I Want, Gets.

Tia has always been different, but she's never quite known why. She has never been without what she wanted; she's the center of attention at school, at home... everywhere.

And something's not right...

-BM at the and of a chapter name means 'By Mirlotta', BH at the end of one means 'By Hellohihi', and BB means 'By Both'.


6. Burst Bubble (BB)

My whole life I had kept my secret.  Like a bubble that was welling up inside me, that was someday going to explode, and everything would come pouring out.  I always knew it would, at some point.  I just never realized that 'Some Point' was today.

As I walked down the winding, tree-lined avenue, I willed everyone to tell me all that they knew about what I was when they were asked.  If anyone knew something, Miss Penmoore did.  She wasn't your stereotypical librarian:  she had bright ginger hair, her bright blue glasses were not hung from chains, she was in her mid-30s, her wardrobe was most certainly not more than 75% cardigans, and best of all, she was all smiles.  Thanks to her Spanish origin, she had a maraca which she shook when she wanted quiet.  Even still, she was the smartest person in the village, and one of my last options.

I clenched my eyes tightly shut when I came to her door and hammered on it with one, pale fist.

Miss Penmoore was a swish of colour in the dreary monotonous town in which I lived, and, when she opened the door, I truly felt the youth inside her. Her trademark blue glasses askew on one ear, I couldn't help myself but grin at the sight of her. I really did like Miss Penmoore; she was one of those people who you felt truly did like everybody, no matter how naughty, loathsome or mean they were.

"Tia!" she exclaimed with a surprised smile. Pinchng my cheeks with her strong, tanned hands she continued, "Ah now Tia, I wasn't expecting you today! What would you like chica?"

I steeled myself, ready to ask the all important question.

"Well, Miss.. I mean.. uh...yes... welll... - "

"Tia, chica, you must come in, come in! Yes, yes, that's it, tell me inside huh?" I sighed a little, as I let myself be pushed through the open door to her all too welcoming abode. As the librarian led me through to her sitting room she turned back to me, with the words : "Don't mind Carter now Tia.He won't harm you!" With a low chuckle she grabbed a hand embroidered cushion, chucked it onto the dark leather sofa and pushed me down after it.

"Are you comfortable Tia?"

"Very," I replied, slightly amused at her harum scarum way of inviting me inside. However, though it had lightened it, my mood, was still almost as despairing as it had been when I first left school to come here.

"Now then chica..." She paused,  still showing her pearly teeth as she smiled, "What was it you wanted to tell me?"

This was it.

This was the answer to my problems.

This was the solution to my puzzle.

I took a breath, resolute and determined.

"Miss Penmoore, what do you - Oh!" Responding to the sudden weight I felt on my feet, I conciously looked downwards, meeting the gaze of a curious, white mouse.

And then - "Ah," when I realised the brown on my sock was not its tail after all.

So this was Carter.



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