Isn't she's perfect

Jenny who have a prefect life, goes into two troubles in the same day. She tries to kill herself, but a young cutie man came and stopped her. She starts from then to hang out with him. But it turns he is famous, and she think she knows him before.. Could she really have seen Niall before? Will Niall or Louis win over her?


4. Uncovering to Niall

 Jenny pov

Omg the boys that stood in front the door were also working in the band with nialler! They are too sexy for this work, I thought.maybe a fashion show, or anything that show the world they are hottie. My ideas were interrupted by Niall. "So babe, this is Louis, Harry, Liam,and zayn" I just nodded, as I gave each one a handshake, I felt a kind of feeling toward Louis, like omg look at him!

Niall pov

as we introduced each other, we went inside the lovely home. She just gasped. "Hey love" Harry came toward her. Uhh Harry and his flittering. Her eyes were on me? Or Louis? Omg why do i include Louis? He have a girlfriend after all. Liam said'"what is your name!" She giggled as she said "Jenny." Omg she is too beautiful when she giggle. I putted an arm around her, "wanna go out today!" She giggled and "yes,love" I think she loves me again, to relieve about it.

 Jenny pPOV

i think that iam already in love with him, like look at him, he is such a perfect guy.and his lips were too?.........I blushed at the idea..."what's wrong babe?" "I wanna be with you forever" I said looking down..."let's go over there all alone to talk our friendly chat" he said with a smile that make you to froze that part and see it every single second. "Ohhh the love birds wanna have a lone time guys!" Laughed Louis. I laughed as well. We got up, and Niall said,"why do I have a bad feeling about your family?what happened?" I looked down at the thought of my parents..." you dad got to abuse my mom and me...he got too drunk, that then both. Of them divorced...every day he would of a new way to kill us..."I sobbed. I felt I could tell him everything.."don't worry I will not let him even touch you"he hugged me. His nialler hug was the best. He erased the tears with his thumb. They boys came, and said let's play truth or dare! We nodded as we hurried dodownstairs 

dad pPOV

i gotcha now you will see you little bitch. I took the piece of paper, happy of how brilliant am I. No escape from your dad! "Darling, I need to talk to you" I turned as I saw jemmy, the bitch who I got married. "I took the knife as swinging it in the air, ready for killing her first...


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