Truly, Madly, Deeply In Love With You (Niall Horan fanfic)

Alexandra was born in the United States. while her brother was born in the Uk. Their parents are divorced. She lived with her dad, but moved to the UK with her mom when she was 15. Her brother is Liam Payne. She went through the whole X-Factor phase and the becoming famous phase with her brother and the boys. She tours with them as well. She loves them all and they all lover her. Especially her best friend Naill. What will happen when she starts gaining feelings for him. Will she tell him and risk ruining their friendship, or will she keep it to herself...


6. Chapter 4

Niall's POV: Alex and i were walking to a near cafe . She looked stunning. The sun shone perfectly off her tanned skin and light brown wavy hair .God knows, how such a beautiful creature came into my life. My thoughts were interrupted by my phone vibrating in my pocket. “ Hello”? “Niall, its Paul, i need you here in five minutes!” “Why!” i said loudly. “Just come!” he hung up. I groaned. “Please don’t hate me. I…” I started to say to Alex. “Duty calls, I know” she interrupted. The gorgeous grin she had on her face disappeared. “Are you still going to the café?” I asked “Yeah.” “Please be careful” I said concerned. “I will” she mumbled and walked away quickly. I sighed. I felt so horrible for leaving her, but she was right, duty calls. I laughed at the fact that she said duty. I’m such a kid. Alexandra’s POV: I walked away before tears fell out of my eyes. Niall is one of the most famous person in this world. Why am I falling for him, when I know he would never fall for me? I was walking past a dark alley and was shaken out of my thoughts when two girls, one blonde, one brunet, bumped into me and almost made me fall. “Excuse you” I said rudely. “OMG, your Alexandra Payne!” The brunet said. “Yup” “Im Olivia Horan, and this Marie Styles.” Said the blonde. Oh no….crazy fans…. “Yah, and we hate you. You stole our part in One Direction’s life! And now, you will pay the consequences ” Replied the brunet. They both walked closer and closer to me. I did the first thing my mind told me to do: run. Unfortunately, I ran into the dark alley. There was a wall, I was doomed. They started to punch me and kick me. I fell to the ground, and everything went black. Comment what you think :) Thanks for reading!!!! <3
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