Dark -Harry Styles Fan Fiction-

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13. Chapter 13

My teeth were quickly brushed before I washed my face and pulled on an old t shirt. The length of my hair fell in waves over my right shoulder as I combed it through. When I opened the bathroom door I found Harry sitting on the end of my bed, head down, staring at his phone. He was still fully clothed.

“Are you not staying tonight?” I asked.

“You have work in the morning and so do I.” He replied.

Harry’s focus didn’t remain on my face for long, his sparkling eyes trailing down the length of my body. The t shirt came to mid-thigh before my bare legs swept to the floor. I couldn’t help but shyly smile as I made my way over to him. His knees parted so I could stand in between. Large, warm hands rested on my lower back, slipping down to cup my backside. I quietly gasped, but allowed him to gently squeeze.

“You’re testing my patience.” He mumbled.

My fingers stroked his curls as his head rested on my stomach.

“No, No, you need to go to bed.” He abruptly spoke.

I jumped as he stood swiftly from the end of the mattress, his height shadowing over me before drawing back the covers.

“In.” He spoke whilst flicking his head.

I complied, climbing into bed.

“Please stay.” I whispered.

I watched him close his eyes, quietly sighing before staring down at me. His converse were kicked off and I made room for him to lay next to me. Harry remained on top of the covers as I snugged into my pillow, settling down on my stomach.

“I’ll stay until you fall asleep.”

“Well, I’ve been having trouble sleeping the past few nights, so you might be here a while.” I teased.

“Bo.” Harry warned, fighting to keep the smile from spreading on his lips.

He was laid sprawled on his back, head turned to me. He really was beautiful. Shock of chestnut curls adorning his head, striking green eyes and the fullest lips I’d seen on a guy.

“You have to close your eyes to sleep.” He whispered.

“I’d rather watch you.”

I shuffled a little closer to him as he observed me. My intention was for it to be a small goodnight kiss but it became a little more. Our lips savouring one another’s as they meshed together. My hair tickled against his skin, fingers slipping into his curls. Harry’s tongue pried into my mouth, invading my senses but as I tried to get closer he gently pushed on my shoulders. We were both breathless as we parted. But close enough for our lips to continually brush.

“Don’t tempt me.” He warned.

I reluctantly flopped back to my previous position, head still facing Harry. We laid for a little while in silence before I broke the quiet.

“You have long eyelashes.” I commented.

He smiled, slightly confused.

“Good thing?”

I nodded as Harry raised his hand, gently pushing my hair back from my face. Breath caught in my throat as he leaned over to me. A giggle escaped my mouth as he deliberately brushed his lashes against my cheek before placing a soft kiss to my lips.

“Go to sleep, Bo.”

I was startled awake by the sound of my alarm. My eyes blinked multiple times, adjusting to the light. But a smile spread on my lips when I saw the stuffed toy turtle in the place Harry had occupied before I drifted into unconsciousness. I vaguely remembered him carefully stroking my hair, his husky voice quietly singing as I fell asleep.

Harry had taken a seat beside me on the table I usually sat on while he helped people train. I would often bring a book to read as I waited for him to finish work. Tom had joined us a few minutes prior and I had continued to indulge in my novel while they talked boxing. But my wandering mind was hauled back to reality as something in their conversation sparked my interest. A fight. My book was placed beside me. Harry had noticed my sudden diverted attention, my eyes looking questioningly at him. Their conversation paused as he took my hand.

“I’ve got a fight.” He told me.

His touch withdrew and he turned to go back to talking to Tom.

“Wait, what?” I shook my head. “You said you didn’t fight.”

“I know, but something has been sorted out for Friday night.”

They continued to converse with me sat to the side of them. I looked down at my hands, fiddling with my fingers, remembering Harry had told me he punched above his weight. It would be a danger for his competitor. I frowned, gripping Harry’s shoulder. He looked a little surprised at my interruption.

“Is he in your weight class?” I abruptly asked.

He hesitated, staring at me. It appeared he was having an internal battle, not sure if it was best to divulge that certain detail.

“Harry.” My tone demanding.

My fingertips dug into his skin. But I grew more frustrated as a smirk spread on his beautiful face.

“You’re cute when you’re angry.”

I flinched away when his hand came up to brush against my cheek. Harry was trying to distract me and his plan succeeded for a couple of seconds before I realised what he was up to.

“Stop it and answer the question.” I bit back.

Eyebrows were raised at my less than pleased tone. He gave me a cheeky grin, dimples popping in his cheeks. He looked so young.


Harry’s head tilted to the side, smiling as he waited to see my reaction.

“No?” I asked, creasing my forehead.

“He’s in the next class up.” Harry stated.

Tom had been intently watching our interaction. Clearly surprised with my tone towards Harry. My vision flicked to him to get his input on the situation.

“Bo, don’t worry about it. Haz will take him out easy.”

Tom lightly punched Harry on the shoulder as they laughed.

“D-Don’t encourage him! T-The guy you’ll be fighting, he’ll be bigger than you. This is dangerous, Harry.”

I grew increasingly anxious. I didn’t want to see Harry hurt. My mind then flickered to where it was going to be held. The gym where the two boys worked would never allow him to fight, let alone against someone in a different weight class. That’s when I realised he hadn’t told them.

“This fight isn’t legal, is it?” My voice was quiet.

Harry’s tongue swiped over his full lips. Green eyes intensely peering into mine.

“Technically, no.”

“Oh my god. Harry you can’t do this.” I spoke desperately grabbing his hand.

“Tom, will you give us a minute?” Harry asked.

“Sure.” He smiled, standing and walking away.

Harry’s attention then diverted to me. He took my hand, guiding me to him before walking us toward the front of the gym where the changing rooms were. Harry’s frame stood squarely in front of me, height towering above. I sighed as long fingers brushed stands of hair from my face.

“Bo, I’m going to fight.” His raspy voice sternly told me.

I could tell he was frustrated at the interruption of his phone ringing from inside the changing rooms. I already knew our usual routine, me having to wait while he took the call. He didn’t say anything, just left me standing on my own as he disappeared through the doorway. I grew angrier, left to dwell on my own thoughts. My head shook before I strode at a determined pace into the male changing rooms after him. My presence startled a few men, but they quickly exited as I spotted Harry. His t shirt had been stripped off and he stood pacing back and forth in only his shorts.

“Look, I’m already having enough trouble with Bo, without you starting on.”

Why on Earth was he going to fight someone? I balled my fists by my sides. Boys and their stupid egos. He was going to get hurt because of his bravado and lack of any sense to know when to back down. My chest rose up, taking in a heavy breath.

“I’ve already told you, it isn’t up to you.” He grumbled into the speaker. “I can do what I like.” He added sharply.

I’d had enough of this. My anger boiled over as I stomped forward grabbing the phone from his ear.

“Will you get off the fucking phone, Harry!”

I ended the call, throwing it into his open duffle bag. Before I could take another breath my wrists were taken hostage in his large hands. I winced as my back slammed against the wall of lockers. Heavy puffs of air forced from his parted lips as he yanked my arms above my head. He was furious. Bare chest heaving up and down. I desperately tried to struggle from his grip, but his strength was far superior to mine. I had never seen such darkness in his eyes as he pinned me with his hard gaze. His nose was millimetres away from mine. Breath trembled from my mouth, but I forced my fear to the back of my mind.

“Was that someone else telling you how stupid this is?” I asked rather harshly. “Because you should listen to them, Harry.”

The anger fell away from his eyes.

“That’s what they said about you.” Harry spoke quietly.

My arms were released down to my sides, but I wasn’t free for long. Harry’s body pressing into mine, trapping me. I was left a little confused by his statement, but before I could question him any further on the subject his gaze hardened on me once again, shaking his head of the thought.

“What is it with you bloody women?” He asked rhetorically. “This is my decision, I don’t care if you don’t like it!” Harry shouted.

I wasn’t sure if he noticed but while he was yelling he had subconsciously taken my left forearm in his large hand. His grip progressively tightening with every word. I winced, cowering back in his strong hold. My body was trembling, pain shooting up my arm. Small sounds of distress escaped my parted lips.

“You’re hurting me.” I whimpered.

Harry’s face instantly paled, his hand falling away as he stumbled back. I held my injured arm to my chest, his intense grip having felt a feeling of burning against the skin. It was then I remembered those were the exact words his sister had told her boyfriend before Harry beat him, nearly to death, in their back garden. I realised just how dangerous Harry was. I’d tried to look past his aggressive behaviour, but when it came down to it he still had problems controlling his anger. And that frightened me.

“Bo.” He attempted to move forward.

My eyes widened in fear, back desperately pressing to the lockers to try and increase the distance between us. But I couldn’t. I was petrified he would cause me harm again.

“Oh god, no please…..not again.” Harry frantically pleaded.

The pain in his eyes was heart breaking, but I was too afraid to do anything. He dropped to his knees in front of me. My terrified gaze stayed locked ahead, not looking down. I jumped, gasping as Harry’s strong arms wrapped round the back of my thighs. His head rested on my stomach and he clutched me tighter when he felt my reluctance towards his touch. I was shaking.

“Bo, please. I-I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to hurt you. That’s the last thing I’d want to do….I’m sorry.”

I closed my eyes as tears rolled down my cheeks. Harry’s body was warm against my own. I wanted to comfort him but I didn’t know how, my entirety still frozen to the spot. He was like a little boy, lost and alone as he searched for some kind of love.

I didn’t want him to be alone.

“Please.” He whispered.

With tears still falling from my eyes, I hesitantly placed my hand on the back of Harry’s head, soothingly stroking his dark curls as he clung to me. Our breathing seemed to slow down as I showed Harry some comfort. I knew he had never intended to hurt me. One of his arms moved round to my front. I glanced down to see his eyes squeeze close in pain as I flinched at his contact with my injured forearm. His moist lips softly trailed kisses over the redden skin, desperately attempting to lift away the fear.

I’m so sorry, Baby.” He mumbled quietly against my skin.

“It’s alright….it’s alright, Harry.” I whispered repeatedly.

I bravely caught hold of his chin, angling it up to my face. Small tears stung in his eyes as he desperately looked to me. His arm loosened round my body as I slid down to the floor. The situation had calmed as I sat astride Harry’s kneeling position. His head rested near my shoulder as I continued to stroke his curls.

“I didn’t mean to.” He quietly told me.

I drew in a sharp breath as he nuzzle his face into the crook of my neck. We stayed wrapped in each other, my lips leaving kisses to his cheek every now and then.

“I care about you, Harry. I don’t want to see you get hurt…I-I’m just worried about you.”

He nodded in understanding. Curls tickling against my skin.

“Bo, I’m still going to fight.” His raspy voice echoed.

His words brought pain to my chest. But I decided not to press it any further. I didn’t want things to escalate again.

“Will you stay?”



It was strange watching Harry train. This time he was the one taking powerful swings at the strike pads. He looked strong, in control; his complete focus on the task in front of him. Channelling his anger into something he was skilled at. The guy with him was struggling slightly as Harry’s gloves continually beat against the strike pads. But I couldn’t shake the horrible feeling.

“He’ll be alright you know.” Tom spoke up.

I glanced to him sat beside me, my book lay forgotten in my lap.

“Did he tell you who he was fighting?”

I shook my head. I didn’t really want to know who Harry was going up against. The thought churned my stomach. Images of him laid unconscious on the boxing ring floor flooded my mind.

“The guy is a bastard.” Tom shook his head in disgust before he continued. “It’s well known he beats the shit out of which ever girl he happens to be seeing that week.”

My hand rose up to my mouth in shock.

“You’ve met Hayley, right?” He questioned.


My mind raced with all the faces of people Harry had introduced me to. I gasped when she appeared in the forefront of my imagination. I had met her, one of the first nights Harry had taken me to a club. The night I had also met Jake. I cringed at the thought.

“Hayley is one of Harry’s friends.”

“I remember her.” I nodded.

She was beautiful, long black hair, dark skin. For the short time we talked she had seemed lovely. I didn’t understand what she had to do with this situation until I heard Tom speak once more.

“She has a scar on her forehead.”

I didn’t need Tom to carry on. Nausea swept through me, I knew exactly who had caused her the injury. That’s why Harry was so adamant on fighting this guy. He’d hurt one of Harry’s friends.

I glanced over to see the curly-haired guy staring directly at me. He’d stopped his training, gloves removed as he chugged down some water. Eyebrows came down in a frown as he took in my upset expression. I felt the table move as Tom got down, walking over to clear away some equipment. My focus fell back to my book as I heard bare feet pad across the floor to me. I refused to look up. He nudged his head into the crook of my neck, attempting to get a response.

“You’re mad at me.” He stated quietly, almost confirming to himself.

I wasn’t mad. I was just worried. His plump lips kissed my neck but I remained expressionless towards him, still slightly shaken from our previous encounter. I gasped slightly when his warm hand caught hold of my own, noticing him hesitate a little, remembering the pain he had caused me a short while ago. His eyes were closed briefly before he spoke.

“Come on. You’re going to be my motivation.”

I was gently tugged from my seat on the table and towed behind Harry to the blue practice mat. Harry stood tall in front of me, giving me a small smile.

“Lie down for me, Baby.”

I gave him a confused look before he nodded in encouragement. My eyes rolled as he took my hand, helping me down onto the springy mat. I was laid flat, staring up at the beautiful guy above me, not quite sure what his intentions were. Harry winked before positioning a knee either side of my waist. The large span of his hands spread both sides of my head. He shuffled slightly, straightening out his legs and arms. Harry’s body lowered on his flexed muscles, face centimetres from mine as he commenced with his first push-up. A small kiss was stolen from my lips before he straightened his arms, rising over me. I giggled as he sweetly rubbed his nose against mine and then pulled away again; obviously not wanting to push his luck. The events of the changing room still not forgotten. The third push-up was rewarded with a heavier kiss, Harry lingering as my hand reached up to grasp the nape of his neck.

He chuckled pulling away once more but was unable to complete a full press-up. My hand tugging him back down. Our lips forcefully pressed together as a low moan emitted from the back of his throat.

“Bo.” He laughed.

My touch released as I watched Harry increase the distance between us. I liked taking part in this sort of exercise. It required nothing on my part other than laying beneath Harry, rewarding him with every push-up completed. We only made it to fourteen before I wrapped a leg round his waist, urging him down to me. Harry willingly compiled.

“Hmm, I like training with you. I can’t really do this with Tom.” He teased.

I laughed at his comment.

“Good, because I don’t want to share you.”

A few more kisses were placed sporadically over my face before he withdrew. Harry intently observed me, noticing my change in mood.

“What’s wrong?” He questioned.

“I know why you’re fighting him…because of Hayley.” I spoke quietly.

The muscles in his arms seemed to tense further, still hovering over me.

“He’s a fucking waste of space. She didn’t deserve that, none of those girls do.” His tone was harsh.

Harry noticed my body tense beneath him and he quickly made an effort to try and calm down. My fingers reached up to caress his cheek. Jaw relaxing with my touch.

“He’s been boasting for long enough how he could take me. Now he’s got his chance.”

By this time there were only a few people milling around, packing things away, including Tom. I gently pushed my hands to Harry’s strong shoulders and he allowed me to roll him over. I laid on top of him, long fingers running up and down my spine.

“I still don’t want you to fight, but now I understand.” I spoke into his chest.

His torso steadily rose and fell beneath me. A large hand cautiously caught hold of my wrist, gently pulling my arm up. I couldn’t help but fist the fabric of his t shirt as I felt Harry place delicate kisses to the still redden skin. We both knew it would bruise, a reminder of his short temper upon my forearm.

“I’m so sorry, Bo.” He paused. “I want you to feel safe with me…I want to keep you safe.”

Plump lips and warm breath soothed the unintended injury as I lay upon Harry.

“Don’t do anything for me to fear you then.” I whispered.

My fist knocked on the black door in front of me. I only had to wait a matter of moments before a rather tall, curly haired guy appeared. He was still dressed in his training gear, barefoot as he stood before me.

“Hello Beautiful.” Harry grinned down at me.

“Hi.” I shyly smiled.

My hand was gripped tightly in his, tugging me into the hallway of his flat before closing the door behind me.

“You know, I would have come and picked you up.” He spoke whilst removing my bag from my shoulder.

“It’s fine.”

I was slowly working on Harry’s possessive need to constantly protect me. He had reluctantly allowed me to walk to his flat alone from work after our conversation over the phone. But that was only after a good ten minutes of trying to convince me otherwise.

“Thanks for the offer though.” I smiled.

I wanted to let him know that his care over me was appreciated. Harry made me feel safe. I knew his defensive nature towards women had bloomed from his childhood. He had grown up too fast, taking on the role of the only male in the house. The protector.

My thoughts were abruptly cut off when soft lips landed on mine. The kiss was sweet, lasting a couple of seconds before he pulled away, rubbing his nose against mine. My hands were placed on his chest, feeling his strong torso through the white t shirt he wore. The vibrations could be felt as Harry hummed in appreciation of my touch, fingertips slowly trailing down his front. I caught hold of the navy material on his hip, lightly tugging.

“I love these shorts.” I admitted smiling up at him.

“Oh yeah?” He asked, eyebrows raised.

His tone was teasing, long fingers brushing away stray strands of hair from my face.

“Mmhm. You’ve got a crackin’ pair of legs on you, Harry.”

I leaned up placing a kiss to his cheek as he laughed. When I drew back, my right eye dropped in a wink. My body turned to stroll away down the hall but Harry quickly caught hold of my hand.

“Did you just wink at me?” He asked rather amused.

I shrugged trying to fight the smile spreading on my lips.

“You’re using my moves against me.” Harry lowly spoke.

“Who said that they were your moves?” I cheekily replied.

His raspy laugh echoed again as my hand was brought up to his mouth. Plump pink lips leaving a kiss to the back.

“You’re amazing.” He breathily whispered against my skin.

I gasped as Harry tugged me into his warm body, my arms round his waist holding him close. His head dipped, teeth nibbling at the skin in the crook of my neck as he playfully growled. The intimate actions almost caused me to forget about the impending fight. Almost.

Two days. Two days until Harry stepped into the ring. I couldn’t care less who won, as long as he made it out alive. I had quickly grown to learn Harry processed a very stubborn nature. He had refused to talk to me any further about the boxing match as I desperately tried to persuade him to call it off. My last attempt had caused him to raise his voice, my body cowering back against the wall. I didn’t want to anger Harry, we both knew the marks on my arm had yet to fade.

It’s as if he could read my mind as he gently took hold of the wrist. My breath hitched in my throat as I intently watched him raise my forearm up. The skin was darkly imprinted with Harry’s fingertips and the strong hold that he had held me hostage with days before. I hated the physical reminder of how he lost his temper, unaware he was causing me harm. Harry was so much stronger. It frightened me. His nervousness was apparent, gulping before sprinkling light kisses to the bruises. All the while his green gaze kept locked on me.

“I have a few things to sort out. It shouldn’t take too long.”

He squeezed my hand, offering me a small smile. I found myself disappointed that it didn’t reach his cute dimples.

“Ok.” I nodded.

I kissed his cheek before he wandered off to the living room. My feet followed after him and I watched as he sat down, retrieving his laptop from the coffee table and crossing his ankles in front of him. I stayed by the doorframe, curiously peering at him as he typed. Harry’s sparkling eyes playfully glanced up to me before I gestured I’d leave him to it.


I nervously waited on to the end of Harry’s large bed, my knee hopping up and down. Footsteps could be heard and I assumed he was searching for me. The door was creaked open, a large hand pressing to the wood to reveal a tall curly-haired guy. He looked so beautiful. His head tilted to the side as he inquisitively stared at me from the doorway.

“What are you doing in here?” Harry smiled, slightly confused.

I got up from my seated position, quickly making my way towards him before I could chicken out.

“I want to try again.” I whispered.

Harry immediately knew the subject I was leaning towards. His hand slipped into his back pocket; I frowned as his phone was pulled out. But I soon realised what he was doing. My heart pounding as the light on the screen closed down. His phone switched off as he placed it on the side.

“I’m all yours.” Harry spoke quietly.

My eyes widened slightly at the speed he had removed his t shirt. Dark curls flopped back over his forehead as the clothing dropped to the floor. The door abruptly closing, Harry kicking it shut with his bare foot.

My mouth had become impossibly dry as I reached out towards his waist. Our foreheads pressed together, Harry inhaling my trembling breath. My fingers anxiously fumbled with the button, tugging down the zip. I had a feeling it was blatantly obvious that I had never undressed anyone in my life, especially someone as beautiful as Harry. The shorts were clumsily shoved from his hips and he stepped out of them when they hit the carpet. My nervousness was clear through my shaking hands as I touched over the smooth skin of Harry’s stomach. He hummed, his fingertips brushing my cheek, thumb sliding over my bottom lip. My eyes desperately found his, green and sparkling.

“Shh, it’s alright, Baby.” Harry whispered.

My eyelashes fluttered as he softly nudged my head with his. Large hands placed on top of my trembling ones, guiding them to the band of his boxers. He helped me in slipping them down his hips. My gaze still locked on Harry’s as his underwear dropped round his feet. I wasn’t really sure what to do, but I forced myself to make the first move, pushing my uncertainty to the back of my mind. Harry’s lips parted as I blindly cupped my small hand underneath his already throbbing erection. The thick length was hard and heavy resting in my palm. The soft silky feeling of his skin surprised me, a vast contrast to the rigid shaft. He groaned lightly at the touch before placing his hand under mine, encouraging me to curl my fingers round him.

“Pump.” He whispered breathlessly.

I slowly moved my wrist back and forth. Harry stayed speechless apart from a few soft moans. Curly hair tickled at my forehead as hot breath puffed over my face. I felt his hand briefly graze mine a few times as my touch neared the tip. His arm was moving and I found myself curious. Harry’s lips pressed a kiss to mine before I looked down. I took in a shaky breath, my eyes widening at his size. Harry’s thumb was gently rubbing circles into the swollen head.

“Let me.” I whispered.

He removed his hand as I carefully replicated his actions with my thumb. The sounds he made against the crook of my neck told me I was doing it right. After a few more minutes I noticed Harry’s breathing pick up considerably. Bare chest rising and falling quickly. He desperately grabbed my hands, pinning them to my sides. I was about to apologise for doing something wrong before he smiled.

“I don’t want to come yet.” He grinned.

I couldn’t believe I had brought him close to orgasm in such a short period of time. Before I could sink down to the carpet he caught hold of my hips.

“Kiss me first.” Harry whispered.

I eagerly complied. Kissing was one of the things I was accustomed to with Harry. His warm tongue quickly slipped into my mouth, invading my senses. My hands clasped round his neck, allowing me to lean up to him. I jumped slightly, feeling his erection brush my stomach. But he was too lost in me to notice my apprehension. Wet kisses were left down my neck as I pressed my fingertips into his nape, soon slipping my touch into his curls. When he drew back he had a dimpled smile spread over his lips.

“Are you sure?”

I nodded before he sweetly kissed my cheek.

I got down on my knees in front of him, breathing picking up as I was once again intimidated by his size. The thick length stood away from his body. My thumb carefully rubbed over the swollen head, receiving a deep moan from Harry. I glanced up to see his eyes squeezed closed, bottom lip taken harshly between his teeth. When my focus fell back to eye level my fingers traced down the soft skin of the stiff shaft. But before I could touch him further, Harry caught hold of my hands, tugging me up. I felt his tip brush against my clothed stomach a second time as the distance between us decreased.

“W-What’s wrong?” I stuttered.

“Let’s go over to the bed.” He spoke softly.

I agreed before he guided me to the mattress, where he took a seat on the end. My body knelt down in front of him once more. Harry took my chin in his hand, tilting it up to him.

“We don’t have to.”

“I-I want to.”

He smiled as his touch dropped away. My hands rested on his knees, Harry’s eyes fluttering closed as my touch carefully ran up and down his thighs whilst I repositioned myself closer. My left kept its place on Harry’s leg, my right bravely taking hold of his erection. He observed intently through hooded eyes as I placed small kisses up the hard shaft, my tongue leaving a bold stripe on the underside. His orbs sparkled as I peered up to him.

“It’s alright.” He breathed.

My tongue soon enveloped the throbbing head in warmth. Harry’s hips shifted on the mattress in response, a groan falling from his lips. But I noticed he made an effort to keep still, not wishing to push me further. My focus trained on his face as I tried to concentrate on providing him with pleasure, wanting to hear the throaty sound again. I immediately pulled back when a wince sharply sucked through Harry’s pursed lips.

“Sorry, sorry.” I gushed.

He shook his head, smiling down at me. Cute ringlets tousled round his face. Harry’s touch warmed through my body as he traced over my lips with his thumb. He knew the action comforted me.

“No teeth.” He chuckled.

I shyly nodded in response, a heated blush glowing in my cheeks. I felt like my nerves were getting the better of me, but I proceeded to start again with Harry’s instructions. I knew my first time giving oral stimulation wouldn’t be perfect. Thoughts of how experienced Harry was floated through my already uneasy mind. I frowned, he probably thought I was such a klutz. My lips made a popping sound as I drew back, swallowing anxiously.

“Take your time.” He encouraged quietly.

His hand was placed over my own which rested on his leg. It surprised me as Harry leant down, pressing his plump lips to mine reassuringly. He flashed his dimples at me, drawing back as I settled again. I whimpered holding his base and rolling my tongue round what I could fit in my mouth. Harry was cautiously observing me as strained moans fell from his parted lips. I struggled to take him deeper, my eyes screwing closed. His hand pressed to my shoulder, carefully pushing me away.

“Don’t force yourself.” He worriedly spoke.

I decided to use my hand to pump his length, my mouth taking in what was comfortable. He smiled, seemly happier with my actions, the muscles in his tensed thighs relaxing. Small droplets of sweat glistened on his forehead, dark curls sticking to the glittering perspiration. I couldn’t help but notice how much hotter it had grown in Harry’s room, wishing we had opened the window before we had begun. I had thought his hand was coming down to tangle into my hair, but he happily shocked me. Harry’s large span resting against my neck as he brushed his fingers gently over my skin.

My movements became faster, pumping him up and down quickly. Fingertips pressed deeply into his thigh as I watched Harry’s eyes squeezed closed, lips parting. When he focused back on me his breathing was heavy, his hand taking my chin, thumb rubbing over my cheek.

“Slow, Baby, slow it down.” He pleaded.

My pace changed to accommodate Harry’s request. I pulled back, the length slipping from my mouth as I licked the small slit, the substance tasted salty. I continued to take Harry past my lips. His hand pried my fingers from his thigh, guiding me to his balls which hung down at the base.

“S-Squeeze.” He stuttered.

I complied, loving the sight of him close to falling apart above me. My fingertips teased gently at the new area before Harry deeply moaned.

“T-There Bo, do that again.” He gushed.

I carefully dug my tips into the back of his balls. Harry’s head rolled back in response, gasping for air. When he looked back down at me the green of his eyes had grown darker. Long fingers softly swept my hair from my face, tucking it behind my ear. My tongue glided over his tip, taking in the bead that had leaked from his slit.

“Take your top off for me.” Harry instructed breathlessly.

Drawing back I was aided in removing my t shirt. The fabric dropped, joining Harry’s carelessly discarded clothing. I immediately returned to my previous actions, recognising the look on his beautiful face. He was close. My movements continued until Harry gripped my shoulder.

“Bo.” He strained.

He gently pushed me away, his length slipping from my warm mouth. Harry reached down to touch himself but I stopped him. My small hand wrapping round him instead as I pumped. My name left his lips in breathy gasps and seconds later a sticky white liquid shot out from the head. I flinched as it squirted onto my chest. The warmth dripped down my skin as another wave of pleasure rolled through. Harry groaned, his breathing erratic as he flopped back on the bed.

“Oh my god.” He mumbled.

His length gradually softened in my hand as I carefully traced my fingertips along the warm skin and protruding veins. Harry hissed when my thumb gently rolled over the sensitive swollen head. My lips trailed kisses up his right thigh, feeling the dark hair before I stood from the floor, laying on the bed beside him. Harry looked exhausted, chest rising and falling at an alarming rate.

“Was it alright?” I whispered.

He rolled his head to the side, grinning as he nodded. I think he may have lost his voice. We remained quiet for a few more minutes, but Harry caught my arm just as I was getting up to open the window. My left hand travelled up, brushing damp ringlets from his sweaty forehead as he lazily smiled. I watched as he reached out, long fingers taking some of the white substance from my chest. He curiously peered at me, offering the tips of his fingers to my mouth.


I nodded, complying as I took his fingers past my lips. It was salty. My mouth savouring his taste before taking hold of his hand, tugging it away. I guided him back to my chest. He smiled, sweeping up a little more onto his tips and waiting for me to part my lips again. I hummed sucking on his index and middle finger.

“Did you enjoy that?” He asked, smiling.

“I enjoyed watching you.” I whispered, my cheeks flushing lightly.

“Ditto.” Harry grinned. “That was amazing.” He hummed.

I heard him chuckle as I glanced away, slightly embarrassed. We were both fully aware I needed practise, as it were.

“I thought it was cute.” Harry admitted, obviously referring to my clumsy first experience.

His words brought me some relief to my racing mind.

“Now let’s get you cleaned up.” He playfully spoke.

Harry took my hand, hauling me from the bed as I giggled.

We talked through the shower curtain, as I took a seat on the closed toilet lid. I couldn’t help smiling to myself, playing back the events that had happened a short time ago in my room. The feel of Bo’s lips was something indescribable. Her first time had been a little clumsy which was to be expected, but that made her even more adorable.


“Mm.” My head turned to the curtain pulled across the bath.

There was silence for a few seconds. The only sound was that of the running water.

“You alright?” I asked, rising from my seat.

“W-Who do you talk to on the phone?” Bo timidly asked.

Her bravery now only becoming apparent with the flimsy barrier between us, unable to ask me face to face. I sincerely hoped it wasn’t because I frightened her. But I had a feeling that was exactly the reason. Maybe Bo didn’t realise just how easy it would be for me to rip the curtain back.

“Are you done?” I asked, delaying my answer to her question.

“Oh, um, yeah.” She stuttered.

The water was turned off as I reached for the large towel on the rail. Her fingers gripped the material shielding her naked body from me as she peered round the shower curtain. Long, dark hair flowing over her shoulder. I raised the towel up, ready to wrap her.

“Close your eyes.” She mumbled.

“Bo, I’ve seen you naked before. Just get out.” I teased.

“No, close your eyes.”

I laughed before complying to Bo’s request. Once I heard her climb from the bath my arms wrapped round her small body. Opening my eyes to see her staring her at me as the towel engulfed her. My hands rubbed her arms through the fluffy material, attempting to get her dry. I watched her move away and over to the door, struggling to readjust the towel, securing it under her arms.

I couldn’t help the grin spread on my face as I observed her rummage in one of my drawers before quickly tugging out a pair of black boxers. She peered at me for a second, trying to hide behind the open wardrobe door as she tugged the underwear up her legs. When she reappeared the towel was clasped in her small hand. A t shirt of mine had obviously been found in the wardrobe, the hem falling to her mid-thigh. She looked beautiful. I had never allowed any other girl to wear my clothes but with Bo it was different. She was mine. I enjoyed watching her walk round the bedroom in my baggy top.

Bo could sense my orbs trailing over her body. Blue eyes discovering my lustful ones. I moved closer to her, taking her smaller hands in mine as she peered up at me. My lips pressed a kiss to her blushing cheek as I walked her backwards towards the bed, where I pinned her to the mattress. Bo’s musical laughter filled the room as I playfully growled, nibbling at her neck. It was when our clothed chests pressed together that I became aware of her lack of bra. I grinned down at her, my hand slowly nudging up the top she had recently put on. Her eyes became wide when she realised what I was doing.

“No.” She anxiously spoke.

Her small hands hastily travelled up to grip the fabric, not wanting it to be pushed up any higher. Bo’s urgent actions left me confused. I dipped my head, nose nudging at the hand that still tightly clasped the crinkled shirt. When she didn’t move I pressed a light kiss to her skin.

“Why?” I frowned.

I had seen her completely bare everywhere else. My fingertips softly traced over her stomach. But I didn’t receive a verbal answer, just a shake of the head.

“Would it help if I took my t shirt off as well? We can be topless together.” I playfully smiled, trying to encourage her.

Bo’s body was tense underneath me. My head dipped slightly, lowering my voice to a whisper.

“I want to become intimate with every part of your beautiful body.” My hands moved up to her chest. “Including these.”

She gasped as my palms gently rubbed over her breasts, cupping and squeezing. Even through the fabric of the t shirt I could still feel her nipples harden with my careful touch. Bo’s voice remained silent, but her posture was a little more relaxed. Her eyes desperately found mine. I couldn’t quite decipher the emotion on her face. Fear of me? No.

“Can I?”

She gave me a small nod. My fingers slowly tugged up the grey material. When I got to just below her chest I paused before cautiously pulling it the rest of the way up. I made sure to brush past the taut peaks, smiling as she whimpered.

My voice hummed in appreciation as I stared down at her revealed flesh. The skin was beautifully pale and I relaxed a little at the knowledge that she obviously hadn’t sunbathed topless before. I didn’t want anyone ogling what was mine.

She tensed, Bo’s breathing picking up as my fingers trailed across to her left breast. Her chest was rising and falling quickly under my touch. The skin was so soft. Her eyes squeezed closed as I curiously leaned slightly to the side, getting a better look at a mark that appeared misplaced on her beautiful skin. This was why she had been so reluctant to reveal herself to me. I frowned as my tips traced a sizable scar round the curve of her breast. It pained me to see her eyes squeezed closed. My body laid down by the side of her, Bo’s arms stiffly by her waist as she allowed me to continue my exploration.

“What happened?” I asked quietly.

She rolled her head away, not being able to look at me. I leaned up on my elbow, my fingers gently catching her chin and turning her back. My thumb carefully wiped away a stay tear.

“I-I was in the car with my dad.” She whispered. “In the back seat. I made it out..he didn’t.” Her voice strained as she spoke the last two words.

The hurtful memories I knew were imprinted in her brain displayed clearly across her face.

“It’s ugly, I hate it.” Bo sniffed.

My heart ached as I watched the girl I cared about attempt to hold back sobs. I shook my head, dipping down to press delicate kisses to the scar. She gasped, her small hand going to the back of my head. When I removed my touch she quickly tugged the material back down, covering the area she obviously hadn’t shown anyone else. I hated to think she felt like that. She was beautiful. In my eyes the imperfection only added to her.

It looked like she was about to cry. So I acted swiftly, stripping my top from my torso as I knelt over her. I had never openly shown anyone my mark. A few girls had discovered the horrible reminder when we had explored each other’s naked bodies. But it was something I chose to keep hidden.

I grasped Bo’s smaller hand in mine, bringing it up to my side. She looked slightly confused, still with tears threatening to spill but I carried on regardless. My eyes closed as I led her to just under my armpit, her fingers lightly touching the hair as I curled my arm above my head. I traced her tips over the raised jagged line that was a couple of inches long. She sat up slightly, trying to have a better look.


She anxiously looked to me, her free hand holding onto my waist for support.

“I tried to protect my mum…my dad had a bottle.”

Bo gasped, fear in her eyes as she sat up fully beside me. I let go of her hand but she kept it there, continually tracing over the scar.

“Oh, Harry.” She whispered.

She leant into me. Her soft lips pressing multiple kisses to the damaged skin. A sigh emitted from my mouth, lashes fluttering as I rolled my head back slightly, getting lost in her delicate touches. Before I had found Bo, it was always rough; no one had treated me like this before.

I caught hold of her chin, kissing her cheek. She gave me a small smile as I carefully pushed her to lie on her back, head resting on the pillow. Her hand reached up brushing my hair back from my forehead.

“We might not like them, but they’re a part of who we are.” I spoke.

Bo’s fingers desperately gripped one of my hands, the other going to the hem of her top. I watched as she hesitantly raised the fabric, revealing her breasts to me again. I smiled at her bravery, she really was amazing. Her chest was rising and falling rapidly under my gaze. Bo observed intently as I slowly lowered down, lips pressing to her scar once more.

“It’s not ugly…because you’re beautiful.” I whispered.

My lips wrapped round her taut nipple, sucking and lightly tugging at the peak to try and provoke a reaction. She whimpered with my touch. My other hand travelling up to cup her right breast. I smiled as she placed her hand over mine, our breathing increasing with each passing second.

Bo jumped slightly as I pinched the nipple between my thumb and index, rolling the sensitive numb. My mouth pulled back, flicking heated strokes of my tongue over her breast.

“H-Harry.” Bo gasped quietly.

Fingers slid into the curls at the back of my head, causing me to release a throaty moan as she fisted the ringlets. I loved it when she pulled at my hair, it was one of my biggest turn ons. Maybe it was the thought of her having control over me, directing me to where she wanted. I responded by carefully kneading her chest, aware that she was inexperienced in most areas when it came to sex or anything related.

Glancing up to Bo, her mouth was agape as she closed her eyes. I revelled in the knowledge that I was the first one touch her like this; not being able to stand the thought of anyone else seeing her in her most vulnerable state. She trusted me. I caught the hardened peak once again between my lips, suckling as I pulled it taut. My hair tickled at her skin, something that caused her to breathily laugh.

My lips made a popping sound as I pulled back, staring down at the girl below me. I heard her whimper at the loss of contact; fingers tightening in my hair. Bo’s shy smile crossing her beautiful mouth.

“What do you want?” I asked, slightly amused.

Bo tugged me back down to her chest. My chuckle vibrating against her breasts as I left wet kisses to the pale skin. I pecked her nipples before licking a bold line up the valley. I couldn’t stop myself, laughing as I nuzzled my face between her breasts. Her giggle was contagious, pushing me away as she pulled down her top and rolled over to her side.

I playfully moaned in complaint, my body fitting in behind her.

“Harry.” She whispered.

My hand travelled up under the front of the t shirt she wore, quickly cupping one of her breasts. I gently squeezed before speaking.

“Perfect size.” My voice quiet and seductive.

Bo giggled again, gripping my wrist and tugging my hand from her body. I held her close, arms wrapped protectively round her as we laid in silence for a short time. Her question earlier from the shower still played on my mind. I wanted her to know.

Bo’s POV

I played with Harry’s long fingers , relaxing back into his strong body. My lips broke into a small smile as I felt him leave soft kisses to the back of my neck. His legs moving up closer under mine.

“It’s my mum and sister.” Harry quietly spoke into my hair.

“W-What?” I stuttered, my body struggling to wiggle round in his protective hold.

Our faces were close as we laid on our sides parallel to each other.

“Well, it’s mostly my sister. She’s still a pain in the arse.” He grinned, dimples popping in his cheeks.

I opened my mouth to say something but nothing came out, speechless. My expression must have look baffled as Harry explained himself further.

“Y-You asked me before in the shower… It’s my mum and sister on the phone.”

“Oh my god.” I breathlessly spoke, raising my hand to cover my mouth.

Harry’s face broke out into an uncontrollable grin as he stared at me. My hand was taken in his large one, kisses sprinkled over the skin.

“It’s because of you.” His big green eyes peered at me.

“M-Me?” I stuttered, my mind not being able to focus properly, the new information a little bit of a shock.

“You were the one that encouraged me to call them…I-I can’t thank you enough, Bo. I’ve got my family back because of you.” Harry almost whispered.

I remained silent, at a complete loss for words.

“You’re not angry are you? For me not telling you sooner?” He desperately asked.

“No, No.” I gushed. “Of course I’m not angry, Harry……I’m so happy for you.”

I smiled taking in the beautiful curly haired guy in my arms. He rolled me on top of his body as I laughed. I leaned down kissing his cheek before rubbing my nose to his. Harry’s face dropped slightly as he stared up at me.

“I didn’t tell you” he shook his head. “I-I didn’t tell anyone because something always happens. I always fuck it up, Bo. I di-didn’t want to make a mess of it. I needed it to work.”

My head rested on Harry’s chest, inhaling his warm sent as I smiled. He squeezed my hand.

“Thank you, Bo.” He whispered.

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