Isn't she's perfect

Jenny who have a prefect life, goes into two troubles in the same day. She tries to kill herself, but a young cutie man came and stopped her. She starts from then to hang out with him. But it turns he is famous, and she think she knows him before.. Could she really have seen Niall before? Will Niall or Louis win over her?


2. Love is it?

Well I still stood there frozen. "Umm Jenny iam your childhood friend do you remember me?" No I don't I though. My mom had the sad face and pushed him aside and talked to him about something. I looked at him."no" he gave me a hug, "iam sorry" he says. Why should he apology?!

Niall POV

 poor Jenny. I never thought she loose her memory every five years... I hugged her so tight. Then her eyes sparkled. Omg, she and her beautiful greenish eyes. Her lips, body, heavier, eyelashes, everything was special. Could I confess to her? Would she accept? All this thoughts were interrupted, when she moved aside.  "Hey Niall!, I remember you!" I stood there speechless, iam over happy. I could ran and jump roaring hooray the whole day, no year."she kissed me. Her lips crushing on Mine. How soft they were. I would stay forever there. I love her, even before 7 years ago.


jenny POV

 omg I kissed him! I pulled him away and ran?! Why did I even had the urge to kiss him? I kept on thinking, feeling someone hands on my shoulder. I screamed. Oh it is only hair flew everywhere, "I love you" he says. "From even we first met 7 years ago, I had feelings for you. It grows within every second pass" I kissed him as a reply. I think I have already fallen to him.



i swear iam gonna kill that bitch, and her mother slut. I drank another cup of beer. I looked at the watch. It is late. Where the heck are they! Iam gonna fucking kill that daughter£ very sure she is hanging around with boys, or even I gulped some other alcohol.

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