love hurts


10. Chapter nine

Roses P.O.V 

I had been awake for about 30 minuets ,thinking of a way to get out of this bed with out waking my beautiful boyfriend ,Zayn. After I managed to remove my self from the bed I went over to my full length mirror and I pulled my P.J top up to just under my breasts and looked at the scars left from the horrible treatment I had when I was younger to deal with my leukemia . I couldn't help but tear up at the painful memories . My sobbing must have awoken Zayn , because I felt a warm hand pull my top down and then pull me in for a hug. 

"I'm sorry" I sobbed into his chest 

"Sorry for what?" He asked 

"I'm sorry , because you have a girlfriend with ugly scars all over her" I said as I sobbed harder into his chest 

"That won't change anything Rose and I mean it , I love you with all of my heart" He whispered into my ear while stroking my hair , "C'mon let's get a few more hours sleep it's only half six" He said and led me back to the bed where we both lay previously and layed me down on my back and then he climbed in after 

"What are those scars from , if that's okay for me to ask??" Zayn asked in a whisper tone 

"From leukemia treatment from when I was younger" I stammered trying to fight the tears that were coming 

"Wow ....... Does Theo and Adam know??" He asked as whipped away a few stray tears 

"No I never told them an.....and I don't planing on" I told him 

After that last statement we were both quite , Zayn fell back to sleep I knew this because a few light snores left his mouth 


From: Carrot man [Louis] 

Where is Zayn ???


To : Carrot man [Louis] 

At mine he'z asleep 


From: Carrot man [Louis] 

Ooooooh have fun ;] 


To :Carrot man [Louis] 

LOUIS !!!!!!!!!!!!! I'll get him to call you later        

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