From a day into a life time.(14+)

When 18 year old Chloe and her friends Shannon and Anna are coming home from a girly holiday, they arrive in Dublin airport and are running late for their bus. They bump into some familiar faces. The boys are on a break and deicide to settle in Dublin for the summer. They end up staying with the boys. Read what happens when Zayn and Harry fall for her but she only falls for Harry. See how her life changes from that one day .....


4. Room arrangements.

We pulled up to the hotel it was so posh you could tell that it was expensive. We all got out of the van and a bell hop came straight over to us and took our bags. I was so surprised that there were no fans around, well I suppose it was 6.a.m in the  morning. We all walked into the lobby, Liam went up too the front desk to check us in. I decided to go plant myself on one of the big leather brown sofas. I don't think it actually registered in the mind that I was staying with One Direction for the weekend. Liam came back with the room keys I was so tired , I heard him say "Anna and Shannon here you go room 101. I sat up to go with them thinking I was sharing with them to. "sorry Chloe but you got to share with Zayn I hope you don't mind". I really didn't care I was just so tired I wanted to go to sleep. I nodded in reply to Liam. Zayn took the key and we headed to room 115 I think it was.



WHAT!!! I thought to myself why were they sharing a room all he does is sleep. I'd be better company then him any-day  I bet he set this up. I saw Zayn and Chloe walking off I could see a smile on Zayns face , Chloe wasn't paying much attention. I felt like a dick  for thinking bad of Zayn but I have to have her. Just then Zayn shot a sly wink at Liam. The fucker planned this I was extremely pissed off. I walked over to Laim to get my key he knew something was wrong by my facial expressions "al-right mate " he asked "yeah fine" I replied in and angry tone. I was in room 127 which wasn't to far from there room, I had my own room thank good. By the end of this I will have her.



Yes Liam was my hero. My plan had worked all I had to do was make her fall for me and not Harry he got every girl which was not fair in some ways I hated him for it , but he was like a brother to me I opened the  door and left Chloe in. "thank you she yawned". I giggled at how tired she was.



I dropped my handbag and stood in front of a double bed we where sharing a bed this would be good I smiled to myself. Our suitcases where already placed in the corner of the room . I picked up my handbag to get the key for my suitcase "shit" I spoke out loud. "Is everything okay". "well the girls have the key for my suitcase and they are probably asleep by now". Zayn walked to his suitcase and handed me joggers and a white t-shit. "thanks" I smiled at him as I walked to the bathroom. I got changed into Zayns clothes and took my make-up off. I had one more glance in the mirror before I opened the bathroom door a shiver was sent up my spine it was so cold and we couldn't figure out to get the heating working. I looked up to find Zayn admiring the view of Dublin city from the large glass windows he was standing with his arms folded and his legs apart a bit. He stood there in his white Clavin Klien boxers I bit my lip at his appearance, he had a sexy toned body which sparkled from all the lights from outside, he was so beautiful I couldn't help but stare at him all the thoughts of Harry flew out of my head. I tip-toed over to the bed, Zayn turned around to see me he laughed at my actions "what its cold" I said laughing.


I turned around to see her tip-toeing over to the bed. I couldn't help but laugh she looked so cute in my clothes. I bet Harry would be jealous, stop thinking like that I thought to myself Harry was my best friend. I hopped into the bed beside her.


He jumped into the bed side me, I felt rude but I had to turn my back to him. I couldn't just stare into those hazelnut eyes or I would probably try and kiss him. It was so cold that I was shaking "you cold Chloe" Zayn asked giggling "freezing" I replied. He came closer to me and I felt his larger muscular arm at my waist and tug me into his body. I was so shocked but so happy by his actions. I was actually cuddling in a double bed in an amazing hotel with Zayn Malik I think my life was now complete.


I saw her shaking so I decided to take my chance and grab her into me and cuddle her. I was glad that she didn't pull away, she was so kind so sweet so beautiful. I propped up on my elbow and kissed her on the cheek "goodnight" I whispered  And lay back down with Chloe in my arms.


OH MY GOD ZAYN MALIK JUST KISSED ME ON MY CHEEK! This was amazing just then I was thinking about Harry , I didn't know who I liked and with that I fell asleep. Within 5 minutes I was woken up by the buzzing of my phone. I could feel Zayn breathing heavy on my neck which indicted that he was still asleep. I grabbed my phone of the bed side table, I had received a text from a number I did not recognise. I squinted my eyes at the brightness off my phone I opened the text and it read: "Goodnight beautiful ;) xx". Who the hell was it I had no idea , I thought it was Harry but I never gave him my number.  Maybe someone just got the wrong number I didn't think much of it and dozed of into Zayns arms once again.



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