I Want, Gets.

Tia has always been different, but she's never quite known why. She has never been without what she wanted; she's the center of attention at school, at home... everywhere.

And something's not right...

-BM at the and of a chapter name means 'By Mirlotta', BH at the end of one means 'By Hellohihi', and BB means 'By Both'.


7. The Answer? - BM

Pushing thoughts of the rodent, now scampering about on the floor, aside, I turned as Miss Penmoore addressed me with her question again : "Tia, chica, why have you come here?" My face heated  up in embarassement, pink spreading rapidly across my cheeks. What was I doing here? I couldn't just ask her if she knew if there was any others of my kind, or what I was, or if I should even be here? She'd think me mad! Swallowing, I rubbed my nose, in a sort of nervous agitation. 

This time, it was really it.

I had to say something, and after all this trouble it had to help me.

But what?

My words came tumbling out in a stream of frantic letters, almost incoherent, and yet somehow, exactly what I needed to say. 

"Miss Penmoore, what do you think of me?"

The elder lady frowned slightly, her brow furrowing. 

"Tia, what do you mean?"

"Me, Miss Penmoore. All of...me." 

I gestured to myself, quickly losing the little confidence I had. The librarian shook her head, her own spirits suddenly sorrowful, as she grabbed me by the arm yanking me upwards. "Come chica. You follow me." 

In contrast to her expression, my heart leapt, ecstatic at what was happening. I was right! Miss  Penmoore knew all about me, my kind... I smiled in gratitude as she led me into the back of the house, into a small room lined with books, paved with books, cloaked entirely in books. 

"Tia, are you being bullied?"

I stared at her, taken aback. "Um.. no Miss Penmoore... I mean, the other kids are kind of wary of me... but you can obviously see why..." She shook her head, not understanding. "I.. I thought you could help me. Before I... break." My breaths came in shallow gulps, my chest heaving in, and out, in and out, and I could feel tears beginning to well in the corners of my eyes.

Miss Penmoore pursed her usually grinning lips. Leaning forward, she grasped a slim, hardback volume from the shelf, thrusting it into my hands. I peered down eagerly, hoping to see the book which would solve my problems...

Suffice to say, I was bitterly disappointed. 

Inscribed in silver italics onto deep blue leather, the words 'Embracing yourself - a self help guide to deal with bullies, anger and the snake called suicide.'

I dropped the book in shock, to which Miss Penmoore gasped, disgusted that I treat one of her beloved books in such a way. Her mouth set into a taut straight line, and I pushed my face up to hers, anger blurring my mind. 

Of course she couldn't help! 

Of course!

And yet, I couldn't help to have one last try. 

Almost nose to nose, I spoke in a bitter snarl, crushing my nails into my palms. When my voice found the air this time, it was intertwined with my will, my will for her to tell me what she knew, if anything, about my condition. 

About me.

Her eyes glazed over, her stare becoming vague, unfocused. In a tight, high pitched voice, she spoke, her spanish accent gone. "You... are different. Tia." Miss Penmoore paused, trying to restrain her next words. "You. Are not like. The... others..." She gasped, trying to find the air in her chest but I didn't care, not now. "Book. In corner. Some. Sort of... legend. It sounds like... you."

I whirled, as the friendly librarian collapsed in a heap on the floor, as I sprinted to the corner of the room.

I had one goal in my mind.

I had to find that book.


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