Isn't she's perfect

Jenny who have a prefect life, goes into two troubles in the same day. She tries to kill herself, but a young cutie man came and stopped her. She starts from then to hang out with him. But it turns he is famous, and she think she knows him before.. Could she really have seen Niall before? Will Niall or Louis win over her?


3. He is a singer!

Jenny POV

 I feel that I already trust him. As if he is mine. He got my hand, and asked "would you like to stay with me? And also to see my mates" I nodded as a purely, as I putted gently my head on his chest. Now I remember every single thing. He is my love, true love.i went with him, till we entered to a car. He opens the door, and went to the other door."Niall.." I said, while having a short nap..



 she looks as sweet as a rose, when she sleep. Iam still worried, if she knew that iam a singer. Should I tell her? Omg she is fucking hot! Her dazzling eyes, the scent of hers. And her soft lips cruising on mine. I want again, I thought. As she opened her eyes. "We arrived darling" kind off freaked out at how much pain I had in my leg. Ohh ya the fall from the stairs.."wow" she gaze at the home. Then she saw a poster of our band. Ohh sht.. "Wow! YOU ARE A SINGER!" She exclaims as she jumps in the car seat. "Yah" I replied shyly. The most isn't she like, is the real me. Then the boys waited at the door, as they shift the look from me to her. 

Jenny pPOV 

omg they are freaking hot! They also sing with him,  thought. Niall looked at me, omg he and his eyes, and said,"welcome to the band one direction" I almost opened my jaw in amazement. They are five cutie birds! I thought again of my ex-boyfriend.... Them my dad...


dad ppov 

that freaking daughter is now with Niall, and the mother ran to nowhere. I will see that bitch soon or later, but now with the bitch daughter....I exclaimed when I saw the sharpest knife in my hand. Yeah, this will be the one... Hahaha I thought evily, now there is no escape. Simple plan... Find Niall, kill the shit out of him, kill the slut, and then run... Perfect...

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