love hurts


3. chapter two

Zayn's  P.O.V 

"She was beautiful" I whisper yelled 

"Who??" Harry asked 

"That girl that was on stage" I yelled 

"Bet you that you won't be able too get backstage and meet her and hold a conversation with her for 15 minuets" harry said 

"Bet you that I can" I said while getting up and walking towards the door 

how long are these hall ways I thought to myself then it came to the end of the hallway "here goes nothing" I said aloud 

"WHAT THE HELL!!!!" She screamed 

Roses P.O.V 

"WHAT THE HELL!!!!" I screamed "What is Zayn Malik the Zayn Malik doing in my dressing room!!" 

"Know me then" he said with a cheeky grin 

"how do I not you are in the biggest boy band in the world" I replied 

"Nice covers of another world , little things and  magic by the way " 

"I would do them again if you like but not little things" I offered 

"Ok but why not little things" he asked 

 "I was nearly crying why do you thing that I did an upbeat song after" " any way lets get started It's not me it's not you there's a reason ............"

"That was brilliant " he yelled while clapping 


Zayn's P.O.V 

Her smile is so beautiful every thing is so beautiful the my mobile phone went off 

[Zayn-Z , Harry-H] 

that the 15 mins up you can come back-H 

no i'm staying here if thats ok with Rose-Z 

i'm coming to get you stay there-H 


"what was that about??" she asked 

"Nothing" I answered then harry ran in panting 


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