Truly, Madly, Deeply In Love With You (Niall Horan fanfic)

Alexandra was born in the United States. while her brother was born in the Uk. Their parents are divorced. She lived with her dad, but moved to the UK with her mom when she was 15. Her brother is Liam Payne. She went through the whole X-Factor phase and the becoming famous phase with her brother and the boys. She tours with them as well. She loves them all and they all lover her. Especially her best friend Naill. What will happen when she starts gaining feelings for him. Will she tell him and risk ruining their friendship, or will she keep it to herself...


7. Chapter 5

Alexandra’s POV: I heard a soft beeping noise. My eyes fluttered open and I woke up to see a beautiful sight: Niall. He was sleeping on a chair. His hand was in mine, and I noticed that his eyes were red and puffy. Why has he been crying? Niall woke up suddenly. “Your alive!” he said full of joy. I giggled. “Yeah. What happened?” “You were knocked out. This guy found you on the street. He’s still here. He insisted on seeing you.” He said, almost sounding jealous. “Oh.” “So what happened to you.” He asked full of concern. “I was walking to the café, when these two crazy fans started punching and kicking me. They said I deserved it.” I said looking ashamed. “Your worth more than anyone in this world” he says leaning in close and holds my hand tighter. We were interrupted by a guy. “Hi. Its nice to finally meet you.” He says sitting next to Niall. “This is the guy who saved you.” Said Niall sounding unimpressed. “Can I talk to her for a sec?” he says. Niall takes a while to reply. “Sure.” He leaves. “ And then there were two…” I said. He laughed which made me giggle. We talked for 20 minutes, and we really got to know each other. “Alex, I know we just met, but would you want to go on a date with when you get out of here? He asked. A million thoughts ran through my head. I thought about Niall. How I love. How he’ll never love me back, but how he’s my best friend. And I thought about how much I love him. I replied. “Umm…”
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