparkling green a comforting sight. A heavy sigh fell from his swollen lips before pressing them to mine. Our sweet kiss distracted me as I felt Harry very gradually retract his hips, the softening length slipping from me. It felt nowhere near as alien as when Harry had first entered me, my body was more accustomed to the uncomfortable feeling. Sharp, interrupted sounds puffed out of his mouth, gripping my hand as we became disconnected. Harry almost looked a little relieved.

My muscles were sore as I let the comfort of the dark duvet relax me. I laid sprawled out, watching as Harry rolled over to my side; long fingers hastily fumbled with the condom, chucking it into the bin. His curls were a mess. I couldn’t help but smile at the knowledge I was the cause of the unruly sex hair currently adorning my boyfriend’s head. Within seconds he was back with me. I felt as though I couldn’t move, still slightly breathless with our heated activities. Large hands delicately caressed my body and Harry got to work on kissing every inch of my sensitive skin; starting with my right shoulder, trailing down my bare entirety. Surprisingly, at that time, the embarrassment of being completely naked just didn’t register. I didn’t seem to care. The only feeling I was experiencing was Harry, his presence all encompassing. Lips, hands, curls, skin making contact. Harry interlocked his fingers with my left hand, continuing to attentively worship my aching body.

“You did so well, Baby.” He mumbled against me.

Dark ringlets tickled against my stomach, lips sprinkling affection just above my naval, then round to the side, kisses to my right hip. The warmth of his touch soothed my muscles, sliding his large hand up my thigh as Harry continued to gravitate towards my left hip. My mind denied me the time to think before nearly crushing his long fingers between mine. My fear of him catching sight of the bruises that would have inevitably formed with his previously harsh touch. He didn’t need to see that. Harry’s actions immediately ceased to stare up at me, eyes wide with concern. Full lips pouted to question my sudden need for him to stop, but no words escaped.

“Harry.” I whispered.

My fingers were gently squeezed in reassurance, his beautiful face appearing above mine. I quietly giggled as his nose nudged my cheek; Harry clearly relieved I was still smiling. Kisses were sponged to my jaw and down my neck. His swollen lips trailing over my chest, grazing my nipple with the tip of his tongue. My whimper caused Harry to emit a raspy laugh. He peered at me through his thick lashes.

“Will you lay with me?” My voice timid.

“It would be my pleasure.” His tone honest.

Warmth tingled through my aching entirety with Harry’s raspy words. He smiled, lightly kissing my lips before taking up the position to my right. The fluffy throw at the end of the bed was tugged up over us. Fingers still interlocked. My legs curled up underneath me, the warmth of the cover concealing our naked bodies. Harry shuffled closer, both of us on our sides as we quietly stared at each other. My mind mapped out the details of his stunning features, right down to the small freckle to the left of his mouth. His deep chuckle made me laugh as I poked the adorable indent on his cheek.

We’d just made love. A truth I was still attempting to get my head round. I felt sore, speechless, content. But a small part of me was still covertly aware of the certain darkness that Harry had unknowingly struggled to control during our intimate connection.

And that scared me.


Harry's POV

Bo shifted beside me. I could tell she was a little tender from the way she moved. Her muscles sore as she attempted to sit up. She was trying to hide the discomfort she must have been feeling. The hurt I had unintentionally caused her. My mind flashed, placing my hand to her shoulder, guiding her back to the warmth of the bed as I leaned over her.

“What is it? What do you need?” I gushed.

I was determined to take care of her; wanting to ease her discomfort in any way possible.

“Harry, it’s fine.” She spoke, her torso rising a second time before I prevented her, my hand pressing to her shoulder once again. I had taken notice of Bo’s stubborn nature, despite being quieter than most of the girls I had been with she was definitely one of the strongest.

“I’ll get whatever you need.” I explained.

My gaze searched her face as she remained silent. Long, dark waves covering the pillow, she looked so beautiful. I lowered my head, kissing her lips. The covers rested on her chest as it rose and fell gradually. As I drew back a slight blush crept onto her cheeks, avoiding my eye contact.


She turned her head. Her voice was small as she mumbled into the pillow. I laughed, prying the shield away from her.

“What was that?” I peered at her expectantly.

She wiggled slightly, adjusting the throw on her chest. Bo still avoided my gaze.

“My knickers..can I put my knickers back on?” She spoke, a little embarrassed.

She glanced at me as I let out a laugh.

“You’re so cute.” I grinned, placing a kiss to her cheek.

After retrieving the lace from the floor, the covers were peeled back and I aided in smoothly pulling them up Bo’s legs, eyes locked on her face. A small smile crept onto her features as I instructed her to raise her hips, allowing me to pull the underwear up under the soft curve of her backside.

I followed suit, covering my lower half as I tugged my boxers on. But during my momentary distraction, Bo had taken the opportunity to remove herself from the safe warmth of our cuddling under the duvet.

“Where are you going?”

She glanced back, brushing strands of hair back from her vision.

“To have a shower.”

“Oh, ok.” I awkwardly took a seat on the end of the mattress, unsure of what to do.

I’d never really been like this around a girl before. Bo was my weakness. I needed her.

My curls flopped down over my forehead as I fumbled with my fingers. I attempted to fight the smile curving on my lips as a pair of small feet came to stand in front of me. She wiggled her toes, the navy polish glittering in the dim light.

“Nice colour.” I complemented from a second time that night.

My eyes found her face as she curiously peered at me. Bo’s long, dark hair concealed her breasts, the length cascading over her shoulders. I stood from my seated position, my height shadowing over her, both of us in just our underwear. But my smile faded, expression transforming into something of confusion as I tilted my head. My eyes had fallen to her hip, small dotted bruises marked her perfect skin.

“What..I.?” I stuttered.

My vision flicked to her face momentarily before returning to her side. Seconds later Bo had caught up with my curious observation. Her small hand hastily travelled to cover the brandishing marks, but I caught it before she could. I was almost certain I hadn’t seen them before. Bo was always bumping into things, tripping over her feet, or thin air more often than not. But realisation hit me hard as I studied the formation of the bruises. My touch hesitantly rose to her hip, heart sinking as I placed my fingers and thumb over the impacts. They fitted perfectly. It was me, I’d caused that.

“I-I didn’t…” My head shook, curls falling round my face before I shoved them back.

I couldn’t remember touching Bo there. And even if I did, I wouldn’t have bruised her. My breathing increased, eyes desperately finding her blue ones in search of an answer that she left unspoken.

“Was that me?”

Bo bit her lip, vision straying from my own as she grasped my hand, encouraging it away from her body to hold in hers. Why wasn’t she answering me? Each of my fingertips were pressed to her pink lips in turn, kissing at the pads.

“Tell me, please.” I begged.

She gave me a small nod in confirmation, the gesture causing my body to flood with guilt. What had I done? Bo was so small. Why hadn’t she told me I was hurting her at the time?

“I’m so sorry.” I pleaded.

“It’s alright.” She weakly smiled.

But it wasn’t alright. I could tell the beautiful girl stood in front of me was withholding information, an explanation for my painful actions.

“What happened?” I whispered, almost afraid of the answer.

She seemed a little reluctant to reveal the truth to the marks I had inflicted on her left hip. Bo’s thumb brushed my knuckles as she warily looked up to me. Her face full of worry. I watched as she steadily absorbed the air around her, almost as if she was drawing strength.

“Harry, your eyes..” She quietly began. “T-They were black.” Bo paused, swallowing as she stared at me. “Y-You..”

Her head fell down still tightly holding onto my fingers. My heart was anxiously racing, impatiently waiting for Bo to finish. My free hand cupped her chin, encouraging her to raise her vision to me once again. I silently willed her to continue.

“You held me down.” Bo whispered.

My body flooded with emotion, not prepared for her answer. I didn’t need to hear anymore.

“No.” My voice cracked as I frantically shook my head.

My arms wrapped around her, tugging her small frame into me. The warmth of her body tingled across my skin, before chilling me. I’d hurt her.

“I can’t tell you how sorry I am…That should never have happened. Not with you Bo.”

A heart-clenching thought sprung into my mind. If I couldn’t remember bruising her, what else had I been capable of in my darkened state? I heavily swallowed the lump in my throat.

“Was I rough?” I mumbled into her hair.

Her silence was all the confirmation I needed.

“Shit.” I cursed, squeezing my eyes closed. “Oh god…Bo, that was your first ti..” I trailed off, unable to finish the sentence.

It pained me to think that had been her first experience of sex. This had happened before with other girls; but I had never been with anyone remotely similar to Bo. She was innocent. I had been her first time for practically everything. I had lost control.

A number of females had commented after, on my sudden turn whilst we were tangled between the sheets. Some even openly encouraging the darkness out of me. That side of me went hard and deep, something a lot of girls found arousing to say the least. But I had little connection with that part of me; most of the time I was unable to recall what happened during sex. They wanted me rough, uncompromising as I held them down and forced them to reach their shattering orgasm.

I was broken out of my erratic thoughts as Bo placed her hand on my bare chest. Her smile confused me. She should have been terrified.

“You came back to me.” She spoke, attempting to lift my frown.

“What do you mean?”

Her fingers rose to brush against my cheek. The comforting gesture was gentle, calming. I loved how she was so careful with me. Nobody had really treated me with as much affection before.

“I touched your face.”

Her index ran over my lashes.

“Your eyes…you came back to me.”

Bo’s words took me a little by surprise. Not once had someone been able to control the darkness that commandeered my body, not even myself. Normally I wouldn’t stop until one of us had climaxed.

“I’d always come back to you.” I whispered whilst raising her hand to kiss.


Bo’s POV

I closed the bathroom door behind me, turning the shower on to warm the water. My fingers carefully looped into my knickers, smoothly sliding them to the floor. But my chest seemed to tighten as I absorbed the sight of blood. I gulped, breath hitching before kicking the underwear to the side with my foot.

Steam was billowing out from behind the curtain, the heat of the water cascading over my sore muscles and soaking my hair. There was no need to turn. I knew exactly who it was as the flimsy barrier was drawn back. His overwhelming presence felt in the small space even before our wet skin made contact. Large hands caressed my sides, encouraging me back into his body. Kisses were pressed to my shoulders as wet curly hair tickled against my neck. I spun in his hold, desperate to see his face. Ringlets clung to his drenched skin before I pushed them back. Bright green eyes sparkled at me, his grin erupting butterflies in my stomach.

“Hello Beautiful.” Harry’s raspy voice spoke.

I smiled, reaching round him from the shower gel. I wanted to wash him, feel his toned body beneath my fingertips as I kissed at his jaw. But he wouldn’t let me. A sweet peck was stolen from my lips before he took the bottle from me, squirting a small amount onto his palm and rubbing his hands together.

“Turn around for me, Baby.”

I complied with his request, facing the tiled wall. He nudged my head to the side, nuzzling into the crook of my neck. I stood as he began to carefully wash my aching entirety, hoping to ease the discomfort he had caused. Harry caressed my body, his touch igniting the smell of coconut. I whimpered as his palms gently massaged my breasts. Soap covering the skin, rubbing the pads of his thumbs over my taut nipples. He attended to my chest longer than someone just wishing to wash my body. Aware of the pleasure he was sparking though my core with his simple touch.

“Good girl.” He whispered.

His hands then skimmed down my sides, taking time to delicately rub over my hips, my stomach, my bottom. I gasped in appreciation as my backside was cupped, hands squeezing and kneading at the cheeks. We stood under the steamy water, strong arms encircled around my waist as the fragrant soap washed away. A gasp escaped my lips as Harry unexpectedly trailed down to slip his long fingers between my thighs. His husky voice reassured me, keeping me pressed to his front as he gently explored. I whimpered as his tips made contact with my entrance, still sore from his last intrusion. My vision dropped down as he withdrew his presence. Wet hair cascading over my front.

“Shit” Harry guiltily whispered into the skin of my neck.

I knew he had seen. My smaller hand gripped his, guiding it under the raining water. The blood washed away from his tips down the plug hole. He cuddled me into his naked body, gently urging me to spread my legs a little wider with his thigh. My back remained pressed to his chest.

“Please, let me make you feel good.” He almost begged. “Just here.” His index lightly pressed to my clitoris. “Nowhere else.”

He took my lack of response as consent. Harry began to gently rub over the sensitive nub. His skilled fingers focusing on only one area as he whispered sweet things into my ear. My tiring body was held to his, kissing at my neck and over my shoulder. My arm drifted up, hooking around the back of his neck, fingertips pressing into his nape. I could feel his increasingly stiff erection pressing into my back. The sound of me whimpering his name obviously exciting the curly haired guy who continued to pleasure me. The water still showered over us, the soft noises escaping both of our lips would have been concealed to anyone else.

“Bo.” Harry breathlessly whispered.

I could feel the intense burning start to spread in my stomach, long fingers still attentively caressing the need between my legs. His alternating speed and pressure left me gasping for breath. But it felt different this time. I was weaker, my weight desperately finding support on his flexed arm as I remained clasping his nape. Harry’s muscles strained as he held me. I was going to fall, not sure how much longer I could stand, the pleasure building inside of me. My mind was swirling, unable to focus on anything. My body flushed with heat, the steam from the hot water increasing the already soaring temperature. Harry’s touch was everywhere, overwhelming. It was too much. The intensity was too much.

A ringing in my ears began before I gripped his forearm in a desperate attempt to get him to cease his relentless actions. Fingers now fisting the small curls at Harry’s nape.

“H-Harry.” I whimpered.

He didn’t hear me. The sound of gushing water masking my plea. My touch tightened with his name. I knew what was imminently going to arrive, this had happened before. It was a horrible experience I had had the displeasure of feeling a few too many times. My eyelashes fluttered as I attempted to fight it off, but was I left defeated.

“I’m going to pass out.” I desperately told Harry.

“Bo.” He gushed.

His arm constricted, holding me close to him, but it was too late. My body slumped, knees buckling as I collapsed back into Harry.


“Bo.” A male voice whispered.

My eyes fluttered open as strands of wet hair were brushed back from my face. I felt disorientated, my head still spinning. I peered up to find Harry hovering over me, his damp ringlets hanging round his face. The flecks in his bright eyes seemingly more prominent as he stared at me.

“Hello, Beautiful.” He smiled. “How are you feeling?”

“Better.” I quietly replied.

His posture relaxed a little with my reassurance. Harry grinned at me, dimples popping in his cheeks as he indulged in a private joke.

“What?” I questioned.

He shook his head before sparkling green eyes locked with mine.

“That’s never happened to me before. A girl passing out, mid-orgasm.” He chuckled.

“Don’t flatter yourself, it was just too hot in there.”

It was then I realised that we were back in my room. I was wearing Harry’s t shirt and a pair of new knickers. He’d dressed me and laid me back on the duvet. I couldn’t fight the shy blush that crept onto my cheeks.

“Did you dress me?” I asked what appeared blatantly obvious.

He licked his full lips round before giving me a small nod. My arm came up to cover over my eyes as I groaned in embarrassment. I heard him laughing as he pried it away.

“Bo, we had sex, we just showered together. I think it’s pretty safe to say I’ve seen you naked before.”

“That was different, I was conscious.” I whined.

Harry laughed at my complaint, lowering his face to mine.

“Don’t worry, I didn’t peek….much.” He cheekily spoke.

“Ugh, Harry!” I batted him away.

“Alright, alright.” He chuckled, trapping my wrists in his large hands to prevent me from wriggling away. “Let’s go to bed, Baby.”

I allowed him to pick me up once again, my arms drifting up to his neck as he gently placed me into the warm confines of my bed. He climbed in after me, settling down and tugging the covers up. But I flinched as he caught hold of my hip to encourage me closer. He must have forgotten about my injury.

Harry heavily sighed, big green eyes peering at me.

“I’m sorry.” He spoke quietly.

The sincerity in his voice made my heart clench. I knew he was apologising for everything; his short burst of seemingly uncontrollable darkness, unintentionally hurting me, my little fainting episode. This had been the most eventful night of my life, not forgetting the fight Harry had walked away victorious from.

“I have to remember how fragile you are.”

I smiled, taking his large hand in mine.

“J-Just please, be gentler with me…at least until I get used to it, Harry.”

He looked almost childlike as he nodded, curls obscuring his vision before I pushed them back. His full lips pressing to the inside of my wrist.

“Anyone else would have been out the door by now.” He spoke.

I glanced down the bed as I pondered over his comment. We were both laid closely together on our backs. I wriggled my toes underneath the cover, giggling as Harry mirrored my actions. His legs were so much longer than my own. I turned my head to see him curiously peering at me.

“I could still make a run for it, you know.”

I knew he saw through my faltering expression, teasing increasing clear, his eyes sparkling in amusement. His larger frame rolled to the side, fingers tracing up and down my arm under the covers.

“Oh baby, you and I both know you can’t outrun me.” He smirked.

I found it difficult not to stupidly smile at his playful tone. We had tested this idea a number of times before and on every occasion Harry had proven to be the more athletic out of the two of us. But I put that down to his never-ending legs and muscled physique.

“I’d hide.” I retaliated.

He ceased the stroking of his fingertips, bare chest pressing to my skin as his plump lips travelled to my ear.

“I’d find you.” Harry’s raspy voice whispered, not missing a beat as the humour drained from his tone. “Always.”

The words held so much meaning, my heart thumping at their depth. I had no doubt he would stop at nothing to search for me. And the idea of someone going to those lengths to find me did strangely warming things to my insides. It had to mean something, surely. But what struck me more was that I would do exactly the same for him. I never wanted Harry to leave me, the thought made me feel desperately empty.

I hadn’t noticed my emotions spilling over my cheeks until Harry’s thumb gently wiped away the small tears.

“What’s wrong?” His raspy voice full of concern.

“Nothing.” I shook my head, weakly smiling.

He inquisitively tilted his head to the side, an adorable expression on his face before he pressed his lips to mine. I began to giggle as kisses were dotted all over my face, hands lightly batting him away. Harry laughed, pecking me a final time on the mouth. I entwined our legs, lightly nudging my thigh between his, wanting to be as close as physically possible to the boy I had given everything to.

“It’s late, Love. Go to sleep.” Harry’s arms wrapped round me, our faces close on the pillow.

I couldn’t prevent the smile spreading on my lips as he lightly tapped me on the nose, before rubbing it against his own. He squeezed me, Harry’s warmth comforting my aching body as I cuddled into him. I felt safe.

“I’ve got you.” He whispered before my eyes fell closed.

Our bodies were cuddled under the duvet. My toes wriggled as the hair on Harry’s legs tickled at my bare skin. His head was resting on my chest as I carefully combed through his tousled curls with my fingers. His arm was wrapped round my waist, softly snoring. I shifted slightly, Harry’s grip intensifying as he held me close. He looked so beautiful, his hair in tight ringlets, pink, plump lips. I watched almost in awe as long eyelashes fluttered on his cheeks, drawing in a deep breath before settling to rest on my chest once more. His breathing levelling to a slow, steady pace, it calmed me.

I had found him in this position a short while before as I woke. The pillows in disarray above and below the duvet. Instead he had subconsciously opted to use me, wrapping his limbs round my body. It wasn’t so much protective, but almost a little frightened, reminding me of a child clinging onto a loved one for comfort. The length of his legs were entwined with mine. Fingers occasionally twitched, lightly fisting at his t shirt adorning my upper half.

I was quite certain Harry’s slumbering position was in fear of me leaving. Desperately holding on. But he needn’t have worried. There was no chance of me disappearing. The feelings I had developed for the stunning guy currently keeping me overly warm, were something I had never felt before.

We were yet to say how we really felt about each other. I knew Harry cared for me, he had told me a number of times. But deep down I was frightened I possessed a stronger attachment to him than he did to me. I had never been in a relationship before, never felt such a desire to be as close to someone before.

I was unable to ponder over the thoughts racing through my mind for any longer. My attention was drawn back to Harry. He lightly mumbled my name, his warm hand sliding over the duvet. Seconds later I realised he was in search of my smaller one. I offer my touch to him, long fingers oddly entwining with mine and encouraging it up to the ringlets flopping over his head. I smiled, even in sleep Harry still found comfort in someone playing with his hair. A heavy sigh fell from my mouth, my bottom lip taken between my teeth.

“I think I’m in love with you.” I barely whispered.

My heart began to thump against my chest and I felt almost certain Harry could sense my increased pulse. His presence suddenly felt overbearing, weight pressing down on me. I couldn’t breathe. My fingers struggled to gently pry his arm from round my waist, attempting to wriggle out from under his large frame. I found it difficult as Harry’s long limbs were heavy with sleep; he had quite literally tangled himself with me. The strength of his body still profoundly evident even in his weakened unconscious state. Frustrated mumbles could be heard as I tried to free my leg from between Harry’s thighs. The sounds grew louder as I resisted his arm which intended to drag me back to him. All the while, Harry’s sparkling green eyes remained hidden from me. I pressed a kiss to his cheek, fingers running lightly through his ringlets. The gesture seemed to calm him, allowing me to ease my leg out from between the strength of his thighs. The throaty moan that accompanied the action flushed heat to my body. My eyes widened slightly as my knee lightly brushed the growing hardness between the top of Harry’s tensed legs. I ignored the images that sprung to my mind, my lover panting and glistening in sweat above me. My head shook, denying myself the indulgence of a glance under the covers; knowing the thick erection I had felt rather intensely hours before, would be straining against the black fabric tightly hugging Harry’s lower half.

I felt like self-appraisal was in order as I eventually became free of my protector’s superficial strong hold. My absence was voiced in a strained whimper from Harry, his forehead creasing in a frown, eyes still remained shut. Despite his displeased expression, Harry was still the most beautiful male I had ever seen.

His restlessness continued until he shifted over slightly to the spot I was previously laid in. Long legs stretching out under the duvet until his feet poked out the end. I couldn’t help but smile. His full, pink lips were parted as I placed a soft kiss to his cheek. My presence retreated, leaving Harry to grab the nearest pillow to entice closer into his bare chest.


My mind was on other things as I swiped the knife over the toast, spreading the purple jam. I didn’t hear Harry enter the kitchen. It startled me when his arms wrapped round my waist from behind. I smiled as he hummed in my ear, resting his head on my shoulder. He tickled my neck with his plump lips leaving teasing kisses across my skin.

“I don’t like waking up alone.” He mumbled. “I thought you had made a run for it.”

His words confirmed to me that my assumption was correct. He was scared.

“I had to get head start, what with your long legs.” I teased.

This only encouraged him further, his teeth nipping at my exposed shoulder as he playfully growled. I wiggled round in his hold, laughing as he pressed me between his body and the worktop. His eyes fell to my mouth as I brought my bottom lip between my teeth. I watched as his pink tongue slipped out, wetting his lips.

“Oh I um…”

We both swiftly turned to see my mum stood in the doorway. Her eyes quickly shifting, uncertain on where to look as Harry stood in his low slung, grey joggers. However, this didn’t seem to faze him as he smiled at her, wrapping his arms round my waist from behind before kissing the top of my head. Harry’s t shirt hung loosely off my shoulder and I silently praised myself for putting on some shorts. My hair cascaded over my front in waves. Apparently I had inherited my rosy cheeks from my mother.

“I’ll um..just…”

She turned quickly and headed down the hall to the living room. It hadn’t been my intention for my mum to discover us like this, but there was little I could do about the situation. However, the male who was currently kissing at my neck appeared to have no discontent with the scene. I pecked Harry on the cheek, moving to the doorway. A giggle escaped my lips as he grabbed my hand, effortlessly tugging me back to him. He left a heavy kiss to my mouth before flicking his head to the door in indication. I squeaked as he squeezed my bum, slapping it lightly in encouragement.

“Go and put a top on.” I laughed.

I watched him cheekily take a bite out of the toast before jogging over to the door and up the stairs to my room. My body took in a deep breath as I prepared myself to have the inevitable conversation with my mum. I found her sat on the sofa, her eyes darting up to me as I walked through the door.

“Bo.” She smiled.

She stood from her position, quickly wrapping her arms round me. I smiled as she kissed my cheek. Her hands went to my shoulders, holding me at arm’s length, curiously peering at me. Her auburn hair was taken back in a ponytail, soft blue gaze holding mine. She still adorned her nurse uniform, the pale colour something she disliked about working at the hospital.

“So, you and Harry.”

A blush crept onto my cheeks as I gave her a small nod, finding it a little difficult to meet her eye contact. She squeezed my shoulders.

“You were safe?” Her eyebrows rose questioningly at me.

“Oh god, mum yes.” I squirmed.

She lightly nodded in relief, her smile returning. The heat hadn’t had a chance to disappear from my face before another wave of embarrassment rolled through. I hastily brought my hair round to cover the spot I knew Harry’s lips had brought blood to the surface on my neck. A reminder of our intimate activities the night before. My mum mumbled something about being young as she laughed.

“I told you he was sweet.”

She had no idea the events that had taken place the space she had last seen Harry. But I found myself smiling, she was right.

“I really like him.” I admitted quietly.

I had yet to tell anyone my true feelings for Harry. But by the understanding expression on my mum’s face, she was fully aware of what I left unspoken.

“The way he looks at you. It’s like how your dad used to look at me.”

The words clenched at my heart. I could feel the tears welling up in my eyes at the mention of my dad. Even when growing up, I couldn’t deny the love that could be seen between my parents. They had cherished each other. When my dad was harshly ripped from us it practically broke my mum, I had never witnessed her in anything comparable to the time after my father’s death. The meaning behind her words was so powerful.

Our silent conversation was interrupted as Harry appeared in the doorway. His jeans were slung low on his hips, the black band of his boxers peeking over the top. He stood still bare chested grinning at us, completely oblivious to the profound situation he was a part of.

“I’ll leave you to it.” My mum squeezed my hand as she walked away.

“Nice to see you, Harry.” She spoke whilst passing him through the door.

“You too, Mrs Ellis.”

“Heather.” My mum corrected.

His raspy chuckle echoed before he made his way towards me.

“I thought you were going to put some clothes on.” I giggled.

His fingers playfully tugged at the hem to the t shirt I was wearing. Green eyes were sparkling in amusement as his height loomed over me. I placed my hand on the smooth skin of his hip as he leant down. His warmth comforted me.

“You’re wearing my shirt, and as good as it looks on you, I kind of need it back.” He smirked into my neck.

My fingers left goose bumps in their wake as I trailed my touch up his toned back. A light moan fell between us, tangling my digits between his messy ringlets, keeping his lips pressed to my shoulder.

“You’ll have to catch me first, Styles.” I whispered.

I drew back to discover Harry gaping at me. The playful glint was overwhelmed by a subtle darkness as I met his gaze. He looked so hot. Bruises still scattered across his tanned torso from the fight that had taken place the previous day. I prayed that the marks had gone unnoticed by my mum. I felt a little awkward at the thought of her assuming I had inflicted such impacts during our bedroom activities.

“Challenge accepted.” Harry’s voice sounded huskier than usual.

The deep tone sent shivers across my skin before I hastily dashed for the door. I had barely made it to the stairs before a large hand grasped at the baggy fabric concealing my torso. I managed to evade him, turning and pressing a small kiss to Harry’s lips in a distraction. Surprisingly the gesture provided me with an advantage, which I grasped stumbling up the stairs. I could hear my mum laughing as I shrieked, Harry hot on my heels as he pursued me to my bedroom.

I had nowhere left to run as he smugly closed the door behind him. My body backed away as Harry stalked forward, a satisfied smile gracing his face.

“Looks like I win.” He stated proudly, eyes grazing up and down my smaller frame.

The tips of his fingers burned my skin as he hooked them into the neck of my t shirt, tugging it down slightly. My body felt weak as he decreased the distance between us, touch skimming down my sides to the hem of the clothing.

“Do I get to take it off you?” He grinned.

My lashes fluttered, large hands finding my bare hips as he crinkled the fabric up higher. I giggled as Harry lightly squeezed my sides, knowing full well how ticklish I could be. But the laughing ceased. Hot, wanton breath trickled across the skin of my neck. Harry nudged his face into the crook. The light bites tingled through my entirety. Lips brushing my ear.

“I woke up with a hard-on this morning.” He lowly mumbled.

The tone of his voice descended straight to the aching I felt for him. His seductive touch continued to gradually remove the clothing I had commandeered.

“I was disappointed to find my girlfriend wasn’t there to help me out.”

The t shirt was gently pulled over my head leaving my chest completely exposed to the lustful green that grazed my skin.

“Maybe next time.” He smirked.

He swiftly tugged down the grey fabric to cover his toned torso.

“Mm, it’s still warm.” Harry teased.

My right forearm travelled up to conceal my breasts as he chuckled. When I had asked him to find me another t shirt, I wasn’t best pleased with his carefully selected choice. My cheeks blushed as he held it out expectantly to me, his eyes glinting in mischief. I turned away from him as he waited for me to dress.

A frown etched into my features at I held up the clothing.

“Harry, this is practically see-through.” I called out behind me.

“I know.” He playfully confirmed.

Before I could complain another, less transparent, top was gently pulled over my head. I felt like a little child as he helped me dress, guiding my arms through the sleeves. He encouraged me round to face him, his cheeky grin lightly up his stunning features. But I was left disheartened as the adorable indents in his cheeks disappeared, along with his happy mood. Harry’s focus had landed on my hip, my hand tugging his fingers away as he attempted to lift up the fabric veiling the small, impacting bruises he had created.

“I’m sorry I hurt you.” His voice was hushed.

To be honest, the reminders of his darkened state didn’t really bother me. I smiled at the situation, marks covering both Harry and myself. Some bruises, nail scrapes and other softer colours, evidence of heated, seductive lips. We matched.

But that wasn’t the hurt I was worried about.

“You’re just really…” I trailed off.

I had a feeling Harry knew what I was attempting to approach. The slight curve of his lips calmed me a little. He took amusement in noticing my eyes nervously glance down between us. My subtlety was something to be desired.

“Your body will adjust to me. The more times we have sex the easier it will be.” He explained.

His face nuzzled into my neck, lips attending to the sensitive skin for a second before moving to my ear. Arms holding me close, our clothed chests pressing together. The heat radiating from Harry warmed my entirety.

“No pain, just pleasure.” He purred.

A blush flushed across my cheeks as he spoke the last word. There was something about the way Harry’s slow, raspy voice took the powerful word to a whole new level. How his full lips caressed the meaning, firmly assuring me he had every intention of standing by his statement. I was breathless as Harry drew back, eyes locking with my shy ones.

“What’s wrong?” He frowned.

My hands were taken in his vast palms, thumbs carefully rubbing over the backs.

“You want to do it again with me?” I asked quietly.

He grinned, nodding as his untamed hair fell round his face.


I hadn’t really wanted Harry to leave. Our parting kiss had been passionate and I could tell he was more reluctant than I was to separate. He wouldn’t allow me to walk with him to his car, so instead I sat on the doorstep and watched the black vehicle disappear down the road.

Just from the way he pressed his lips to mine, the gentle entwining of our fingers. I knew the intensity of his protective nature would heighten. Harry wanted to keep me safe. Even more so now that we had taken our relationship to the next level. That night would be something I would never forget, our connection strengthening.

Harry had promised to ring me from work, so when his name flashed up on my phone screen an uncontrollable smile broke out on my face. I quickly told Poppy I had to take the call, she laughed, ushering me away before I quickly made my way to the back room. The hard stare received from Dan didn’t go unnoticed.

“Hello, Beautiful.” Harry’s usual greeting echoed.


I was sat on the desk in the small room to the back of the shop, my legs dangling off the side, swinging back and forth.

“How are you feeling?” Harry’s raspy voice spoke down the line.

“Bit sore but I’m alright. How’s work?” I quickly moved on.

I think he could sense I didn’t particularly want to discuss over the phone, the aches and pains my body was currently riddled with.

“Yeah, not too bad. I’m just waiting for a new client to come in and train.” He didn’t sound very enthused.

My back arched, attempting to ease the tightness of my muscles. I was about to comment on his lack of excitement when he spoke again.

“I couldn’t take my top off today.” Harry stated.

I furrowed my eyebrows, holding the phone closer to my ear. A few stands where pushed back, curiosity taking hold.


“Someone left scratches all down my back.” He spoke lowly.

My eyes widened with his words. I had forgotten my nails had caused such obvious indications of my presence on Harry’s body. It wouldn’t be difficult for anyone to figure out the scrapes were the result of some rather intense tangling in the bed sheets.

“Oh gosh, I’m sorry, Harry.”

He chuckled at my concern.

“Don’t be, it’s really hot.” He paused momentarily. “It’s like you’ve marked me yours.”

I was surprised by the seductive tone that sent shivers through my sore body. I found myself wondering if Harry would have any objections to me using my mouth to leave possessive marks elsewhere. I blushed, imagining the potential his stunning collar bones could have. But our conversation was interrupted by Dan, he pushed the door open.

“Steve wants you back out on the floor.” He spoke rather abruptly.

I silently nodded in confirmation, but his lingering stance in the doorway remained.

“Is that him, your boyfriend?” Dan flicked his head to my phone.

There was a certain hostility to his voice, a clear dislike to the male I had taken time away to talk to. I hummed in response, turning away.

“Who’s that?” Harry asked. “It’s that stupid prick from your work, isn’t it?” His voice lowering.

I found it a little difficult to focus on both of the males demanding my attention. The egos flying round were a little overwhelming.

“Bo?” Dan called.

“I heard. I’ll be there in a minute.” I bit back.

I didn’t mean to snap at him, Dan only leaving when he finally recognised my annoyance. And even when he did, he left the door wide open. It was almost as if he knew the frustrating gesture was one of my pet peeves. Harry continued to speak at me through the phone.

“Seriously Bo, if he doesn’t back off I’m going to kick the shit out of him.”

His aggression was blatantly clear through the rough tone of his voice. I knew full well his threat was anything but empty. And when I didn’t reply I heard what sounded like a door slam on the other end of the line.

“Harry, what are you doing?” I gushed.

“I’m coming over.” He harshly stated.

“Oh God, Harry stop!” I pleaded. “Stay there.”

There was a few enraged swear words exchanged with what sounded like Tom. I found myself thankful for his presence. Tom wasn’t scared of Harry like most individuals were, he could stand his ground against the curly haired guy, even at his most hostile. But I had a feeling Harry’s aggression would be his excelling characteristic if it ever came down to a fist fight.

“Harry?” A few seconds passed, but I knew he was still on the other end of the line. His breathing slightly heavier. “I wish I was there. I’d kiss away the little frowny crease you get in between your eyebrows when you’re angry.” I quietly promised.

My posture was tense as I anxiously waited for any sort of response.

“I know what you’re doing.” Harry muttered.

“You look really sexy when you’re angry.” I continued.

His light chuckle confirmed I had partly succeeded in calming him down.

“Where else would you kiss?” He asked slowly.


I found Dan back on the tills. He didn’t turn to me as I stood to his side. But his gaze snapped to attention when I touched his arm. He shoved some of his light brown hair back from his eyes. Their depth piercing into me. There was no doubt he was attractive, but I was unable to see him in any other way than a friend. A certain curly-haired boy might have had something to do with that. Nobody seemed to compare to Harry.

“Sorry.” I apologised to Dan.

His features soften at my words.

“That’s alright.” He smiled. “But I probably shouldn’t be talking to you.” Dan commented.

I frowned, a little taken back by his words. I thought we were friends. Most of our shifts coincided and I had spent many hours with him as we brought out new stock for the floor. He was easy to talk to and made me laugh.


“Didn’t your boyfriend tell you?”

But he was unable to finish his explanation. I grew a little impatient as I waited for him to serve a customer. I quickly bagged the item being purchased to speed up the process. Of course I knew Dan and Harry had taken a sudden dislike to each other from the start, but this seemed a little extreme.

“Dan.” I encouraged.

His eyes found mine, scanning my face.

“He wasn’t best pleased that we were working together.” His voice casual and I knew he was referring to the short conversation I was excluded from.

The information was already common knowledge.

“Harry is just a little protective.” I reasoned.

The scoff Dan emitted from his mouth took me by surprise.

“A little protective?” His level rose, sarcasm thick in his words. “He told me he’d fucking kill me if I ever tried to touch you. And that’s me putting it nicely.”

I was unsure of how to reply. The shop had grown a little quieter, the tills free of customers as Dan turned to me.

“Come on, Bo. You can’t tell me he doesn’t scare you.” His brow creased.

The assuming statement irritated me. Dan, nor anyone else knew anything about my relationship with Harry. I stepped a little closer, my height proving a disadvantage.

“I’m not frightened of Harry.” My tone harsh.

He stared down at me, glancing over my head before drawing back to my gaze. It almost looked as though he as deciding on something in his head. His eyes flickered over my features, lingering on my lips for a second too long before returning to my curious blue.

“Your boyfriend assured me he would find no difficulty in acquiring a gun. Then proceeded to tell me he had no reservations on giving me another hole to breathe out of.” Dan paused. My eyes widened, visibly gulping. “You scared now?”

Harry's POV

Bo had been a little odd the last couple of days. It appeared as if her mind was on other things. I prayed it wasn’t because she regretted having sex with me. My gestures towards her had been a slightly reserved, cautious, not wanting to hurt her any further than I already had. I still was a little uneasy with the thought of what happened in her bedroom, angry with myself for losing control. Bo should never have been subjected to that side of me.

When I entered the living room Bo’s back was turned to me, fumbling around in her bag. Her top-half adorned a dark plaid shirt of mine that she had grown rather attached to. The cuffs had to be rolled up, the sleeves far too long for her arms. Bo’s jeans clung perfectly to the curves of her figure, something I always loved about her. I smiled, walking up behind her. Her body jolted in my arms as I wrapped her in my embrace. I lightly squeezed her, resting my chin on Bo’s shoulder. Our position allowed me to inhale her sweet smell.

“It’s only me.” I lightly laughed.

One of my hands travelled up to her chest, pressing my palm above her breasts. Her heart was racing, thumping against my touch.

“Are you alright?” I asked a little concerned.

“I-I’m fine, you just scared me.” She stuttered.

My lips pressed delicate kisses to her neck in an effort to calm her down. But I grew a little disappointed as she wriggled away. She stood back from me, thrusting her laptop in between us as I attempted to move towards her. Bo absorbed my frown, my confused features prompting her to talk.

“I’m having trouble with my iTunes, I was wondering if you could have a look?”

She peered warily up at me, her question ending with the bite of her lower lip. Bo shyly smiled as I took the device from her grasp. Our fingers brushed momentarily.

“Sure.” I replied.

Her hand was placed on my shoulder as she leant up, planting a small kiss to my cheek. The warmth of her lips lingered on my skin.

“Thanks. I’m going to the bathroom.”

I sat down on the sofa as Bo hastily departed from the room. I shook off my worry, curls falling round my face before I swept them back. Her laptop rested on my thighs as I opened the lid, pressing the power button.

Bo’s POV

I shut the door as quietly as I could. Not wanting to alert my boyfriend to my presence in his bedroom. It clicked closed as I spun around, scanning the space surrounding me. I immediately started searching, pulling open his drawers and rummaging through the clothes. It had to be here somewhere.

I abandoned the storage that held his t shirts, frantically spinning to be faced with the wardrobe. The doors were yanked open before I got to my knees, searching at the bottom. When I had no luck, my vision shifted to above my head. I got to my feet, stretching up on my toes, straining to reach the top of the wardrobe. A huff emitted from my mouth as I was unsuccessful, my fingertips nowhere near my intended target. I worked quickly to drag a chair over, teetering upon it and reaching up for a second time. With my new found height my hand blindly felt over the wood, cursing at my empty discovery.

I stumbled down from the elevated position and over to his small bedside table. My cheeks flushed at my findings, scanning over the variety of condoms Harry kept. All different colours, lubricants, textures. I shook my head, dropping a purple one back into the draw before fumbling round to reach the back. I ceased my movement momentarily, straining to hear bare feet pad down the hall. Curse words slipped from my mouth as I quickly shut the drawer before rushing over to the wardrobe. I didn’t have time to drag the chair back to its previous position.

“Bo, your iTunes is fine, there’s nothing wrong with it.”

My distraction hadn’t provided me with nearly as much time as I had hoped. I knew Harry must have been searching for me, his voice repeating my name before the handle of the door pushed down. I barely had time to shut the wardrobe, let alone fix the clothes I had haphazardly yanked from drawers in my haste to find answers.

Harry looked a little bewildered as he entered; staring at the mess I had created. The frown that creased into his forehead made it clear he wasn’t best pleased. When I left his questioning gaze unanswered, his complete focus landed on me. I gulped as he shut the door with his foot, slowly stalking over to me. Warm breath fanned on my face as I resisted Harry’s eye contact. He stood directly in front of me, height shadowing over.

“Did you find it?” He lowly asked.

I attempted to appear calm, despite the anxiousness I was desperately fighting down. It was astonishing how he could transform in a matter of seconds. Harry’s usually comforting, large frame, now felt intimidating; just like it had when we first met.

“Find what?” I weakly asked.

“Whatever it was you were looking for.”

“I wasn’t looking for anything.” I whispered.

My breathing began to shallow as my curly-haired fighter stepped impossibly closer. He nudged my head to the side slightly, lips brushing the tingling skin of my neck. My eyes squeezed closed as I battled to stop the tears.

“You and I both know that’s not true.”

His tone was controlled, but the sense of authority behind the raspy words was evidently clear. Afraid I would cave, my body moved back from his. I glanced around when the back of my legs bumped into the wooden frame of the bed. When my vision flickered to Harry, his narrowed gaze was upon me.

“Tell me.”

I nervously shook my head.

“I wasn’t searching for anything.”

“Don’t lie to me!” He barked.

Harry’s sudden raise in volume made me jump, his rough voice bouncing off the walls. The thick vein in his neck was protruding, a sign of his obvious annoyance. As well as the hardened stare I was currently being held captive by. I shuffled to the side, attempting to manoeuvre round his frame. My heart thumping as his large hand clasped around the door handle before I could reach it. It was then I realised he wouldn’t hurt me. The most extreme gesture Harry could enact was to shout at me and he’d already done that. I pushed my hair back over my shoulders, standing taller.

“Let me go.” I instructed calmly, meeting the burning green.

“Not until you tell me what you were looking for.”

His agitated frown subtly transformed at his surprise, my body nearly pressing to the front of his as I boldly stood my ground. I wasn’t scared of him.

“What did you say to Dan?”

It was his turn to look a little uncomfortable. His touch fell away from the handle, almost as if now he actually wanted me to leave. Harry was avoiding the question.

“Harry.” I prompted.

He remained silent, unsure on where to look.

“It’s true then.”

My words were barely audible, confirming it for my benefit rather than Harry’s. A part of me was hoping what Dan had told me was false, a silly attempt at causing trouble. But in the moment of standing before Harry, I knew it was true. It pained me to ask my next inevitable question.

“Do you have a gun?”

The words seemed to linger between us. I could tell Harry wasn’t used to being confronted like this, especially by a female. If it was some guy he was having this conversation with, he would have had him on the floor in seconds. I needed to know, so I pressed on.

“You threatened to shoot Dan.”

The accusing statement drew Harry’s focus to me. His eyes were bright, desperate. Full, pink lips parted to speak but the words were left unspoken. Harry had no idea how to handle the situation. My hands were beginning to shake, the thought of what a weapon could do to a person and the effect if would have upon the person pulling the trigger.

I bit my lip, turning away in fright, disgust, sadness. The emotions swirling in my body were overwhelming. Harry was dangerous. I aimlessly wandered over to the drawers left in disarray. Harry was still stood by the door, his head bowed, unsure of what to do.

“I’m sorry about your clothes…I-I’ll tidy up then leave.” I spoke quietly, my voice wavering slightly.

I began to pick up the t shirts from the floor, folding them and placing them back into the wooden confines. The last one was replaced, taking a deep breath to calm me before turning back.

Harry seemed to have grasped what was actually happening. His body moved forward to me, reaching out before thinking twice and lowering his touch. He looked like a small child, frightened and desperate not to be left alone in the dark.

“Please don’t go.”

The vulnerability in his voice made me want to take him in my arms and cuddle him. But I didn’t.

“I wasn’t thinking, I was angry at him.” He spoke.

I remained quiet, Harry nervously biting his lower lip. I presumed he thought I still wanted to leave as his presence abandoned the spot where he guarded the door. Harry moved behind me, taking a seat on the end of the bed in defeat. I just stood there for what felt like minutes, eyes locked on my escape. It would have been so easy for me to walk straight out. But I knew the emotional pain would be excruciating. I was falling in love with a boy I knew was dangerous. But there was absolutely nothing I could do about it.

I sharply turned to Harry, his sparkling eyes, impossibly wide as his head rose to my gaze. His surprised gaze held hope. It was almost as if he couldn’t comprehend my actions as I took a seat beside him, our thighs brushing. His warmth emanated with our touch, but he made no move to connect our fingers like he normally would.

“Harry, do you have a gun, o-or is it someone else?”

Both of us were staring at the floor.

“Someone else.” Harry’s raspy voice echoed.

I wasn’t quite sure if I should be relieved by the information given, or petrified Harry had acquaintances that dealt in weapons.

“Why the hell do you know someone who owns a gun?”

His head turned to me, our eyes catching one another. He absorbed my face for a moment, taking comfort in the fact that I had chosen to stay, given him the benefit of the doubt.

“You remember how I told you about being arrested by the police?”

My mind travelled back to the funfair and how Harry had casually slipped it into conversation. At the time I had thought the incident was down to his short temper, a silly, ego fuelled fight.

“You were taken into custody.” I confirmed

He nodded. Harry pausing, almost as if to gauge my reaction. He anxiously fiddled with his finger in his lap.

“There was a fight at a club I used to go to…It got a bit messy that night, people were intoxicated. One of the guys from the group I was with fired a few shots.”

I hadn’t really noticed, but while Harry was talking I had taken his left hand in mine, squeezing as I patiently waited for him to continue.

“No one was hit.” He gushed. “And I had no idea about the weapon until then.”

I nodded in understanding. He looked a little relieved with my reaction.

“The police arrived and took everyone to the station…I wasn’t charged though.”

We sat for a short time, my mind processing what had escaped Harry’s mouth. When he shifted, my attention came hurtling back, taking my other hand in his. I found it difficult to comprehend how someone could look as beautiful as Harry, but still contain such an unmistakeable darkness. The two seemed to heavily contradict each other.

“I was angry.” Harry shook his head. “I didn’t like the way he was acting towards you.”

I didn’t understand, Dan had been nothing but nice to me, but Harry refused to see it. I had taken notice of his possessive behaviour; it had heightened since the night we spent together in my room. Whenever we were in each other’s presence, I would always find myself sharing his body heat. Harry’s arm would drift around my back or shoulders, drawing me in, fingers subconsciously entwining. Even when we slept, Harry felt like an extra blanket, his lashes brushing my cheek as he held me impossibly close. If we were without responsibilities, I had a feeling he would never let me go.

“You’re mine and I’d do everything in my power to protect you.”

“Harry, you don’t need to worry about Dan.” I attempted to calm him down.

My body lowered back to the duvet, relief coursing, knowing we had made it through the conversation I was frightened to have with Harry ever since I had spoken to Dan. I could relax a little with the confirmation that it wasn’t my boyfriend who possessed an object that could so easily end a life.

It took me by surprise as a pair of lips pressed to mine, my eyes fluttering open. Harry drew back, shifting his body on top of mine. Long fingers enticed the silver chain out from the neck of my clothing, fiddling with the pendent for a short time. The gesture was a reminder of night he had given it to me, how much he cared for me.

“You know, I would never hurt you.” He winced slightly at his own words and how they contrasted to the number of bruises on my body. His head shook as he frowned. “Not intentionally.” His words hushed.

“I know.” I whispered, a small smile curving on my lips.

There were no more words exchanged, just kisses and gentle touches. It was as if he was trying to lift away the fear. His nose lightly nudged my cheek, willing me to reciprocate. My fingers slid into Harry’s hair, tugging the ringlets to force a throaty moan from his mouth. Whether it be in a heated, passionate moment or a comforting gesture, I had learnt Harry loved for someone to play with his soft curls. My fingers lightly scratched at his scalp to coax another arousing sound from his lips. But when a large hand travelled up under the plaid shirt I was wearing, I flinched as Harry palmed my chest. His movements immediately ceased. A moment of realisation flashed through his features.

“Are you sensitive?”

I shied away a little, not completely comfortable with discussing the ins and outs of my body. Harry continued to question me as I lay beneath him.

“You’re on your period?”

“Harry.” I whined, cheeks beginning to heat.

The slightly curve of his lips told me he was amused by my unwillingness.

“There’s no need to be embarrassed.”

“You’re lying on top of me whilst we discus my monthly cycle, I’m going to find it a little uncomfortable, Harry.”

He laughed at my sharp reply, rolling off to the side, our earlier conversation seemingly forgotten.

“Can I do anything for you?”

The green of his eyes shone, peering at me from under a few loose curls before pushing them back.

“Like have you got cramps, I think I have some paracetamol in the cupboard.”

Harry was up and walking towards the door before I could answer. He glanced around when I called his name, lips parted as he stood questioningly.

“I’m fine.” I smiled. “But maybe something warm to put on my stomach.”


I emerged from the bathroom only to find Harry had disappeared, no longer where I had left him seated on the end of the bed. My vision scanned the room, recognising something was either missing or misplaced, but I couldn’t put my finger on it. A heavy sigh emitted before I made my way over to the bedroom door. My attention was sparked, my feet carrying my down the hall, captivated by a soft musical sound.

My fingers clasped the door frame of the living room, curiosity instantly falling on Harry. He was sat on one of the sofas, at a slight angle. The guitar, whose absence I had recognised from Harry’s room, rested on his right knee. Curls flopped over his forehead as he hummed on concentration. All I could do was listen in amazement as the beautiful sound of his raspy voice echoed around the warm room. The length of his fingers held a plectrum, strumming at the strings. I had never pictured Harry as the musical type, something I found a great contrast to his very physical job. But to hear him now, the tone of his voice, caressing the words I was familiar to, it made my heart melt, my composure being taken with it.

I quietly walked round to the back of the sofa, Harry pausing as my presence became known. He glanced to me, my lips pressing a kiss to his cheek.

“Please carry on.” I whispered.

The beautiful sounds continued to filter through the air as I took a seat beside him.

“But if I kiss you, will your mouth read this true,

Darling how I miss you, strawberries taste how lips do,

And it’s not complete yet, mustn’t get our feet wet,

‘Cause that leads to regret, diving in too soon,

And I’ll owe it all to you, oh, my little bird, my little bird.”

I was mesmerised by the male capturing my complete attention. I indulged in the side profile of his face as he sung the lyrics. The full, heart shape of his pink lips, pouting with certain words. His dark eyelashes seemed longer as I studied Harry from my position, sweeping the top of his cheeks when he blinked. The muscles in his forearms were made apparent with his rolled up sleeves, long fingers easily travelling up and down the fret board. He appeared calm, displaying the control I knew he possessed.

As the song finished Harry turned to me, placing the guitar to the side. The slight pink tinge in his cheeks made me believe he wasn’t used to an audience.

“You’re amazing…I never knew you could sing.” I smiled.

“I haven’t sung in a long time.” He replied quietly.

There was a sadness to his words, something that compelled me to move closer. My fingers brushed over his forehead, rearranging the curls that had been misplaced.


An arm enticed me into his warmth, Harry leaving a kiss to the top of my head.

“I used to sing to my sister…to block out the noise of my dad when he came home drunk. She always said it was the only way for her to get to sleep. When my dad left there was no reason for me to sing anymore.”

I squeezed his waist as Harry played with my fingers.

“It feels different now though.”

My head tilted up to find him smiling down at me, he teasingly kissed my nose. I shuffled round to rub mine against his as he laughed.

“I looked, but I don’t think I have a hot water bottle.”

I smiled at the adorable expression on his face. Harry’s care over me caused a tingling feeling in my stomach, supressing the tight muscles for a second of relief.

“You can use these.” I suggested, taking his palms in mine.

The span of his hands was something quite extraordinary. I straightened out his curled fingers, amazed at the length of his digits. My thumb ran over the lines on his palms, tracing the creases in the warm skin. I continued to explore the vast area, turning them over to find the small cuts on Harry’s knuckles that were yet to properly heal from the fight.

I tilted my head up to discover Harry intently watching as I investigated the particular part of his body.

“Do you like my hands?” He asked jokingly.

I grinned, nodding as I blushed.

“They’re massive.”

Harry’s raspy chuckle sounded, taking my hands in his.

“Maybe yours are just tiny.” He suggested.

I laughed as Harry began to poke fun at my height, tickling at me sides.

“But seriously, they’re abnormally large.” I spoke, wrapping my fingers round his index.

He pondered over my statement for a few seconds, staring at where we made contact.

“I can hold a coke can between my fingers.” He stated, rather abruptly.

My mouth parted as he smugly grinned at me.

“No way, let me see.” I gushed.

I jumped up, dragging a rather amused Harry behind me to the kitchen.


We had finished with our little experiment, which mainly consisted of me handing Harry objects to see how many things he could hold in one hand. I was pretty taken aback with the results.

We were now in the living room; a film had been put in the DVD player as I laid practically on top of Harry, who was sprawled out length-ways on the sofa. He used the expanse of his warm palm to rub circles into my lower back, easing the tightness I felt. A blanket had been draped over us after Harry had returned with two mugs of tea.

As we watched the 007 film I had picked out, my mind began to wander. The main character on screen had prompted a few curious thoughts swirling round in my head. After the third villain’s associate had been shot dead, I shifted on top of Harry.

“Have you ever held a gun before?” I enquired.

I brushed my loose hair back behind my ear so my vision would remain clear. Harry’s silence continued for a short time, studying my face. When all he read was curiosity, he replied.


I settled back down, my head to his chest as I considered his answer. The movement of his hand still soothing the ache in my back.

“Have you fired one?”


My sudden wriggle made Harry yelp quietly, my knee accidently brushing his crotch. I apologised before persisting.

“At someone?” I gaped.

The green of his eyes widened, clutching me closer.

“No-no. It was at a shooting range, completely controlled environment.” He hastily replied. “I haven’t shot anyone, Bo.” Harry huffed.

“Would you really kill Dan?” I asked quietly into his clothed chest, almost afraid of the answer.

My body moved with the rise and fall of Harry’s strong torso. The steady rhythm of comfort to me, as well as Harry’s familiar smell.

“If he hurt you..I don’t know what I’d do.”

It was an answer I was expecting, Harry’s protective nature shining though. My fingers played with the hem of his top under the blanket, nudging the fabric up to draw random patterns on the soft skin of his hip.

“I wouldn’t need a gun though, I’d just beat the shit out of him.” He stated quietly.

“Hey, Bo.”

I turned on my heels to find Dan stood behind me. He received my smile as I glanced back to my locker. His body leant against the metal door of the next compartment to my left as I rummaged, placing things in my bag to go home.

“Everything alright?” I asked.

“Yeah, I just wanted to talk to you.”

I watched as he pushed back some light brown hair from his forehead, freeing his blue vision of obstruction. His height dwarfed mine; everyone seemed to be taller than me. Dan cleared his throat as I patiently waited, glancing down at the time on my phone screen. Harry would be out the front to pick me up.

“Look, I know your boyfriend and I don’t exactly see eye-to-eye…But you and I can still be friends here, right? I know he won’t let you see me outside of work, but..”

I shook my head, frowning. My action ceased Dan’s words, concern on his face.


“Harry can be overbearing sometimes, but he doesn’t control me. I’m my own person. Nobody is telling me what to do. I just don’t want to upset him, it will cause more trouble and I don’t desire to see any more arguments between you two.”

Dan seemed to consider my words before giving me a small smile, nodding. He looked a little disappointed.

“That’s fine with me, as long as we get to hang out at work.”

“Course.” I grinned.

He lingered a few seconds before opening his arms.

“Do I get a hug?”

I paused, shutting my locker before shyly nodding and moving closer for Dan to wrap his arms around me. A laugh was squeezed from me, his hold playfully tightening.

“I have to go, Harry will be waiting.”

Dan drew in a deep breath, almost as if he was inhaling the scent of my shampoo. His arms released me rather reluctantly, my body stepping back from his presence. Dark blue eyes held my contact, glancing down to my lips before he smiled.

“See you soon, Bo.”

“Have a good evening.”

My body “gracefully” turned, bumping into the doorframe. I heard Dan chuckle from behind me before I made my way out onto the shop floor. My DMs scuffled along the grey tiles as I searched for my phone which I had dropped into my bag. My eyes scanned for Poppy to say goodbye but she must have been busy with a customer, her blonde locks nowhere in sight. I resumed my walk, wandering over to the heavy entrance door, I frowned, turning my gaze to the far corner of the shop. A man stood, back to me, head bowed. I had no idea why he had caught my attention. We had customers in and out of the music store all the time. Perhaps it was the swirls of dark ink swarming on the skin of his arm that captivated my flickering focus. But I had no time to place the familiar designs in my mind, my body colliding with something hard.

“I’m sorry.” I gushed.

My clumsy action was left unforgiven, instead a raspy laugh drew my vision higher to be met with a pair of bright, emerald eyes.

“Hello, Beautiful.”

The left indent in his cheek became prominent as he grinned at me, his amusement shining through. Harry recognised my surprise, I hadn’t expected to see him on the shop’s premises, usually he would sit and wait in the Range Rover. Steve was still a little wary of the tall male who had given him a bloody nose.

“You’re normally on time.” Harry glanced at his watch confirming my delay of only a few minutes.

I took hold of his wrist, curls poking out from under his beanie as he peered at me. His protective nature was as strong as ever. It could be overwhelming at times, but I couldn’t deny the warm feeling it gave me to know Harry cared for me. Or the fact that he looked incredibly hot when his features hardened, jaw tensing, eyebrows furrowed. All I wanted to do was kiss at his face, make him forget whatever had led the darkness to infiltrate his stunning eyes. It was a technique that had proven to be quite successful in encouraging Harry to find some sort of equilibrium.

“Come on, Baby.”

My hand was grasped in his, leading me over to the exit. I admired the span of his palm as Harry pressed it to the glass, holding it open for me to exit. He received my quiet “thank you” as I ducked under his arm.

I inhaled a deep breath, absorbing the smell of rain on the tarmac. It was one of my favourite aromas, that and the smell of Harry. I had watched out the window earlier on in the day as the sky had opened, soaking everything that wasn’t sheltered. But the weather had cleared up in the last couple of hours, still gloomy but no longer raining.

“Your boot is untied.” Harry commented casually glancing at my DMs. “You’ll fall over.”


I began to bend down but a warm hand ceased my movement.

“I’ve got it.”

A shy smile spread over my mouth as Harry got to his knees before me. His adorable expression tugged at my heart as he peered up. He looked almost innocent, full, pink lips parted, wide eyes. Lashes fluttered as I gently brushed away some loose ringlets that had escaped his hat, my fingers trailing over his cheek before he bowed his head, working on the task of tying my lace. Harry roughly hummed as I absentmindedly played with the small curls as the nape of his neck, the action comforting both of us.

The sound of the heavy shop door distracted me, glancing around just in time to see it close, but there was no-one in sight. My lips pursed, scanning the car park, spotting the man whose presence hadn’t gone unnoticed by me in the store where I worked. My breath hitched, mouth becoming dry as his head turned slightly, giving me the glancing opportunity to place his features in my mind. Seconds later he disappeared around the corner.


My head darted down, expecting to see Harry still crouched on the floor but he had now risen to his feet, my boots laced.

“Bo, I asked if you were alright?” He frowned.

“I-I..yes, I’m fine.” I stuttered. “Thanks.”

He looked unconvinced but proceeded to led me to his car anyway. I felt safe with Harry. My hand clasped in his warm one, he wouldn’t let anyone hurt me. The passenger door was held open, Harry’s presence lingering as he waited for me to climb up. I hadn’t noticed my staring until he called me out.

“What?” He smirked.

A large hand still held the frame of the vehicle door, muscles taut under the dark plaid shirt he wore. The clothing was unbuttoned to reveal a white t shirt, the hem slightly covering the black belt to his jeans. As I absorbed the image in front of me, Harry’s lips were spreading into a grin. I loved his curly hair, the spirals giving him a younger appearance until you were graced with the sight of his muscled physique. The indents in his cheeks should have majorly contrasted, but somehow Harry managed to pull the look off, adorably cute, mixed with undeniably sexy.

“You look really cute.” I smiled.

I found it difficult to comprehend how he managed to look so effortlessly attractive.

“Cute?” Harry laughed.

“I think it’s your beanie and your dimples…you’re adorable.”

My fingers fiddled with a small curl that had escaped from under his hat.

“Bo, I’m not supposed to be adorable, I’m a guy.”

I watched on as Harry playfully flexed his muscles.

“Well, I think you are.”

His touch slipped from the door, slamming it closed. The abrupt action made me jump. My vision floated back to Harry, his smirk making an appearance once more. The look in his eyes reminded me of a predator stalking its prey, slowly inching in for the kill. I let out a rather girly squeak as my head was nudged to the side with Harry’s, promising words seeking out my ear.

“I’ll show you adorable.” He muttered under his breath.

Not a second later and Harry had taken my weight, hoisting me up as my legs wrapped around his waist. My surprise made him deeply chuckle. The expanse of his hands cupped my backside, squeezing. The action distracted me as Harry took the opportunity to attack my neck, warm lips soothing the small bites. I whimpered, gripping his nape and digging my nails into his tanned skin to coax a throaty moan from Harry’s mouth. He had me pressed up against the side of his car, dominating me as I whispered his name in vulnerability.

It was at that moment I felt a spot of rain dot my cheek, the second one landing on my nose. I began to lightly laugh as Harry continued to try and prove a point, our clothes dotting with moisture.

“Harry.” I spoke breathlessly.

My back arched into his strong torso, plump lips tracing my jaw.

“Stop giggling. You’re ruining my masculine moment.” Harry muttered.

“It’s raining.” I informed him, rather amused.

My body grazed his as Harry held me as close as possible, allowing me to slip from his hold.

“To be continued.” His husky voice almost sounded threatening.

The passenger door was yanked open once again, this time with a little more haste, the droplets of water falling at a faster pace from the dark clouds.

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