Me, you and colourful meanings (ShortStory - MEC contest)

Ethan Waters, a 19 year old guy, has always been Hailey Greys best friend. She didn't realise she was falling for him, until she had already fallen.
Who knew a day under the shinning sun mixed with a few colourful balloons would change their friendship forever. Follow Haileys battle in this short story against Ethan's girlfriend to the end - And maybe things will turn for the better for Hailey's sake?

*Entering the Contest - Movellas English Class*


1. Me, you and colourful meanings.





‘’Are you sure this is healthy Ethan?’’ I watched him closely, as he was about to put the second balloon between his lips to get a new dose of helium. He stopped just before it touched his half parted lips, to give me his perfect smirk like always.


‘’Are you afraid?’’ His eyes darted to mine, in search for my usually reaction to these kind of things.


‘’No’’ I said it stern and I did somehow mean it, even though it was a bit scary ‘’Not when I’m with you, I’m not’’ I added silently at the end. My eyes searched the ground for a minute or two, before I managed to look Ethan in the eyes again.


I honestly didn’t know what to expect when I met his eyes, looking straight into mine, but somehow I felt his eyes smiling back at me, before he’d laugh a bit. My own lips instantly went into a smile too, and I saw how he took the balloon between his lips to take a great amount of helium.


‘’99 Luftballons, auf ihrem Weg zum Horizont‘‘. He began singing in his high-pitched voice, and I couldn’t stop laughing. He sucked big time at singing, and German too for that matter. He started laughing too, while his voice went back to its normal self, the husky and deep voice.


‘’Hailey, you should really try this!’’ Ethan finally said after a while, but his voice was still a bit shaken by the helium. I shook my head slowly, looking up at the blue sky.


‘’You’re no fun anymore!’’ he pouted, pulling out his bottom lip and making those stupid puppy eyes at me.


‘’You’re getting high! And I don’t want to be the one to tell your mom that you couldn’t stop inhaling helium, because you liked how your voice turned out’’ I watched his eyes flicker back and forth between me and the balloons, before he let go of his last balloon seeing it flying up in the air, leaving an empty spot between us on the pavement.  


‘’You’re in such a crap mood, even though the sun in shinning, you know that?’’ He asked in a joking tone.


‘’Oh shut it, Ethan’’ I said while I stood up rubbing the dirt of my legs, while Ethan gave me a weird look. He soon stood up as well, taking a quick look at his cellphone, announcing the clock.


‘’Oh I guess I should head home then..’’ I trailed off, knowing he’d have to pick up his girlfriend.


My stomach knotted together at the thought of them. I knew Ethan liked her, but in my eyes she was controlling. He knew what Anna felt about me. She hated my guts, and if she could, she’d keep Ethan away from me, because that’s just how she was. I haven’t even told Ethan she had showed up at my doorstep actually slapping me, because I had given Ethan a birthday present, which was too personal for her taste, last month when he turned 19.


I sighed a bit, hoping he didn’t see.


‘’Yea, I promised to pick up Anna before 5 anyway’’ I’m not sure he saw it, but when he said that, I saw him frown and I felt my stomach knot together again, when he said her name.


I had been in a relationship before, I had been in love, but I have never in my imagination thought that I would fall in love with my best friend. I was okay with being his best friend, as long as he was happy with Anna, then I wished everything good for the two of them, even though I disliked Anna.  But hey, I’d be whatever Ethan wanted me to be.


‘’Yea, see you around’’ I smiled back at him, and pulled him into a hug like we always do when we say goodbye.


I turned around and began walking towards my house, meanwhile the sky turned to a bright pink like the balloons from earlier.


What a coincidence.



‘’Hailey, Ethan is on the phone for you!’’ my mom’s voice rang up the stairs.


‘’I’ll take it up here!’’ I shouted back shutting my laptop down, and went outside my room, to pick up our phone upstairs.


‘’Hey Ethan’’ I said softly smiling at the same time.


‘’You’re hard to get a hang of, you know that Hailey Grey? What happened to your phone?’’ He added at the end, and I went to face palm myself, because I accidently dropped it into the sink this morning.


‘’Ehh’’ I played with the hem of my shirt, and continued ‘’ an accident with the sink?’’  I said it more like a question, and his laugher filled the other end of the phone. Of course it made smile more, just like a fool.


If only he knew.


‘’Oh well’’ he said finally after he caught his breath again. ‘’ I just wanted to know if you wanted to ride with me to school? I can pick you up in 15 minutes’’ He said confidently, like always.


‘’Sure thing, I’ll be outside in 20 then’’ I joked, knowing I’d probably stand outside in about 5 minutes, just to make sure I wouldn’t miss a chance of being with him, if he came earlier.


‘’You---‘’ I knew he was going to joke along with me, so I just yelled a bye, and pressed the bottom on the phone, probably leaving him hanging on the other end.


I walked into my room again, to pack the last of my school stuff, and putting a brush through my hair. I pulling on my jacket heading downstairs, just to see my mom sitting drinking her usual morning coffee, which by the way smelled REALLY bad.


‘’Ethan gives me a ride to school, and by the way I won’t be home tonight, because of Rebecca’s birthday party.’’ I announced, before taking an apple of off the table counter.


‘’Oh, so you’re heading there after school then?’’ my mom looked up at me from her newspaper, and I nodded silently while taking a bite of my apple.


‘’Tell her happy birthday from us then’’ she said smiling, and turning the next page.


‘’I will mom.’’ I said while I went over to kiss her cheek before heading to the entrance to put on my converse. I seriously always forgot how long it takes to put these on. I needed sneakers – So much easier to pull on!


‘’Oh and don’t wait up!’’ I yelled before opening the door to jump out and down our driveway, to wait for Ethan.


The sun was suddenly bursting out, and I felt the growing warmth hovering around my body like as if it was giving me a hug. I smiled at my own thoughts, and I heard the familiar car around the corner, and soon Ethan was honking at me, which made me sprit into the car taking the passenger seat.


‘’Morning’’ I sang to him, while giving him my best smile.


‘’Good morning to you too, miss I-am-more-happy-today-than-yesterday!’’ he smirked, while putting the car into a drive.


I shook my head and turned up the volume, knowing the song playing quietly in the background.


Oh god I love Demi Lovato’s new song!

‘’.. On the line,
never said yes to the right guy.
Never had trouble getting what I want.
But when it comes to you, I’m never good enough.
When I don’t care,
I can play ‘em like a Ken doll.
Won’t wash my hair
then make ‘em bounce like a basketball.


My voice trailed off, and I turned my head towards Ethan who was driving quietly, but the funny part was, it seemed as if he blushed. I shook my head and focused out the window again, seeing as we soon were arriving at school. 


Just in time for the good part of Heart Attack.


‘’..You make me glooooooooow, but I cover up.
Won’t let it shoooooooow. So I’m putting my defences up,
‘Cause I don’t want to fall in love.
If I ever did that, I think I’d have a heart attack!


I finished the line, just as we pulled into the parking space, and suddenly Ethan began laughing, while turning the volume down again.


‘’What?’’ I asked, with a grin.

‘’You’re going to leave guys for having a heart attack sometime’’ He spoke slowly, and frowned a bit, before stepping out of the car. I quickly followed after him.

‘’Oh yea? ’’ I asked a bit amused.

‘’Hell yea, you are’’ He said confidently, leaving the subject at that.


My smile faded a bit by the next upcoming words leaving Anna’s mouth, while she ran towards us – more likely Ethan. I stood by while she practically jumped at Ethan, tossing her arms around his neck, and kissing him, while giving me daggers with her eyes. Ethan pulled back quickly and tried to look composed.

‘’You know how I hate you doing that’’ he spat at her, while she just shook her shoulders as if it was nothing.

‘’Oh sweet pie, stop being like that!’’ She said teasingly while putting her hands on his chest.  I saw his eyes dart towards me, and I felt for a moment him, longing for being next to me. Until he stroked her cheek, telling her sweetly, not to call him that. I sighed, and began walking to class.


Couldn’t this day get by any quicker?



‘’Are you kidding me?’’ Rebecca practically shouted at me. I slowly nodded my head.


‘’I can’t believe he’s actually together with her, when she’s so mean’’ Her eyes tried seeking mine, but I shrugged my shoulders, remembering to be happy for them.


‘’He likes her, that’s enough reason’’ I answered in the end silently.


‘’If he likes her, then he’s just stupid!’’ She said for a fact, and then began to blow her balloons again. Seriously, I’ve had enough of balloons.


Green, blue, red, pink and every other colour.

Every colour meant something, but I didn’t really care. I somehow managed to convince myself to get pretty for tonight, and try to cut some slack and maybe move on from Ethan.

Stupid I tell you.


My red dress hugged my body ‘’sweetly’’ as Rebecca had said earlier, and it made me smile once again. I guess it did look good on me; I smiled to myself seeing my reflection in the mirror starring back at me. My hair looked pretty the way Rebecca had fixed it waving down my shoudlers, and leaving my hair curly and my light make-up made a complete Hailey Grey ready for celebrating Rebecca’s birthday.  


Oh, I forgot to tell you, she was wearing my present by the way. She loved her green dress, which I had found 1 week ago, knowing she’d love it right away.


‘’Okay, I’m done now’’ she announced, clapping her hands together. I smiled at her, giving her the thumbs up.


‘’Let’s get ready to partyyyyyy!!’’ she screamed in my ear, while pulling out all of her booze onto the tables.

‘’Shots?’’ She said holding up a bottle, of unknown liquid.

‘’Oh you know me very good my friend!’’ I said bouncing up and down happily knowing it would take my mind of off things


Well, let’s get this party started!



My head was beginning to be normal again. 2 hours later, I had taken 5 shots with Rebecca and some of our friends which joined us, I had said enough, knowing I didn’t want to have a hangover tomorrow morning.  I kept to the red liquid I had in my green cup, holding it tight in my hand, as I tried walking through the entire massive amount of people talking and having a blast in Rebecca’s living room.


Where were Rebecca anyway?


‘’Yo Hails!’’ My wrist was grabbed, and I turned around seeing Ethan right in front of me, smiling his lips off.


‘’Oh hi’’ I said while I tried to keep my balance, as people kept bouncing into me, making me loose it again.


His arms then came around my hips, pulling me closer, to keep me steady. My cheeks flushed red instantly, because I liked the feeling being this close to him.

‘’Woah there, careful’’ He said into my ear and I met his eyes smiling at me.

‘’Thanks’’ I muttered.


‘’Ethan what are you doing?’’ a high pitched voice came from across the room. It sorta reminded me of our balloon day, yesterday. But I knew the voice too well.




‘’Umm, nothing?’’ Ethan sounded like he didn’t care at all, which made me raise an eyebrow. I saw Anna’s eyes dart to mine, and I quickly pulled away from Ethan’s arms, leaving me standing cold.

‘’It sure didn’t seem like nothing’’ she said while stepping near, until she was standing beside Ethan’s side.


‘’Anna, I was about to trip, and he caught me’’ I said sweetly, but she just shook her head, leaving my insides burn up.

‘’I’ve had enough of you Hailey’’ She spat my name and I stood my ground shocked over her voice, while I began to notice everyone turned their attention at me.


I glared at Ethan, who looked confused at Anna’s reaction, and I quickly focused myself back on Anna’s mad face.


‘’You’re so full of yourself, thinking you can have Ethan, even though he’s in a relationship with me. But guess what bitch? He is off the market, so fuck off’’ My eyes started to water, and I felt the knot in my stomach grow wider, just as she stepped forward, pushing me into the wall, making my head bang into the wall. I stumbled for a moment, taking it all in, as people began to pull me and Anna further away from each other.


‘’I’m not done with you Hailey’’ I heard Anna’s voice as I was to be taken out of the living room, by a girl I noticed as Amy.


‘’What do you want?!’’ I yelled back at Anna, as a row of people moved out of her way, but she was still held back. I couldn’t see Ethan anywhere, and I felt I was about to break down. How can she be so cruel!? I never did anything to her.

‘’What I want?’’ She screamed, and shook her surrounding hands of off her, and stormed in my direction.

‘’I want you to leave Ethan alone, he does not need you in –‘’ I blocked out her voice, once I saw her hand in the air, and I made myself ready for the pain which I knew would come.


Only it didn’t.


I opened my eyes, because I had closed them just a second before I knew her hand would slap me, seeing someone stand with his back against my face, and I felt myself at ease. I looked up and saw the brown hair, spiked in different directions, knowing who it was.


Ethan Waters.


‘’Don’t you dare touch her!’’ He screamed at her face and I felt myself leaning forward, to feel the warmth of Ethan’s body. I felt his back tense, as he realized what I was doing.

‘’Don’t Ethan’’ I whispered, trying to hold my voice even, so he wouldn’t know how much I was trembling.

‘’Ethan?’’ Anna questioned.


‘’Just stop it, I’ll go’’ I said, turning on my red heels and leaving everyone behind. I couldn’t take it anymore, and I didn’t want to cry in front of everyone. I heard a mix of Rebecca’s voice among others, but I just burst open the door and walked past every car that was parked, towards nowhere.



My arms shivered from the cold, because I was so stupid to not bring my jacket with me. That’s what happens when you cry and run out, without looking back. A few mins had passed, and I felt the wind going wild. My eyes kept making new tears to stream down my face, and I was so focused at trying to calm my breathing down, that I didn’t notice anything around me really.




Now I was hearing thoughts too. I should go home before I got sick and seriously ended up with the worse cold.


‘’Hailey , stop!’’ The voice grew higher, and I turned around.


I expected to see Rebecca, but who was I kidding. Rebecca had a sweet girly voice, not a husky manly voice, which by the way was, what was in front of me.


‘’E-Ethan?’’ I asked confused, trying to look towards Rebecca’s house, searching for others.


‘’Hailey, listen to me’’ Ethan came over to me, and took hold of me like he had in the living room. I felt myself getting warmer, and suddenly his lips crashed to mine.

My brain somehow managed to work, so my lips moved in sync with his, making me put my hands around his neck, until he pulled apart, still holding me tight.


‘’Stop running away. I’m here for you now’’


‘’But what about Anna?’’ I asked, still with tears in my eyes, and still surprised by our kiss.


‘’I don’t care about Anna. I realized just now. It was you all along. You make my heart skip a beat, and I was too stupid to see it – until now’’ His eyes said everything. I believed every word he just said, as I pulled him into another kiss.


‘’Are you afraid?’’ He asked pulling away like he had yesterday, and this time I smiled back at him.

‘’I’d swallow all the Helium in the world, if that’s what it takes, to make you realize you like me’’.

‘’Love you mean’’ he smirked.

‘’I love you too’’.


And that’s how my Grey balloon turned to a bright pink, leaving everything but

Me ,you and colorful meanings.



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