love hurts


9. chapter eight

Roses P.O.V 


"WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE !!!" I screamed at my mother as I walked closer to her 

"I wanted to see you." She replied 

"WELL YOU HAVE NOW PISS OFF!!" I screamed at her 

"Mummy why is that lady being mean with words to you??" Asked a little girl holding her leg 

"Sweetie this lady is your sister"She explained too the little girl 

 "No she is not it's just you , me and daddy"She protested 

'What should I do??' I mouthed to my dad , brother and Zayn , My dad and Brother pushed Zayn forward 

"What's the problem here??" He asked happily 

"Both of my daughters are being bitches to me"She said giving me a dirty look 

"Well rose ain't being a bitch , I would be acting the same way if my mother walked out on me when I was five." Zayn said bluntly 

"Excuse me??" My mum asked speechless

"Zayn's right mum , you left me when I needed you the most you walked out of that hospital ward and I never saw you after that" I said 

"I'm sorry rose you've gotta believe me it was so stressful!!" She begged 

"DO YOU KNOW HOW HARD IT WAS FOR ME HAVING ALL OF THOSE NEEDLES COMING OUT OF MY SKIN!!" I screamed , I was no on the verged of tears a few had already spilled over and were now spilling over and leaving black marks down my cheeks , my eye make up is now all smudge . Zayn pulled me into his chest for a hug and the fact my legs would no longer support me.

"I think that its better if you leave now" Zayn told my mother and the un-named child , my mother walked away . 

My dad ran up to me and took me out of Zayn's arms into his ,"Shhhh shhhh , it's ok let them all out" He whispered into my ear.

"Your rooms still the same , you look like you can do with some sleep" My brother said ,

"Zayn to you mind??" My dad asked passing him myself , he shook his head . 


Zayn's P.O.V

Her father passed her into my arms , see looked so peaceful she had fell asleep in my arms . I carried her through the front door , upstairs and finnaly into her room I layed her down on her bed I grabbed some 'Simple' face make up removal whips and started to take her make-up off . As it came off I saw her pure face , she looked so young with out it , peaceful,  beautiful and still these were the only words that came to mind at this point in time . I also took the curby grips out of her hair and then changed her out of her dress and into her P.J's . then I pulled the duvet back and placed her under it. I climbed in after removing my shirt and trousers leaving my boxers on . 

"I love you Rose." I whispered into her ears while I slipped my arms around her waist 

"I love you too Zayn" She whispered back 

"Will you be my girlfriend??" I asked 

"I would be my honer"She replied while turning round to face be she looked me straight into my eyes then kissed me on the lips ,"Good night my prince" 

After those 4 words I knew that I had found my angel , we both fell a sleep in each others arms     

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