Isn't she's perfect

Jenny who have a prefect life, goes into two troubles in the same day. She tries to kill herself, but a young cutie man came and stopped her. She starts from then to hang out with him. But it turns he is famous, and she think she knows him before.. Could she really have seen Niall before? Will Niall or Louis win over her?


5. Truth or dare

Niall pov

 we had sat in the floor as a circle. Eleanor, and Pierre came. Then Louis started. He turned to me an asked with a grin, "truth or dare?" I looked nervously as I said,"dare" I want to show to Jenny that iam strong. Then Louis said,"swap your clothes with Jenny" that freak! I looked at her. She had a small smile. I gave her my shirt. She gasped at my chest. Well ya, I do have six packs, after all iam a celebrity.

jenny pov

omg he looks as sexy as hell. I entered to my room, as I changed my shirt. I gave him the shirt. He looks as funny! Then Louis started to laugh so hard, that he panicked for air! Omg he looked so funny! Then it was my turn. "Truth or dare" I pointed at Louis."dare" he says with a grin." I dare m;....." I looked at Eleanor. Then I thought of an evil idea." Kiss anyone here" h e looks at Eleanor, gave her a big kiss. I felt jealous to say the truth.then the game continued with Liam. He looks at me and say"truth or dare" truth" I said. Everyone gasped. "Who do you love?" I sat blankly, yeah my old boyfriend is hanging out with a girl...Niall...yeah he is my love."nialler" I said giving him a big kiss in the check. He looked amazed, his eyes sparkles....then we sat and continued the game. It was too funny. 


Dad ppov 

finally I got the heck from there. I killed her, and now that slut. We will see how am I going to clean this blood from the couch, and her dead body.. Uhh a lot of work...


jenny pPOVi felt a bad feeling in that just had no idea, and wish she is fine..

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