love hurts


7. chapter six

Roses P.O.V 

wow I can't belive that I'm at the brit awards and I'm sitting next to Zayn Malik and the rest of One Direction this is the best night even I was pulled out of my thoughts by James Corden asking "So I've seen the pics of you and Zayn whats going on between you two's" 

"we are just friends trust me" Zayn replyed for me 

"for now" James said cheekily "well see you later" 

the rest of the night I waited for my prefomance with Taylor and when it came to it I walked on stage and Taylor wasn't there but the music played but it wasn't 'the lucky one' it was 'I'd lie' so I started to sing , but due to force of habit  sang all the words to describe Zayn and not the normal lyrics . I saw his face he wasn't frowning like I thought that he would he was smiling then Louis whispered something to him then he nodded . I finished my preformance then it was the award I was nominated for 'best brake through act' I was up against Jake Bugg , Rita Ora , alt-J and Jessie Ware . Taylor was giving the award away 

"And the winner is ................................ Rose" she said happily into the mic" 

I was in shock I had just won a brit I stood up and I got a hug from the boys and then I got a hug and a kiss on the cheek from Zayn I just wish it was on the lips . I walked up to the stage and go the award handed to me 

"Wow , just wow I would like to thank my friends including Theo , Adam and the 1D boys and of corse every one who voted me to win this award and modest manegment for taking a risk on me thank you one and all" I said into the mic and then hugged Taylor and walked off the stage and sat next to the boys and then Niall said " That's where I know you from" 

"What are you about Niall??" I asked taking a drink of my beer 

"We have the same managment I've seen you around the building you normally had meetings before us" he explained 

"That's where I saw you from and also Uncle Simon saying stuff about the boys I always thought that he meant like a friends kids or something like that" I said kinda shy 

"FYI your hair looks better down then up then down" he added 

"Not weird at all" Louis said sarcasticly 

"So is your dad and bro here??" Zayn asked 

"Yeh he has a flat like 10-15 mins away so I was going to go there instead of going to an after party" I said

"sweet can I like meet him if you don't mind??" He asked     

"um..... yeh sure if you want" I said kinda shocked 





hey guys thx for reading my movellas just wondering do you want Zayn to ask Rose to be his girl friend or keep them hidding their feelings for each other for a little longer .........................IT'S UP TO YOU HAVE THE POWER TO DECIDE 

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