Truly, Madly, Deeply In Love With You (Niall Horan fanfic)

Alexandra was born in the United States. while her brother was born in the Uk. Their parents are divorced. She lived with her dad, but moved to the UK with her mom when she was 15. Her brother is Liam Payne. She went through the whole X-Factor phase and the becoming famous phase with her brother and the boys. She tours with them as well. She loves them all and they all lover her. Especially her best friend Naill. What will happen when she starts gaining feelings for him. Will she tell him and risk ruining their friendship, or will she keep it to herself...


2. Chapter 1

Alexandra's POV "Hurry up!" Niall's voise shouted in the distance. We were rushing to get on the plane. I had to go to the toilet. Niall being the gentlemen he was, decided to wait for me. Unfortunately, it took longer than we had expected. So here we are, running to the gate. When we finally got there, Niall and I turned in our passports and tickets. Liam was in the fifth row sitting with Louis. Zayn was next to them with Harry, Paul was in the back. Niall and I took our seats in front of Louis and Liam. We breathed deeply, then it turned into laughter. The loud speaker interrupted us. "Thank you for flying with British Airways, our stop will be California, about 11 hours. Enjoy your flight!" I got out my iPhone and cheeked my twitter. There was always so much hate towards me because i'm THE Liam Payne's sister, and THE Niall Horan's best friend. its been almost 3 years and they wont stop. It got so bad that i used to cut. They boys helped me though. I cut much less now. But the hate just never stops. I didn't realize i was crying until Niall wiped away my tears with his thumb. "Dont cry Alex. I...we love you so much, and you know i hate it when you cry. Much less when you read hate. Please stop" He said. He was always so kind and generous. I love him so much. His electric blue eyes, those clear braces, that bleached hair....what am i saying?! He is only a friend. Nothing more, nothing less. "I love you too" i mumbled. "Here, lets listen to music" He said as he handed me an ear bud. I took it gradually and listen to song. Lego House by Ed Sheeran.The lyrics came into my ear camly and peacefully. I felt my eyes become heavier and heavier with each word, untilI I came to a deep sleep ________________________________________________________________________________ Thank you to whoever is reading this. Its my first chapter and my first Movella. Sorry it was very short but i promise the chapters will get longer and longer. I also know its not very interesting but i also promise that it will get VERY interesting! :) I am also still looking for:::::: *Alexandra's Best Friend *Harry's girlfriend *Harry's girlfriend #2 (will be in the story later on) *Alexandra's other friends (each will be in at least 5 chapters) Much love Alexandra xx
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