Truly, Madly, Deeply In Love With You (Niall Horan fanfic)

Alexandra was born in the United States. while her brother was born in the Uk. Their parents are divorced. She lived with her dad, but moved to the UK with her mom when she was 15. Her brother is Liam Payne. She went through the whole X-Factor phase and the becoming famous phase with her brother and the boys. She tours with them as well. She loves them all and they all lover her. Especially her best friend Naill. What will happen when she starts gaining feelings for him. Will she tell him and risk ruining their friendship, or will she keep it to herself...


5. Chapter 3

Alexandra's POV:

i woke up the beautiful voice of Naill. He was singing "isn't she lovely" by Stevie Wonder. His breathed on my neck. My eyes fluttered open.


"Good morning Alex" he said and kissed my head.


"Good morning Ni." i replied.


"We're at the hotel"


"What time is it?" i asked


"10 am"


i groaned.


"Come on!" he said.


i got up, grabbed my bags and entered the hotel. The boys were already there. We said our good mornings and walked into the lift. 


"Ok, so here are your room keys"said Liam. "Sis, your sharing with Niall again."


The boys whistled and i felt my face get as red as the red carpet we'll walk on in a month. The lift opened and we all walked our separate ways. Naill opened our door and we him and i walked in and threw our bags on the bed.


"Are we going out for breakfast?" he asked


"Yeah sure, let me take a shower and ill be ready in about 15."




i grabbed some clothes, a towel and walked into the bathroom.  After turning on the shower, i stripped my clothes off and walked in. the warm water streaming down my body felt so good. i decided to wash my wavy long light-brown hair. i stepped out of the shower and dried my body. i put on my white jeans with black strips and an orange tank top with a black skull on it. i walked outside to find Nialll with only his pants on. i didn't realize i was staring until he said:


"like what you see"? he laughed  


"errr.....sorry." i blushed.


"its fine" he walked into the bathroom and took a shower. i put on my shoes and waited for him to come out.




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