love hurts


4. chapter 3

Roses P.O.V 

"This is not weird at all does Theo and Adam know about this??" I asked 

"No" they said in sync 

"any way fancie a kabab" I asked while getting my hand bag 



---Out side the building--- 

"I thought that we are going to get a kebab??" Harry asked 

"yes but after we have a few drinks" I explained 

"How old are you??" The bouncer asked 

"18,19,20" I answered 

"In you go" he pointed to the door 

After about 3 pints , 15 shots of some drink and a bottle of buckie all three of as were pissed 

"KEBAB TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" HARRY YELLED as he dragged Zayn and me out of the club and into the first kebab shop we saw and we walked back to the O2 academy and walked through the front door and Theo started yelling at me ,"WHERE THE HELL WERE YOU ROSE WE WERE WORRIED SICK !!!" 

"came you pits dad I was out having fun with Harry and Zayn" I slurred he could tell I was drunk 

"You've been drinking " Adam said with disappointment in his voice 

"sooooooooooo" I said 

"how much did you drink??" Theo asked 

"Harry how much did we drink???" I asked 

"I don't know but a lot of shots" he replyed even doubting his answer 

"In missy" Theo ordered 

"fine" I mumbled  

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