love hurts


5. chapter four

Roses P.O.V 

"In missy" Theo ordered 

"fine" I mumbled got sake Theo and Adam are so over protective of me some times I'm 19 not 9 

"were is the bus parked??" I asked 

"round the back" Theo answered I waked thought the hall out the back door and in to the bus and I crawled into my bunk knowing that I was gonna have a huge hangover tomorrow  . 


Zayn's P.O.V 

Liam is gonna kill me and Harry when we get in or when we wake up with the hangover from hell !!!!!!!!!!! Harry is stumbling all over the pavement he is leaning on me for dear life at least I have Roses mobile number . 

"There you are !! where have you been???" Louis asked 

"out boobare" Harry giggled he is really pissed 

"can you take him up to his room please" I asked Louis 

"yeh that's fine Zayn" Louis said "Come here hazza" 




Roses P.O.V 

Lord help me Jesus Christ I have a massive hangover and I have an interview today about my first album 

"give me an aspirin Theo please" I begged 

"fine here you are" he said while passing me my aspirin and a bottle of water 

"do you remember any thing from last night when you went out with Zayn and Harry ???" Adam asked 

"well we left the O2 academy and walked down to the club and had a few drinks by that I mean like 15 shots and a bottle of some drink then Theo telling me to get back inside that's it " I said 

"Fair enough now get ready for your interview" Adam said 


-----AT THE INTERVIEW------- 


"And now we have Roses Philips" Holly Willoughby said into the mic as I walked on 

"Hi Holly" I said smiling 

"so what's your album called??" she asked 

"It's called Loch Lomond and It's called that because It's where I last saw my mum and dad together" I explained 

"that' nice , so I know this ain't a gossip show but you were spotted with One Directions Zayn Malik and Harry Styles last night care to explain??" she asked 

"well they was at the gig last night and we went out for a few drinks and that's it" I answered kinda shocked why was she asking this ?????       

"well he is back stage every body welcome Zayn every body" she said I could see the glimmer in her eyes like she knows something  

"hi Zayn" I whispered to him as he sat down 

"Hi Rose" he whispered back 

After another 10 minutes of questions the show was over ,thank you god, 

"see yah Zayn" I said while walking past him 

"Wait Rose when will I see you again??" He asked kinda shy 

"In a couple weeks probably" I answered 

"how??" he asked this time confused 

"the brit awards I'm nominated and singing live sweetie" I said with a smile 

"ok well see you in London then txt me some time " he said

"Ok see yah" I said then I kissed him on the cheek


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