Dark -Harry Styles Fan Fiction-

This is not my story. I do not take any credit for it at all.
I simply posted it on here for you all to read.


10. Chapter 10


Our fingers were entwined as we walked through the park. The sun beat down as children took part in games of hide and seek in the playground. My eyes fell upon a group of guys playing football. I could never understand how they were able to sprint up and down the grass whilst the weather was like this. Just looking at them made me feel hot.

I almost couldn’t believe it when I had to take a second glance at one of the boys. Jake. Praying that Harry hadn’t seen him I tried to steer us off in another direction, but it was too late.

“Alright, Love?” Jake called over to me.

Harry’s head turned in the direction of the voice. His hand squeezed mine before letting it fall to his side. I watched as his green orbs grew impossibly dark, eyebrows coming down in a frown. My hands pressed to Harry’s chest as he angrily attempted to move forward.

“Harry, stop. You can’t solve everything with violence. I know you’re smarter than this.” I pleaded.

“Bo, go and wait over there.” He stated without making eye contact.


Harry looked down at me, annoyance crossed his features. Large hands gripped my wrists as he attempted to push me behind him. But I didn’t comply, wriggling out of his hold.

“Look at all the kids here. I know you don’t want to scare them. Just think about what you’re doing for a second.”

Harry’s sparkly green eyes locked on my face, realisation hitting him that we were in a park full of children in the middle of the day. This was neither the time or the place to start anything with Jake.

“You stay here.” I poked him in the chest.

I could tell he was going to protest; I dragged him over to a bench and forced him down by his shoulders.

“Please stay here.”

His breathing was deep, chest rising and falling heavily. Harry didn’t move as I walked the short distance to stand in front of Jake who was smirking at me. The football was kicked back to one of his friends. Jake’s right eye dropped in a wink before he looked up to snigger at Harry. I turned to see him get to his feet, his jaw tensed and fists clenched. “Please don’t.” I mouthed to him. A sigh released from my lips as Harry held in place.

“Well, you’ve got Haz on a pretty tight leash. I didn’t think anyone would be able to have that sort of control over him.” He paused leaning down to me slightly. “You must be amazing in bed.” He whispered.

I let out a sound of disgust.

“If you come near Harry or I again I’m going to go to the police and tell them that you attempted to rape me behind the club that night. Do you understand?” I told him sternly.

Worry flashed through his eyes before he pushed it aside and laughed.

“I think you’re forgetting what your little boyfriend did that night. I’m sure the coppers would love to know how I got these scars.”

“Defence. Harry was defending me from you. And anyway, who do you think the police are more likely to believe?” I stepped closer. “You or me?”

My words wiped the smirk right off his face. I turned to walk away before Jake spoke.

“Harry deserves you. Bitch.” He spat.

I squeezed my eyes closed before swiftly spinning round to him again. Jake was smirking, assuming his comment had upset me. He wasn’t really prepared for the actions I carried out seconds later. My hand caught hold of his shoulder as I sharply jutted my knee up to his crotch. Pain etched into his features.

“Shit.” Jake strained as be bent over.

His hands shielded the throbbing area, even a few of his friends were sniggering at him. I turned to see Harry grinning at me. He started to laugh as I neared closer.

“I thought you said violence wasn’t the answer.”

“I did, but the little prick deserved it.” I admitted.

Harry was still laughing as my hand gripped the back of his neck, tugging him down towards me. Our lips forcefully pressed together as I felt his arms wrap round my waist, bringing our bodies closer. Harry’s moan vibrated through his chest as his tongue forced its way into my mouth. I let out a small shriek as his large hands gripped my hips before hauling me up over his shoulder and carrying me in the opposite direction across the grass.

“Come on, Love.” Harry deeply chuckled.


Harry’s head rested on my lap as I aimlessly played with his soft curls. We were sat under a tree, in the shade and out of the heat. I noticed Harry enjoyed it when my fingers combed through his hair, finger nails lightly scratching across his scalp. I thought he had fallen asleep until his husky voice spoke.



“Where’s your dad?”

I hesitated for a second, stopping my actions in Harry’s hair before continuing. His question had caught me off guard.


“I, umm..”

He shifted his body, removing his head from my lap to sit up in front of me. I smiled at his dishevelled curls before he ruffled them and swept them to the side.

“H-He died when I was 11.” I paused looking down at my hands. “He was in a car crash.” I spoke quietly.

Harry’s large hand reached out to me, engulfing my smaller one.

“I’m sorry.” He whispered.

My head rose to look up at his face, green eyes full of worry as he stared at me. I gave him a weak smile, before he opened his arms for me. A sense of protection washed over me as Harry pulled me down with him to lie on the grass. I felt safe. His lips softly kissed the top of my head.

“You loved him.” Harry stated quietly.

“Mmm.” I hummed into his chest.

We stayed silent for a short time, the tips of Harry’s fingers tracing over my warm skin. The light of the afternoon was gradually fading as we stayed sprawled out on the grass. Harry’s touch moved up my back.

“I like your hair when it’s down.” He whispered.

I didn’t object when he gently tugged the tie holding my hair up. The dark length flowed over my shoulders, Harry’s long fingers combing through.

“That’s better.”

I placed my hand on his chest, propping myself up slightly to place a kiss on his cheek. But he moved his head at the last second, our lips connecting in a lingering kiss. Dimples appeared as I drew back, a smile spreading across Harry’s face.

“Hey.” I playfully hit his arm.


Harry stood behind me in the mirror. I watched as his hands went behind his neck, fingers releasing the clasp of the silver chain. He had worn the necklace a number of times; I assumed the object held some significance to him. My voice remained quiet. I found my eyes fluttering closed as Harry dipped his head, his mouth nipping at my skin. I offered him more access, tilting my head away slightly. He took advantage of the opportunity, teeth lightly nibbling before swiping his tongue across my neck.

My eyes darted open when I felt the cool sliver touch my chest. Harry carefully attached the necklace round me before letting the paper plane pendant rest in the valley between my breasts. He intently observed my actions in the reflection, trying to determine my reaction. My fingers went up to fiddle with the new addition round my neck.

“I-I…” My mouth unable to form words.

“I want you to have it.” Harry whispered.

His curls tickled against my skin as he kissed my cheek.

“Harry.” I spoke quietly.

“So that people know you’re mine.”

My body spun round in his hold.

“I-Is that the only reason you’re taking me tonight, t-to show me off.”

I pressed my hands to his chest, increasing the distance between us. He frowned at me, shaking his curls. A huff fell from my lips as I brushed past him towards my bedroom. I gasped when Harry slammed the door closed before I could exit; my body was forced up against it.

“You know damn well that’s not why.” His raspy voice holding annoyance.

“Then tell me.”

His eyes darkened at my request, his level of irritation increasing. But I didn’t care. My orbs watched, waiting for his lips to move but they didn’t. He stayed silent. My gaze fell away from his face, not being able to bring myself to look at him. I shoved Harry away in aggravation. He allowed me to open the door and escape into my bedroom. I sat on the end of the mattress, looking down and fiddling with my hands. Harry slowly walked into the room. He hesitated for a moment before moving closer to me.

“I want you with me.” Harry quietly spoke.

His large hands gripped my shoulders, gently pushing me back to the bed. My hair fanned our around me on the duvet. Hovering over me, Harry’s head dipped, nudging mine to the side. My eyes fluttered closed as his plump lips came to my ear.

“You’re beautiful, intelligent.” He kissed the spot just below my ear. “Cute.” I blushed, my cheeks tingling with heat as Harry chuckled. “Innocent.” His voice lower and deeper than before. A gasp fell from my parted lips as a large, warm hand slid up the inside of my thigh. “Feisty.” His tone became mischievous. My fingernails dug into his shoulder as his tongue ran a line up in between my breasts. I felt Harry nibble the skin of my chest before taking the necklace pendant between his teeth, playfully tugging at it. He released it seconds later, watching it fall to my chest.

“I want you to have it.” Harry paused. “T-To show how much I care about you.” He spoke quietly.

Harry peered down at me, hesitant of my reaction. My heart fluttered at his words, a smile appearing on my face as my cheeks blushed. He looked a little relieved that I hadn’t panicked a pushed him away. I raised my hand to his neck, gently pulling him down. My lips ghosted over his before moving to his ear.

“I care about you too.” I whispered.


We had arrived at the event organised by Harry’s friend, Sean, about an hour ago. I had met him briefly once on the night at the club I had tried to push from my mind. It was held in a very modern art gallery. Sean’s striking work was displayed on the contrasting bland, white walls. I was introduced to a blur of people who I had no chance of remembering their names. It was busy in the vast exhibit, lots of people discussing the hung paintings. I was left to wander round as Harry went to get us drinks.

I found myself captivated by one particular picture. My eyes scanning over the dark colours. I stepped closer intrigued by the image in front of me. It was of a boy and girl. His arms were wrapped protectively round her smaller frame, her long brown hair flowing in the breeze. They held each other, almost as if they were afraid of letting go. My mouth fell open slightly as my gaze fixed on the boy. He was taller. His hair in dark curls. You weren’t able to see their faces as they cuddled into each other. A darkened forest was the background to their loving embrace. The chosen location held something of an eerie nature.

“Here you go.” Harry handed me a glass.


“What?” He smiled.

I turned to the painting. He stood behind me, arms wrapping round my waist as he rested his chin on my shoulder. I felt Harry’s hold tighten as he absorbed the image in front of us.

“Do you like it?”

I was startled as Sean came to stand beside us. My head turned in his direction, Harry lifting his from my shoulder. I nodded.

“It’s beautiful.” I spoke. “They look like they’re in love.”

He smiled at my words, glancing to the painting then back to us.

“It’s inspired by you…both of you.” He nodded towards Harry and I.

I must have looked a little bewildered as I glanced back to the picture; Harry moved to stand the other side of me, our arms brushing. My mind jumped around trying to process the information. It was clear the curly haired boy wanted to protect the girl he held lovingly in his arms. He wanted to keep her safe. Harry.

“I’ll see you both later.” Sean spoke, breaking the silence.

My focus was still on the painting as he walked away. Seconds later I felt a warm hand slowly travel down my arm. Harry entwined our fingers, squeezing gently. His thumb rubbed over my skin. My body subconsciously moved closer to his.

“Harry?!” A squeaky voice echoed.


“Harry?!” A squeaky voice echoed.

He spun round, taking me with him as we watched a busty red-head near closer. Her black dress was tight, leaving little to the imagination. Fiery hair draped over one shoulder.

“Shit.” Harry mumbled under his breath.

He gripped my hand tightly in his. I glanced up at him questionably before the female approached us. Her voice snapping my vision back to her.

“Oh my god, I can’t believe it’s you.” She gushed.

My eyes took in her appearance, heavy make-up, large earrings. She would have been pretty if it weren’t for the vast amount of cosmetics plastered over her face. I frowned as her hand playfully rested on Harry’s chest as she not-so-subtly pushed her breasts out. There was something telling me she already knew Harry was attending the event. Her acting was quite unconvincing. I couldn’t explain the feeling rushing through me. All I wanted to do was tell her not-so-politely to remove her touch from Harry.

“Hi Kim.” Harry greeted almost pained.

My lips parted slightly in disbelief as I watched her palm slowly slide down his long torso. The unnecessary, lingering touch irritating me. My eyes darted up to Harry, a wincing expression on his face.

“I haven’t seen you in bloody ages, where have you been hiding, gorgeous?” She suggestively asked.

Was I completely invisible to her? I cleared my throat, her sharp eyes then falling on me. A hint of annoyance crossed her features before she spoke.

“Who’s this?”

Harry tugged my body a little closer; his other hand resting on my hip.

“This is Bo. Bo, Kim.” He gestured back and forth.

“Are you two together?”

My eyes widened slightly, she didn’t beat around the bush. Her bluntness throwing me. Before either of us could answer someone called over to Harry. I recognised Sean’s voice as he asked for Harry to meet another one of his friends.

“I,umm…” Harry stuttered.

“Go, I’ll look after her.” Kim instructed.

Thankfully the small scoff I released went unnoticed by Kim who was currently grazing her lustful eyes up and down Harry’s body. I didn’t need anyone to “look after” me. I glanced to his face, his features holding uncertainty. Big green eyes flicked warily from me to Kim.

“Go.” She encouraged.

“I’ll be back in a minute.” He told me before placing a kiss on my cheek.

The smile faded from my face as Harry jogged away and I was left with the red-head. She grabbed my hand, tugging me over to a bench positioned to view the artwork on the walls. Kim immediately dropped the fake act as soon as he was out of hearing range.

“A girl like you shouldn’t get mixed up in someone like Harry…. He’s dangerous.”

I instantly knew she thought I was too innocent for him. I had a feeling Kim believed she was better suited. There was no doubt in my mind that her and Harry had been together. My head turned to look at her.

“He’s not dangerous.”

She scoffed at my reply.

“You obviously haven’t seen him in one of his many fights then.” She mockingly laughed.

“I have.” My focus left her and fell upon Harry. “Twice.”

The injuries Harry had inflicted on Jake were something not easily forgotten. Not to mention the state Harry himself was in when Jake took his revenge. When I glanced back to Kim her eyebrows were raised slightly, surprise etched into her features.

“And you’re still with him. Thought it would have scared you off, you know, seeing him like that. Harry can be frightening at times.”

I brought my glass up to my lips before Kim continued to speak.

“Despite his temper, Harry was the best sex I ever had.”

My drink came spluttering out of my mouth, to which she laughed. Apparently she had no shame in talking to an absolute stranger about her past sex life. I knew my reaction to her blunt choice of words was the one she was searching for. Utter shock. It only encouraged her to continue, especially knowing Harry and I were close.

“Oh god, the things he could do with that tongue.”

My vision swept back to Harry and almost on cue his tongue slipped out, wetting his lips. I felt my heart flutter as he turned his head to us, his right eye dropping in a wink before he gave me a cheeky grin.

“Ugh, and those plump lips. Jesus.” I noticed her hand come up, lightly fanning her face.

She laughed. My head turned towards her once again.

“I bet you have no idea the potential that mouth has.” Kim sniggered.

Little did she know I had already experienced the wonders of Harry’s intimate touch. It was clear she only saw Harry on a sexual level. But I wasn’t surprised. Her thoughts of him going no deeper than what he could do with his mouth. I found myself shaking my head in disgust. Harry was so much more than that. The conversation made me believe she knew nothing of his past, putting his violent behaviour down to wanting an alluring bad boy image. Harry trusted me, he trusted me with something he had told no-one else of. My eyes fell back to Kim. Her features held a hard edge before she smirked at me.

“I’m just popping to the loo.” She almost sang.

I nodded, not really fussed about her departure. I would rather be on my own than have her forceful company. My eyes flickered round the room, searching for any sign of Harry. But his dark curls couldn’t be found from my position. My height proving a disadvantage.

I absorbed the artwork as I weaved through the groups of people admiring the paintings. The space around me felt like a maze, not being able to see over people’s heads for any sort of distinguishing feature. I frowned upon hearing a squeaky laugh I knew only to come from my recently strayed company. Her shock of red hair was easily identifiable as I neared closer to the girlish giggling.

I soon discovered why the annoying sound had ceased. My heart felt like it was in my mouth as I watched Kim. Her lips were pressed tightly to Harry’s, back towards me as they stood in a hidden corner. But I knew she wanted me to see. Fingers fisted the fabric of his t shirt under his blazer. Her other hand wound tightly in his curls as she held him in place. I couldn’t stop the moisture beginning to fill my blurry eyes. The sight in front of me made me feel sick. I felt pathetic. I had been so naïve to trust him.

Harry’s POV

My hands darted up to push Kim away by her shoulders. She seemed a little surprised by my forceful actions. Anger washed through my body as a seductive smirk spread across her features. Her tongue slipped from her mouth, gliding over her lips. She hummed in satisfaction. I tightly gripped her left wrist before she could touch over my chest again.

That’s when I saw her. Bo. She was stood a short distance away. Tears threatened to brim over her watery eyes as she stood staring at us. A look of despair over her face as her lips parted. Her fingers urgently brushed away the moisture rolling down her cheeks as she refused to meet my gaze. Bo’s head turned to the right. I knew exactly what she was going to do. Run.

I watched as she hastily weaved through the people in the room. She quickly disappeared, her small height enabling her to hide amongst the groups. I was about to chase after her when long nails dug into my bicep. Kim looked up at me expectantly, my irritation growing stronger. I wiped her lip gloss from my mouth with the back of my hand in disgust.

Her eyes widened in fear as I shoved her back into the wall.

“Don’t come near Bo or I again. You hear me?” I spat.

I knew she was scared. But at that moment in time I couldn’t care less. Kim had seen me at my most hostile; I had a feeling my violent behaviour was a turn on for her. But neither she nor any other girl had ever been my target. I refused to take my anger out on a woman. I would never be like my dad. Trembling breath forced from her mouth as she shook in my hold. I released her wrists. My body turning away from her and heading for the exit.

I hastily yanked the door open, my eyes scanning the darkened street for any sign of the fleeing girl. Seconds later I spotted her. Long, dark hair flowing down her back as her feet carried her at a quick walking pace along the path. She passed people giving her sympathetic looks.


She didn’t stop. Her speed increasing at the sound of my voice as she tried to escape. I needed to talk to her. My legs pumped as I jogged after her. I didn’t care if we were causing a scene. The only person I was worried about was Bo.

“Bo, wait.”

“Leave me alone, Harry!” She shouted back.

It confused me when she slowed a little, before her hands tugged off her shoes as she hopped forward. She stumbled slightly before regaining her balance. Bo’s pace increased considerably as she sprinted down the pavement barefoot; her shoes tightly clutched in her right hand. I cursed, continuing to chase after her. The wild thumping of my heart beat against my chest as she disregarded the cars, running straight across the road. Beeping horns echoed through the night air, but Bo took no notice. It hurt that she was so desperate to escape me.

“Bo, stop!”

I continued to follow her. It surprised me at the quick pace she maintained. Even with our noticeable height difference and my longer legs, she still managed to keep me running trying to catch up with her. Bo led us through gates to a park. The surroundings were dimly lit along a path by a large pond. It put me on edge slightly, the eerie nature of the environment. The darkness between the trees not a comforting sight. There was no way I was going to let her run off on her own, not here. I noticed her smaller body start to tire slightly; quickly I took the opportunity to reach out to her.

Bo’s POV

The burst of adrenaline I felt was beginning to fade. My mind became increasingly aware of the tiring muscles in my legs. I started to panic a little when I realised how close Harry was. His heavy breathing could now be heard, the sound combining with the sharp gasps of air emitting from my mouth.

“Are you bloody crazy, you could have gotten killed?! Don’t run off like that again.” Harry shouted behind me.

I winced as long fingers tightly wrapped round my left wrist. My body was yanked round to face Harry. His bold actions surprised me, my shoes slipping from my hold to the grass. The burning image of him and Kim together pushed to the front of my mind. I ground my teeth as my right hand flew up connecting with his cheek. The force turned his head.

“Get off.” I spat.

However, Harry seemed unfazed by my harsh words. He released my wrist, not giving the tingling pink of his face a second thought. My shoulders were forced back to a tree trunk, my body flinching at the contact. Harry’s large hand gripped my chin, attempting to turn my head to face him. But I resisted, shoving his touch away. I knew my defiance was irritating him; Harry being so used to having his own way.

“Stop it.” I cried.

I found it difficult to meet his gaze. The aching of my heart still heavy in my chest from what I witnessed a short time before.

“I didn’t kiss her.” Harry raised his voice.

“How can you deny it? I saw you.” I spoke unbelievingly.

He shook his head in aggravation, curls falling out of place.

“She kissed me.”

I frowned. My vision fell down to the ground between us. My bare feet looked tiny in comparison to Harry’s converse. I wiggled my toes, the damp grass beginning to chill my feet. My anger seemed to die down slightly with the cool air. I closed my eyes remembering the displeasure on Harry’s face when Kim had approached us.

“Bo.” Harry spoke quietly.

Why would he kiss her if he didn’t like her? I whimpered upon feeling his hot breath on my skin. The sensation seeming to warm my whole body. My head turned away; his nose lightly brushing my cheek. His alluring smell taking over my senses.

“Bo, you have to trust me.”

I felt my defence diminishing as Harry’s warm lips ghosted over the corner of my mouth. When I didn’t move his gentle touch travelled to my jaw, sponging kisses to the tingling skin. But my mind quickly cleared the haze of Harry’s intimate affections. My hand slid into his hair. He moaned slightly as I fisted his soft curls between my fingers, tugging at them to increase the distance between us.

“I want to know that this is real.” I whispered.

The intensity in his eyes took my breath away. He made me feel weak, my grip loosening in his dark curls as he neared closer. My eyelashes fluttered as his nose brushed mine.

“I’m yours.” He whispered. “If you’ll have me, I’m yours.”

His words left me breathless. My overwhelmed focus unable to stray from his beautiful face. I watched a small smile play on his mouth as my bare feet stepped onto his converse. It provided me a little more height to lean up to him. I brushed my lips delicately over his. Sparkling green eyes closed as I lightly sucked on his plump bottom lip. Large hands held my hips; fingertips pressing in deeper when I spoke.

“I want you.” I whispered.

My feet stepped down, back leaning against the trunk of the tree as my body was forced together with Harry’s. I gripped his strong shoulders in an attempt to keep myself standing. The seemingly simple task was proven to be more difficult as he ground his hips desperately into mine. Whimpers fell from my parted lips as I revelled in the sound of Harry’s throaty groans. Breathy whispers repeating his name. Dark curls tickled at my skin as he dipped his head. I winced, his mouth assaulting the crook of my neck, sucking, biting. I was sure to have a reminder of this heated embrace.

Our breathing was heavy as Harry reluctantly drew back. He took his slightly swollen bottom lip between his teeth, staring down at me.

“Be my girlfriend.” His raspy voice spoke quietly.

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