Dark -Harry Styles Fan Fiction-

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12. Chapter 12

Harry’s POV

I hauled my bag onto my shoulder, checking I had everything before making my way out of the changing rooms. Bo was right where I left her but Tom was now sat next to her. They didn’t notice as I stood leaning in the darkened door frame. They were talking; Tom swigging water from his bottle. I watched as Bo brought her hand up to her mouth, trying to stifle a giggle at something Tom had said. My jaw tensed at their interaction. I didn’t like it. Bo was mine.

She smiled shyly at him, cheeks blushing slightly. My bag dropped with a thud to the floor, both of them sharply turning their heads towards me. But I noticed neither of them made an effort to move away from each other. I strolled over to where they sat. Bo smiled up at me. But my attention turned to Tom.

“Alright, mate?”

I gave him a tight nod.

“Bo, we’re going.” I told her.

She didn’t argue, lifting the strap of her bag over her shoulder. Tom swiftly stood up by the side of me. When his hand reached out to help her up I couldn’t stop my fists from clenching. I desperately tried to keep calm for Bo’s sake.

“I’ve got her.” I spoke sternly.

Tom frowned in confusion but withdrew his hand anyway.

“Harry?” Bo questioned.

I gripped her smaller hand in mine, tugging her into my side. She barely had enough time to say goodbye to him before I had guided her over to the door, swiftly picking up my bag and leaving. We walked at a fast pace across the tarmac to my car. The night was drawing in rapidly, street lights beginning to flicker on.

“Harry what’s wrong?”

I felt Bo tug on my hand, attempting to get me to stop. My heavy duffle bag slid from my shoulder to the floor. She let out a surprised gasp as I gripped her hips, lifting her up onto the bonnet of my car. Bo’s legs hung off the edge, my body moving in between her thighs. Removing her bag, it was placed on top of my larger one. I caught hold of her wrist, bringing it up to my mouth. My lips pressed wet kisses to the soft underside. Her breath became a little sharper with my touch. My gaze hardened on her.

“Do you like him?” I asked between kisses.

“W-What? Who?”

I smirked, knowing my actions were jumbling her thoughts. My body moved in slightly closer, free hand resting on the top of her leg. I slowly ran my touch up and down her thigh, squeezing every so often.

“Tom. Do you like him?”

I nudged the sleeve of her hoody up higher, allowing me more access for my lips to trail up the inside of her forearm. Bo’s long eyelashes were fluttering with the intimate attention she was receiving.

“Yeah, he’s sweet.” She spoke.

Anger washed over me. I gripped her thigh tightly, keeping her on the bonnet. My mouth pressed hard to her skin, sucking harshly at her words. My eyes stayed locked on hers, Bo’s lips parting in surprise and discomfort. She whimpered trying to break her arm free but I tightly held it to my mouth.

“Harry.” She winced.

I released her arm seconds later. Her fingers brushed over the red mark and she grimaced at the sore skin. Bo raised her head looking questioningly at me, not sure why she deserved such a harsh response. I felt my jaw clench as I leant into her. Small hands were placed on my shoulders but her attempts to keep me away proved unsuccessful. My lips brushed her neck before I spoke.

“Do you want him to kiss you?” I whispered. “Take you to his bed?”

She gripped my hand still holding her thigh, prying my fingers from her.

“Let me down.” She huffed, moving her hand to press to my chest.

She slipped from the bonnet as I took a step back. I looked down at her, Bo’s face expressing annoyance. It surprised me when she pushed me up against the side of the car.

“Ugh, God. You’re so possessive and you overreact, Harry.” Annoyance hinting in her voice.

I watched as she huffed, stomping away from the car across the tarmac. My jaw clenched, feet moving after her and round to the back of the vehicle. The boot was unlocked, carelessly chucking our bags in. I slammed it shut before swiftly walking in Bo’s direction. Once I reached her small frame, my fingers wrapped round her wrist tugging her to me. I smirked, holding her body to mine. A sigh fell from my lips with the feeling of her back pressed to my chest. Bo squirmed slightly as I dipped my head down to her ear.

“He could never make you feel as good as I do.” I whispered.

My lips made contact with the skin just below her ear, sucking gently. I loved to pleasure her. The feeling I received whilst watching her writhe with my touch was something indescribable. I wanted to hear her gasp and whimper. But I wasn’t getting the reaction I desired to see this time. Even when I nipped at the warmth of her neck, Bo still remained stationary, refusing to give in to me. Her resistance towards me made me chuckle.

“Let’s see how long you can hold out, shall we?” I challenged quietly.

My tongue licked a hot stripe up her neck before my arm knocked her legs out from under her. Bo’s wide blue eyes made contact with mine. My arms held her to my chest and I winked at her before walking over to the car. The back door of the vehicle was tugged open. I placed Bo down onto the dark leather. She reluctantly shuffled away with my close proximity as I climbed in, shutting the door behind me. I laughed, gripping her ankles, tugging her to me, Bo’s body laid back on the seating. My hands rummaged in the bag of clothes I kept in the back of my car before tugging out a thick jumper. I folded it, Bo’s body tensing as I leaned over her. I gently lifted her head up, placing the clothing under.

“I want you to watch.” I whispered.

It surprised me how well she was doing so far. Bo’s defiance not faltering for a second. But then again, I hadn’t really started yet. My hands pushed her legs up so her knees were bent, allowing me to rest in between them.

“I know you like this.”

I started to kiss down her neck, taking time to gently suck every now and then.

“Bet he wouldn’t know you have a sweet spot just here.” I whispered, before nibbling on the small area where her neck met her jaw.

I drew back smiling, her eyes were obviously closed as I carried out the lingering actions of my lips. But they flew open just in time to meet mine. She made herself appear uninterested, bravely holding my eye contact. Her blue orbs widened slightly as I brought her hand up to my mouth, pressing my lips to the back. I fiddled with her fingers before sliding them into my hair. Bo knew if she made any attempt to play with the curls, I would win. I also knew she was dying to fist my ringlets between her fingers but she remained stubborn. I liked this game.

“I’ll make you forget about him, Baby” I mumbled.

She intently watched me unzip her hoody to reveal her t-shirt underneath. The bottom of Bo’s top was nudged up to uncover her smooth stomach. The softness of her skin was one of the many features I loved about her. I don’t know why but it reminded me of how innocent she was. My head dipped, lips barely touching over the expanse of her middle. Delicate kisses were pressed to her, but the only response I received was a slight increase in breath. I smiled when my nose grazed just above her belly button, Bo subtly flinching, fingers lightly twitching in my curls.

I raised my head smirking at her. Her face stayed emotionless. I moved forward to lean over her. Bo’s hand slipping to the back of my neck. I placed my weight on one arm to the left of her head. My free hand hovered over her chest before my index hooked into the neck of her top. I slowly dragged the material down lower, revealing more of her soft skin. My tongue wetted my lips as I stared down at her. The material of her top bunched up over her breasts. Her stomach and top of her chest exposed to me. But she still stayed frozen looking up at me. I smiled, fiddling with the pendent round her neck; she hadn’t taken it off since I gave it to her. My teeth caught hold of the chain, playfully tugging at it before it fell to her chest.

“Mmm, you smell good.” I moaned as I dipped my head.

My tongue darted out, leaving wet spots all over her chest. It was when I blew over the cool dots that her fingers slid back into my hair, tightly fisting my curls between her fingers. The beautiful sound of her gasping filled the quiet backseat. I’d won. Smiling, my face nuzzled into the crook of her neck. I playfully growled, lightly biting at her skin. Her body flinched when my hand skimmed down her front, grazing her breasts and over her stomach. The hold in my hair tightened as I attempted to pop the button of her jeans.

“Harry.” She breathily spoke.

I didn’t stop until my head was tugged up.

“We were talking about you…I asked Tom about you.”

I stared at her for a second, taking time to absorb and process her words. My mouth opened to say something but closed moments later as I remained speechless.

“I don’t want him.” She protested.

Bo surprised me with her dominating actions. I lowly moaned as she pulled me up by my hair, my face level with hers.

“It’s only you.” She whispered.

I smiled, resting my forehead on hers, inhaling her trembling breath. Our lips continually brushed but we didn’t kiss. Bo’s words were something I’d never heard before. Despite the amount of women I’d been with, not one had told me I was their only one. My fingers entwined with her free hand, squeezing gently. When our lips did finally meet in a kiss my heart was thumping heavily against my chest.

I didn’t want anyone else, it was only Bo.

Bo’s POV

I couldn’t help but giggle against Harry’s lips as he groaned. The ringing of his phone echoing round the quiet car.

“Harry.” I mumbled.

He didn’t respond, his mouth continuing to leave wet kisses to mine. My fingers pressed into his shoulders, attempting to nudge him away. But instead of complying he lowered himself further into me. I rolled my head to the side laughing. Soft lips trailed down my neck as I traced my fingertips down Harry’s back. He chuckled as I felt over his bum for the phone in his back pocket. I pulled it out, handing it to him. He playfully huffed taking it from me. I smiled, pushing back some of his curls as he stared down at me.

“Answer it.” I whispered.

His fingers routinely touched the screen, big green eyes still intently trained on me. It was pressed to his ear as Harry hovered my body. One strong arm supporting his weight.

“Hello.” His raspy voice spoke.

His face changed slightly at the voice on the other end of the line. Harry tilted the phone away from his mouth before he spoke.

“I need to take this.” He whispered.

“Ok.” I smiled.

I kissed his cheek before he shuffled to remove himself from me. My head tiled to the side in curiosity as I strained to hear the faint “Is that her, is it Bo?” question from the phone he clasped tightly in his large hand. I assumed Harry’s awkward cough was to try and cover the quiet voice. The person knew about me? I had a feeling Harry hadn’t told many people about me or our relationship. It was all part of his possessive, protective thing. But this person was informed well enough to know it was me with him. Harry must trust them.

His long body quickly stumbled from the door he had just opened, leaving me lying, slightly confused, on the back seat. I sat up, wiggling over to the exit Harry had just taken. My feet made contact with the tarmac as I jumped down. I watched Harry pace with the phone to his ear.

“No, we weren’t doing anything.” He mumbled, his cheeks lightly tinted in pink.

I had never really seen Harry look uncomfortable before, the slight blush on his face made him appear younger. He looked adorable, a side I rarely got to see. I couldn’t help but smile. His head snapped to me as I shut the back door to his car. He seemed a little worried. But I gave him a reassuring smile, his body relaxing somewhat as I moved to the passenger door and climbed into the front. I watched him out the windscreen before fiddling with the radio, my head leaning back as I closed my eyes and listened to Jessie J.

Minutes later the driver’s door was opened. I turned my head as Harry climbed in.

“Everything alright?”

He hummed in response, long fingers running through his dark curls.

“But I’m umm, I’m going to have to take you home.” He looked a little guilty.

“That’s fine. My mum called this morning and she’s coming home tonight.”

He seemed satisfied as I smiled.


The engine roared to life as I buckled in.


The car stopped the opposite side of the road to my house. The lights were off, my mum wasn’t home yet. I turned to Harry who was curiously peering at me. I undid my belt, noticing his was already off. The music from the radio was still quietly playing. But I didn’t take much notice as Harry took his plump bottom lip between his teeth. When it was released his tongue glided out. A habit I found endearing.

I slowly moved forward, placing my hand on his thigh for support and leaning into him. The warmth he radiated seemed to tingle throughout my body. Hot puffs of air lingered between us. But my lips barely brushed his before I heard him release a throaty moan. The vibrations running through his chest. My eyes widened slightly as I realised my hand had accidently slipped to his crotch. The pressure of my touch, pulsing waves of pleasure through Harry’s tense body.

“Oh gosh, sorry.” I gushed.

Harry’s eyes remained squeezed closed for a few seconds, lips parted. The feeling of my clumsy gesture lingering, despite my quick actions to remove my hand. I was slightly confused when he started to laugh.

“W-What?” I questioned.

“Most girls wouldn’t be apologising.” He joked.

Heat flushed my cheeks as I realised what he meant. It would be a rare occurrence for a guy to be displeasured at the thought of a girl palming his crotch. My head dropped in embarrassment, not being able to meet his gaze. A familiar deep chuckle sounded before fingers gripped my chin, angling my face back to Harry’s. I was met by a dimpled smile.

“I love that I make you blush.” Harry spoke, his fingers gently brushing my heated cheeks.

A sigh escaped my lips as he nuzzled into the crook of my neck.

“But there’s no need to be shy.” He whispered.

I was unable to stop the memories of all the intimate moments we had shared flooding into my mind; the thought of Harry’s touch which would vary from slow and gentle to urgently desperate, as we became lost in our own world. Everything was new to me and I suspected Harry was enjoying being the one to share in my foreign discoveries. I was becoming increasingly aware of my deepening feelings towards Harry, the more time we spent together.

I was yanked back to the present when plump lips sucked at the warm skin of my neck. A smirk graced his face as he pulled away. It seemed only seconds and he was opening my door, helping me down. He retrieved my bag from the boot, taking my hand and crossing the road. We walked together up to my house, Harry bending down slightly to kiss my forehead. He seemed a little rushed as he said goodbye, making a beeline for his car. It made me even more curious as to who he had been talking to on the phone and where he was so keen to attend. With my keys hanging in the lock, I turned to see him just about to open the car door.

“Harry!” I called out to him.

He swiftly spun on the spot, stunning green eyes instantly locking with mine. He waited for me to continue.

“I find it incredibly hot that you’re a boxing trainer.” I smiled, biting my lip.

He deeply laughed before proceeding to flex his toned muscles for me. I playfully fanned my face, pretending to swoon. But I stood staring at him as he neared closer, his determined walk carrying him back up my path. In seconds Harry was stood directly in front of me. Our proximity almost non-existent. My mouth parted as I gasped. Strong forearms were placed under my thighs as he lifted me effortlessly, my legs wrapping round his waist. The smug look he wore matched the satisfied smirk. I was growing more accustomed to Harry’s sudden gestures of sweeping me off my feet. His dominant actions proving not always to be a bad thing. Green orbs sparkled as I smiled. My back pressed against the wall to the left of the front door. Harry easily held me in place, lips forcefully connecting to mine. The kiss was messy, a desperate attempt to feel each other. His tongue parting my lips as he invaded my mouth. A deep moan vibrated between us, my fingers tugging at Harry’s curls. Hands finally settling on the back of his neck as he withdrew his presence from me.

“I really have to go.” He mumbled breathlessly.

Our noses brushed as he spoke. I smiled, pressing a small kiss to his cheek. My fingers still clasped round his neck as I slipped from his hold, my feet touching the floor. I traced over his strong shoulders then continued down his toned arms, squeezing his biceps gently. My fingers gripped his hands.

“Go.” I whispered.

Harry leaned down placing a lingering wet kiss to my slightly swollen lips.

“I’ll see you soon, Baby.”

My body felt cold as his long fingers slipped from mine. I watched him cross the road and climb into the driver’s side of the large vehicle before he drove away.

I had waited up for a couple of hours for my mum to return home. But when it got to eleven I was so tired I could barely keep my eyes open. My grey tabby was keeping me company as I lazily stroked over his soft fur. Doug stretched out over my stomach, his gentle purring relaxing, my fingers scratching him behind the ears.

I reluctantly rose from bed, quickly brushing my teeth and hair before climbing back into the duvet.

“Let’s go to bed, Doug.” I whispered.

He seemed to be in agreement, settling down beside me and falling asleep. My fingers switching off the bedside light. I had closed my eyes for what felt like a couple of seconds when my phone buzzed. A groan released from my lips before I patted the surface to my right. The screen was bright, my eyes squinting as I held the phone above my face.

From: Lucy

“Fancy a catch up tomorrow? X”

I smiled before replying, deciding we should meet up at the local coffee shop. I wasn’t too keen on hot drinks but they made a mean fruit smoothie. Charlotte and Zoe would be joining us and I realised how much I had missed my friends. A lot had happened since I had last spoken to them. I’d been so wrapped up in Harry that I hadn’t even told them I was now his girlfriend. I had a feeling they would be curious about our situation. We had become very close. They knew nothing of the painful events of Harry’s past. But that was something I would keep between Harry and myself. They didn’t need to know about his dad or what he had done. Harry trusted me.

It was almost as if Harry knew my mind had been commandeered by thoughts of him. I smiled reading the text that had just come through on my phone.

From: Harry

“Goodnight, Beautiful. X”

His simple words made me smile. And that night my dreams were solely of a breath-taking curly haired, boy.


I rolled over groaning as a hand caught hold of my shoulder, gently shaking me to wake.



An amused laugh sounded. It took me a few seconds to recognise the happy noise before I jolted up, squeezing my mum in a tight hug.

“Mum.” I smiled. “I missed you so much.”

She kissed the top of my head as I held her. For the next hour my mum sat on my bed as we talked. Our grey tabby curled up in her lap as she gently stroked him. The ill relative she had visited was making a gradual recovery in hospital. She believed they would be fully recovered within the next week or so. Well, that was her own medical opinion. Her time away meant my mum would have to take some night shifts at the local hospital where she worked as a nurse. So even though she was now home her body clock would have her sleeping during the day to accommodate her work in the evening. I was disappointed but there wasn’t much I could do about it.


I twirled my straw in the fruity drink as I listened to the other girls talk. My mind on other things. When I looked up, Charlotte’s head was tilted, eyes inquisitively trained on my face. I gave her a questioning look before she spoke.

“How far have you gone with Harry?”

My eyes widened in surprise as I coughed awkwardly. I darted my vision round to the other tables in the coffee shop, desperately hoping no-one was eavesdropping on our now very personal conversation. My cheeks flushing a deep shade of red.

“You don’t have to answer, I’m just curious.” She continued.

By this time the other girls were now intently waiting for my reply. Lucy’s straw was held in her mouth as she noisily sucked up her drink. The off-putting sound distracting me for a second.

“Umm.” I glanced at their faces.

I wasn’t quite sure on how to phrase it. The subject hadn’t really been approached before. I shifted from my slouched position and sat up straight. My eyes once again scanning the surrounding tables.

“He..H-Harry..we had dry sex.” I stuttered.

I started to feel uncomfortable as I noticed a woman behind Zoe shake her head tutting. She got to her feet, taking her papers with her and exited the coffee shop. My embarrassed gaze focused back on my friends. Lucy’s mouth formed an “o” shape before she shook her head in confusion and waited for me to clarify.

“There was a sheet between us…You sort of go through the motions of sex but without penetration.” I explained.

“So you were both naked with a sheet between you?” Zoe asked.

I was still blushing, but their openness to the conversation was something I felt needed applauding. Not only were we talking about the subject like it was completely innocent, but we were holding our discussion in a public place.

“No, no. We had underwear on.” I gushed. My head dipped slightly, avoiding their eye contact. “But Harry took his boxers off.” I concluded quietly.

I heard a giggle, immediately knowing it was Lucy.

“So he dry humped you?” Charlotte asked. “With a sheet.”

I screwed my face up in disgust.

“It was more romantic than that.” I protested. “Ugh, I hate that term. It makes us sound like immature, hormonal teenagers. I prefer to call it non-penetrative sex.”

“But you are hormonal teenagers.” Lucy giggled.

“Harry’s twenty.” I quietly commented.

“Hmm, I thought he was our age.”

Shrugging commenced round the group before their attention was back on me.

“What else have you done?” Zoe continued the interrogation.

I knew they were just being inquisitive. I was the first one out of our little group to experience being with a guy sexually. It was only natural that they asked questions but I felt a little out of my depth to be honest. I wasn’t quite sure on how to explain things myself.

“He’s, umm, pleasured me orally.” I replied, cheeks furiously blushing.

“Oh my gosh.” Charlotte commented. “What was it like?”

There was no way I was going into any sort of detail.

“I don’t really have much of a basis for comparison. But it was pretty mind blowing.” I admitted.

I couldn’t help but shyly smile, thinking back to the time I spent together with Harry in his room.

“Have you done anything for him?”

The question stumped me. All I had to answer with was the one time I caused him to release into his boxers. But even then he was fully clothed. Well, nearly.

“Has he asked you about it?” Zoe questioned.

I shook my head. Not once had Harry encouraged me to perform anything orally on him. Maybe he didn’t want to pressure me. But surely he wanted me to reciprocate. I had picked up the general gist of things, but my lack of experience left me at a complete disadvantage.

“Maybe you should have a go. I mean he’s experienced, that way he can tell you how to do it and what he likes.”

It seemed simple enough, but the thought of actually carrying out the act made me anxious. It seemed like it was always Harry that initiated anything sexual between us, always the dominant. How would I even approach the subject? I pondered over the idea for a second before remembering Harry wasn’t exactly shy when it came to these sort of intimate topics. I was pretty sure he wouldn’t mind me expressing my curiosity.

“But it’s Harry.” I blushed.

“All the more reason.” Lucy laughed.


My mum had gone off to work, and I was alone once again. A number of books were strewn across my duvet as I deliberated over which one to start reading first. After my eye-opening catch up with my friends, I had spent the afternoon in the large book shop in town. Settling down into one of the comfortable chairs and picking out some interesting reads. I grabbed the smooth dark cover of one of the larger books, stacking up the other novels to the side of my bed. I was slowly adding to a rather large collection. My mum had always said I could start a library with the amount I read.

My mind became absorbed with the words on the page. So much so, I hadn’t heard my door open. My body was laid out on my mattress, book intently held close to my face as I drank in the captivating story. The movement on my bed startled me slightly. But I knew exactly who it was. He deeply chuckled, running large, warm hands up my legs as he crawled closer to me. I still held my book up, trying to fight the smile spreading on my lips.

“Are you ignoring me?” His raspy voice sounded.

An index finger hooked the top of the book, slowly pulling it down. An unruly mop of dark curls appeared, followed by a pair of sparkling green eyes. Dimples indented into his cheeks as he humorously peered at me.

“How could I ignore you?” I teased.

Harry grinned.

“Hello, Beautiful.”

Lips came down to mine, leaving a soft kiss to my mouth. But his expression transformed seconds later. His cheeky smile disappearing as he observed me.

“You know, you should really lock your front door.” He frowned slightly.

“I-I didn’t know it was open.” I admitted quietly.

“Anyone could have just come in.” Harry continued, a hint of annoyance in his voice.

“Clearly.” I gestured to him as he held his position, hovering over my body.

I watched Harry’s jaw tense at my reply, obviously not very happy with my lack of thought towards security.

“Just lock it next time, ok?”

There was a certain hardness to his tone. The stunning green of his eyes darkening a little. I felt like a child being scolded for being naughty. I think he could sense my nervousness towards him when he spoke. Harry’s features softened. Elbows bending as he dropped lower into me, placing a kiss to my cheek.

“I just want you safe, Bo.” He whispered quietly.

My eyes fluttered closed at his close proximity, allowing me to absorb his hypnotising smell. Curly hair tickling at my skin.

“I’ll keep it locked.” I told him quietly.

“Good girl.” He smiled.

He rubbed his nose against mine before dipping his head to my neck. Harry’s distracting kisses averted my attention away from his hands, which had slowly skimmed up under my top. I let out a shriek as his long fingers began to tickle at my sides. He laughed as I continued to giggle, my lungs gasping for breath. My hands gently pushed to his strong shoulders, allowing me to roll him off onto the mattress beside me.

He was grinning widely, displaying his dimples as I scrambled from the bed. Desperate to evade his playful touch. I picked up the book that had fallen to the floor during our teasing encounter. Harry observed me, tilting his head to the side as I found the previously lost page I had finished on. I placed the book on my bedside table.

“Do you want to go to the fair?” Harry asked abruptly.

“The funfair?” I replied.

I couldn’t really imagine Harry at any event that had “fun” in the title. I wasn’t implying he was a bore to be around, Harry was anything but. However, his often dark demeanour gave off the impression that he wouldn’t really fit in to a place with bright lights, amusement rides and candy floss.

“I-I mean, we don’t have to, but my..” he stopped for a second to rethink “Umm, well, I’ve been told apparently girls like that sort of thing.”

I couldn’t help but giggle as he fumbled over his words. It was very out of Harry’s character, normally he was the one that had me stuttering. His verbal stumbling made me wonder if he had ever taken a girl out to on a date that didn’t involve alcohol or clubs. The slight blush on his cheeks told me otherwise. He pouted, grabbing my hand and pulling me onto his lap. His face nuzzled into my neck.

“Stop laughing at me.” He grumbled.

My fingers brushed back some of his dark curls as his face reappeared. I placed a small kiss to his cheek.

“I’d love to go to the funfair with you.” I smiled.

“Let’s go on the ferris wheel.” I gripped Harry’s hand.

I attempted to move forwards but he stood rigid, remaining frozen to the spot. His gaze tilted up to the top of the ride. Small children were happily calling down to their parents who watched on from below.

“What’s wrong?” I asked.

“Are you sure you don’t want to go on anything else?” He peered round.

He shifted on his feet, hard gaze on me. A look flashed through his eyes that I hadn’t witnessed before. I smiled at him as he warily stared back.

“Are you scared of heights, Harry?” I pried.

His jaw tightened.

“No, I’m not scared.” He protested. “I’m just not comfortable with being that far off the ground.” He grumbled, gesturing to the tall wheel.

I couldn’t help but giggle. But I soon became quiet as I looked to beautiful guy stood in front of me.

“Bo.” Harry sternly warned.

“It’s fine, I’ll go on my own.”

I started to walk away, queuing up for the line before I heard Harry let out an exasperated huff. I peeked up to him, jaw still set tight.

“No.” He hastily replied. I watched him heavily sigh, closing his eyes. “You’re not going on your own.”

Sometimes his over-protective nature came in handy. He intently observed me as I gripped his shoulder, standing on my tiptoes.

“Don’t worry. I’ll hold your hand if you like.”

“Ugh, stop patronising me.” He complained as I laughed.


“Worst ride ever.” Harry grumbled.

“You might have enjoyed it if you hadn’t spent the whole time with your eyes closed. The view was amazing.” I smiled.

I refused to listen to his complaining, something taking my eye behind where Harry stood.

“Come on.” I gripped his hand.

We came to an abrupt stop in front of an amusement stool.

“That turtle is mine.” I narrowed my gaze on the stuffed toy.

Harry was laughing as he handed a couple of quid over to the attendant.

“Love to see this.” He teased.

I’d prove him wrong. The man behind the stand explained I needed to knock over the three cans stacked up at the back. I was given three green balls. My first two shots came frustratingly close, just skimming the cans. Harry watched on with a smirk before I knocked over two of the annoying obstacles for my prize.

“Oh come on!”

Harry laughed.

“I’ve got the accuracy, just need the power.” I mumbled.

“Let me have a go.” Harry spoke, bumping my hip to nudge me out the way.

I watched on to witness Harry knock over the three cans with one ball spare. He turned to me, a smug grin on his face.

“I loosened them up for you.” I spoke.

“Yeah, yeah.” He handed me the turtle he had won.

“Thank you!” I gushed, leaning up to press a kiss to his cheek.

We were about to walk away when a mum and her small daughter went up to Harry. The little girl clung onto her mother’s hand, hiding slightly behind her legs as she stared up at Harry with her mouth agape.

“I’m sorry to trouble you but my daughter would really like the teddy bear up there.” She pointed to the bear which was adorning a red bowtie. “But I’m useless at these games.” She whispered light heartedly. “Would you mind having a go for her, please?”

“Course.” Harry smiled.

The woman handed her money over to the attendant before giving Harry the three balls again. I stood with them and we watched as Harry displayed his skill, the three of us clapping when the cans fell down. He turned grinning, bending down to the girls’ tiny height.

“There you go darlin’.” Harry smiled handing her the bear.

“What do you say?” The mother encouraged.

“Thank you.” She spoke in a small voice.

“You’re welcome.”

As Harry got to his feet the mother gripped his forearm.

“Thank you so much.” She spoke in a hushed tone.

He gave her a nod, displaying his dimples. Harry gripped my hand, tugging me away from them. I looked back to see the little girl, her new bear held tightly to her chest.

“That was really sweet of you.” I gushed.

He mumbled in response, keeping his head down. But I could see that his cheeks were lightly tinged in pink.


I heard Harry curse as he pulled out the ringing phone from his back pocket. Big green eyes glanced to the screen, obviously recognising the person’s name flashing up as a slight smile spread on his plump lips. I was unable to get a decent look. My mouth moved before my brain could catch up.

“Who is it?”

Harry’s head came up, wide green eyes locking with mine. He clearly wasn’t prepared for my question.

“Umm..” he struggled.

“You don’t have to tell me, I’m just curious.” I paused, Harry still staring, the phone ringing between us. “I-It’s just you always look so happy when they call, I just wondered..” I trailed off quietly.

“It’s an old friend.” He nodded almost as if he was trying to convince himself.

“Oh, ok.” I bit my lip.

He answered the call, quickly telling the mystery person to hang on before looking to me.

“I need you to stay here.” He instructed. “I mean it Bo, don’t move.”

His stern gaze pinned me to the spot.

“Fine.” I replied, dramatically waving him off.

“I’ll be back in a minute. Don’t wander off.”

His possessive need to keep me safe often caused him to treat me like a child. I knew he was only being careful but his constant protectiveness had started to get on my nerves lately. I watched him walk away through the many people attending the fair. I held my turtle under my arm as he glanced back. Did he not trust me? I animatedly pointed to the spot I was stood in, mouthing “here”. The phone was now pressed to the side of his head, his finger in his other ear as he tried to block out the surrounding amusement noises. I knew he was annoyed when his eyebrows descended, frowning at me. “Don’t mock me.” He angrily mouthed back.

I waited for Harry, swinging my legs on the large unused stand I had climbed up on. My fingers pulled off wisps of pink candy florr from the bag Harry had bought me, bringing it up to my mouth and letting the sugar melt on my tongue. I smiled as small children walked past with balloons gripped tightly I their tiny hands. I was quite content with my people watching until a voice broke me out of my thoughts.

“Are you on your own?”

I turned to see a group of younger boys. They looked to be about fifteen or sixteen, some with hoods up as they stared at me. I felt uncomfortable under their gaze. They were the sort of group you would cross over the road to avoid walking on the same path as them.


I turned my head, hoping they would get the hint and move on. But my heart sunk as they continued to ask me questions.

“Are you sure?” One of the taller ones spoke up.

There were lots of people milling around still, my eyes scanned for Harry. I diverted my focus back to the boys, their smiles far from friendly as they waited for my answer.

“I’m waiting for my boyfriend.”

I watched as one nudged a boy who seemed to be the leader. Their penetrating gaze made my skin crawl.

“We can wait with you.”

“No, that’s alright thanks, he won’t be long.”

I shuffled away, taking my turtle with me as he climbed up to sit beside me. He was bigger than me despite my older age. The rest of the group were intently observing us, almost goading the boy on.

“I wouldn’t try anything.” I warned him.

Harry would kick the shit out of him. When I felt a hand on my thigh I swung my soft toy round, hitting him on the back of the head. I scrambled to my feet, spinning round on the higher platform. Relief coursed through me as I spotted Harry angrily making his way towards us.


He stood below me looking up, turning so I could climb onto his back. My arms wrapped round Harry’s neck as I clambered down, his hand catching hold of one of my thighs as I brought my legs tightly round his waist. The boy got to his feet, his body towering over us as he positioned himself where I previously stood.

“Don’t touch her, you little prick.” Harry spat.

He caught hold of the boy’s ankle, yanking it out from under him. His friends could only watch on as he fell with a thump to his back onto the hard wood of the platform. We heard him cry out, rolling to his side, the wind knocked out of him.

Harry swiftly turned, my face pressed into the crook of his neck as he began to walk away.

“Frigid bitch!” One of the lads called out.

My arms tightened round his neck, lips desperately going to his ear as he faced the group.

“Please, please Harry don’t.” I pleaded.

A few of the shorter boys cowered back with Harry’s intense gaze, he was furious. It was when he felt my frightened tears splash the skin of his neck that he seemed to snap out of his rage. His muscles were still tense but relief flooded through me as we moved away. The hand holding my turtle soothingly rubbed over his chest, trying to calm him down. I felt his grip tighten on my thighs, showing he appreciated my attempt.

“Thank you.” I whispered. “Thank you for walking away…I don’t really fancy visiting my boyfriend behind bars.”

Harry weaved us through the crowd for a few minutes.

“You’d visit me in prison?” He asked, seeming a little calmer.

“No, Harry. I think my point is that I wouldn’t.”

I heard him huff.

“You might have had to if you hadn’t stopped me.”

I squeezed my eyes closed at the thought.

“We’re good now though, right?” I asked, testing his level of heated temper.

“We’re good.” Harry spoke whilst kissing my right arm.

My mind floated away with the thought of what he could have potentially done. A shiver tingled though my body. But it sparked another eerie thought. Had Harry ever been locked up before? It surprised me when he spoke, voice rumbling through his back to my chest, as he read my mind.

“No Bo, I’ve never been in prison.” He chuckled.

My head rested on his shoulder, watching people wait in lines for rides.

“But I have been arrested and taken into custody a couple of times.” Harry added.

My eyes widened at his revelation, arms tightening their hold round his neck. He seemed so nonchalant about the subject.

“Relax Bo, it wasn’t recently.”

I assumed he thought that fact would have comforted me, to know he hadn’t done anything whilst in our relationship. But it had the opposite effect. I felt uneasy. What on Earth had Harry done to get himself arrested? I didn’t want to ask, but I had a pretty good idea, his temper often getting the better of him.

“Why is it, whenever I leave you on your own you attract all of the douchebags?”

Even though his breathing was still heavy, I sensed the amusement in his tone, trying to distract me from our previous conversation.

“Guess it’s one of the many special qualities I possess.”

“It’s special alright.” He teased.

My lips placed a small kiss to his neck, smiling as he hummed under my touch.

“It seems I spend most of my time rescuing you from idiots” His fingertips pressed into my thighs as he laughed. “Not that I’m complaining.”

“Well, maybe you should give me a chance to save you for once.”

We walked a little further. People were gathering to watch the fireworks.

“Did you hit him with your turtle?” Harry curiously asked, humour in his question.

I knew he had recovered from his angry episode as he proceeded to take the piss out of me. I still clung to his back; Harry unable to see the slight blush on my cheeks. His dark curls tickled at my skin as I buried my face into his neck.

“It was the only thing I had to defend myself with.” I retaliated.

I leaned away from Harry slightly, pushing the toy between my chest and his back. My now free hand opened up the bag of candy floss I still gripped. My arms loosely hung over his shoulders to his front as I pried a small piece off.

“You’ve eaten over half the bag already?” Harry stated, clearly surprised.

I mumbled a “shoot” under my breath, leaning my head on his shoulder. I offered the pink floss up to his mouth, hoping to distract him from the nearing of my inevitable sugar rush. He took the sugary sweet past his lips, cheekily sucking on my fingers. I continued to feed him while we talked and I snuck more of the pink fluff for myself.

We stood together, Harry’s arms protectively wrapped round my shoulders from behind as we gazed at the exploding rockets. The colours were bright, lighting up the darkened sky. I felt his arms tighten as I fidgeted in his hold, mumbling my name to stop me. There was nothing much I could do about the current buzz the candy floss had struck me with.

My vision darted round, there were any number of young couples. Many of them encircled in each other’s arms. A few of them were sweetly stealing kisses. The images in front of me caused my mind to race, fuelled by my over consumption of sugar. Thinking back to the conversation I had with the girls a sudden pulse of energy pounded through my body. My fingers gripped hold of his wrist. I turned, dragging a confused Harry behind me, weaving in and out of the people watching the firework display.

When we passed under the funfair sign I was practically running. Harry jogged to keep up. There were so many cars in the dim field in front of us. I had no idea where Harry’s large vehicle was.

“W-Where’s the car?”

“Err, over there.” He pointed.

I immediately took off in the direction he had called my attention to.

“Bo, is everything alright, do you feel ok?”

I ignored his questions, towing him along behind me. I surprised even myself with my new found strength. As soon as we reached the car Harry was shoved up against it. He winced before I pulled him down to my level, planting a wet kiss to his mouth. To say he was surprised was an understatement. My hand felt round his bum for the keys.

“Hey, heEY” He protested.

The door was unlocked.

“Get in, get in.” I instructed.

“Bo, you look…. high.” He squinted his eyes slightly, moving his head away.

I huffed before shoving him into the vehicle. My legs climbed up, straddling Harry’s lap whilst he sat in the driver’s side. I slammed the door behind us. The stuffed, toy turtle was thrown to the back of the car in my haste. My hand searched for the leaver, sliding the seat back slightly.


I didn’t give him time to finish what he was saying. My mouth pressing forcefully to his. I felt down his stomach before roughly palming him through his jeans. A low, muffled moan emitted round the car. I pulled away from our heated embrace, my fingers desperately fumbling with his belt. The simple task was proven more challenging by my nervousness and the heavy sugar rush currently causing my hands shake. I grew frustrated, wiggling back slightly to get a better look at the buckle in the dwindling light.

We both jumped when the horn went off, my back pressing to the steering wheel.

“Bo.” Harry laughed.

I ignored him before he gripped my wrists, tugging my hands away from his crotch. My eyebrows came down in a frown as I took in his amused expression.

“Bo, slow down.” He chuckled.

My head fell forward onto his chest. It rumbled underneath me as he couldn’t contain his laughter.

“What are you trying to do?” He humorously asked.

When I didn’t answer he cupped my chin, bringing my head up. A smirk played on his plump lips as he curiously peered at me for my reply. He must have had some idea, I was hoping he wasn’t just asking to embarrass me further.

“Hmm.” He encouraged.

“I-I wanted to do something f-for you.” I spoke quietly.

Harry’s eyebrows came down, frowning slightly. I turned my head away, cheeks flushing. Long fingers still held my chin as he guided me back round to him again.


“Well, you’ve done stuff for me, I just…” My voice trailing off.

I became silent, not really knowing what to say. Harry’s mouth formed an “o” shape when he realised what I meant. He smiled, running his thumb along my upper then lower parted lips. But he didn’t say anything. I felt the heat tingle on my face.

“D-Don’t you want me to?” I stuttered.

He grinned.

“I would love for you to do that for me.” Harry paused kissing the back of my hand. “But don’t feel like you have to.” He added.

I still felt a little suspicious of his answer. Maybe he was just saying that to make me feel better. I think he realised my uncertainty. His arms drew me in closer, lips meeting the skin just below my ear.

“Just the thought of your pretty lips wrapped round me has got me excited.” He hotly whispered.

He held my hips as he rolled his up into mine. I gasped feeling the prominent bulge pressing into me. His thumb passed over my mouth again as he smiled. I lightly bit down onto his thumb as he slowly pushed it between my lips. He withdrew, leaving a heavy kiss to me.

“Another time.” He whispered.

Groups of people had started to walk back to the cars. A few of them walking between ours and the one parked next to us. I hadn’t really thought this through. Of course we couldn’t do it here, I felt so silly. It was that damn, pink candy floss.

He took the opportunity to nuzzle into my neck as my attention was momentarily diverted out of the window. Long fingers guided my face back round, plump lips dotting random kisses all over my cheeks, forehead, nose, mouth. I giggled pushing him away. Harry’s nose rubbed against mine before he helped me off his lap and I took my place in the passenger seat.

“I not giving you anymore candy floss.” Harry laughed.

A large warm hand rested on my knee before it slowly slid up my thigh.

“Or maybe I should.” He winked.

I batted his hand away as he chuckled. A second later he leaned in, kissing my cheek.


“Baby.” A voice whispered.

A light kiss was pressed to my mouth and I struggled to open my eyes. My tongue running over my lips, taking in the moisture. I heard Harry quietly chuckle.

“Wake up, Sleeping Beauty.”

I cuddled into his warmth as he lifted me from the car. My arm drifted up to wrap round his neck. The door was closed with Harry’s foot.

“What happened?” I mumbled.

“I was talking to you and when I turned you were asleep.” He smiled. “You crashed pretty bad.”


Harry’s fingers clutched my shoes that I had kicked off in the front of his car. I hooked my index into the neck of his t shirt, tugging it down a little so I could place a kiss at the base of his neck. We were half way up my path when I realised I had forgotten something.

“Wait, wait. I forgot my turtle.”

Harry laughed, playfully huffing as he spun with me still in his arms. He walked us back to his car, opening the rear door with one of his hands. He allowed me to climb in, rummaging round under the seat as I fumbled for the stuffed animal. I clutched the toy turtle to my chest.

“Come on.”

I giggled, attaching myself to his back as I wrapped my legs round his waist. The stuffed animal in my hand hung down Harry’s front as I draped my arms over his shoulders.

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