love hurts


8. chapter seven

[hey guys Emily is Roses mum] 


Emily's P.O.V 

Another night alone in London and me well I'm at home watching the Brit awards I wasn't really paying attention until I saw a face a new it had changed a wee bit I knew that delicate face with freckles , blue eyes and alburn hair on her head It's ... Rose . I can't believe my little girl whom I left 14 years ago is on the Brit awards she was on earlier talking to James Corden and she was sitting next to One Direction , 

"Mummy I can't sleep" Screamed Harper my little 4 year old girl 

"Mummy will be there in a minute" I yelled as I got up off the sofa and walking up to her room which is covered in One Direction posters 

"Do you want mummy to sing to you sweetie??" I asked 

"Yes please" She said softly 

"your hand fit's in mine like it's made just for me but bare in mind it was meant to be and I'm joining up the dots with the freckles on your cheek and it all makes sense to me ............" I sang "Go night sweetie" 


Roses P.O.V 

The Brit awards had just finished and Zayn and I were going to try and find my brother and dad , then I saw them I let go of Zayn's hand and ran straight to them and hugged them really tightly , 

"Can't breath , can't breath" Gasped Craig my older brother 

"Sorry" I said and let go of them 

"So who's this then , eh??" My dad asked pointing towards Zayn 

"I'm Zayn , Zayn Malik" Zayn answered and put his hand out for my dad to shake it 

"Dougal , Dougal Philips"my dad said and shook his hand 

"So are we going back to mine or what??" Craig asked 

"What do you think" I replied in a sarcastic tone 

"Now , Now children" My dad said laughing a bit    

"Is it aright if Zayn comes as well??" I asked 

"Yeah sure I do need to see what kind of man my little sis is going about with"Craig said in his big brother tone . We got into Craig's car and we went back to Craig's house we just got out the car and was walking up the path to his front door and she was there ........... 

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