From a day into a life time.(14+)

When 18 year old Chloe and her friends Shannon and Anna are coming home from a girly holiday, they arrive in Dublin airport and are running late for their bus. They bump into some familiar faces. The boys are on a break and deicide to settle in Dublin for the summer. They end up staying with the boys. Read what happens when Zayn and Harry fall for her but she only falls for Harry. See how her life changes from that one day .....


10. pool time ;)

I woke up to a low snore escaping Harry's Lips, he was so cute when he was asleep. His hair was pushed back slightly he looked so peaceful so sexy. "Chloe stop starring at me" he said in a husky voice. "Sorry I cant help it" I giggled being cheeky. "Hey what time is it even" I went to  grab my phone "erm its ten" "Uggh lets stay in bed for a while" he said and pulled me towards him bodies touching. I needed to ask him now "Harry?" "Mhmm". "Can I stay in your room from now on?" It didn't feel right staying with Zayn any more. "Yeah course babe" He smiled sleepishly. "Thanks" I said and kissed him on the nose.

2 Hours later..

Harry told me to go and get the rest of my things from Zayns room and after that we would be going to the pool. I was pretty nervous about meeting Zayn. I knocked on the door, he quickly answered I didn't say anything to him and walked passed him and started to pack my things.  "L-L-Look Chloe I'm sorry about last night I shouldn't of been so rude to you" he said as he scratched his neck "Dont worry about it Zayn" I said in a firm tone. "No Chloe I'm sorry" he said again. "Zayn just leave it im staying with Harry now so I wont be bothering you" I said as I zipped up my suitcase. "No dont do that Chloe.... please stay you dont have to stay with Harry" he said quickly as I walked to the door. "But I want to" I replied and walked out. I felt bad for leaving Zayn like that he looked so hurt.

Zayn's P.O.V

"But I want to" was the last thing he said to me before she left. What the hell was I doing last night I was so rude. After I left Chloe outside not knowing what was going on I told that girl to leave. I knew it I lost her to Harry, But I will never ever give up.

Shannon's P.O.V

I woke up in Liams arms, we didn't do anything last night it was far to soon and I was well I was still a virgin. He was so prefect his hair his brown eyes his smile his everything just ...prefect. Last night was amazing we talked about everything I knew so much about him already he told me about his ex Danielle and how he just got over her. I checked my phone and I got a text from Chloe and Anna they knew where I was well at least I think they did. I decide to go trying not  to wake up Liam. I was victorious in my task. I felt dizzy as I entered my room the hangover was starting to kick in. Anna wasn't there but there was a note left on my pillow saying that she has gone to the pool with Niall. I hopped into bed and threw the covers over my head blocking out every bit of sunlight.

Chloe's P.O.V

Harry was still In bed when I returned to him I unpacked all my  clothes and things and went for a shower I opted to wear a white string top some red shorts and a denim shirt. I left my hair dry naturally after  my shower, I didnt put any make up on because we where going to the pool. "You look pretty" Harry smiled. "Thank you and so do you", he was wearing small blue shorts a white v neck t-shirt and some cons. God this boy had Style, haha I laughed at the joke I played in my head I was so childish.

We walked down hand in hand to the pool. Anna and Niall where already at the pool sunbathing. "Hey guys" I said and winked at Anna. Harry sat on the sun bed next to Anna and patted a spot for me to sit down next to him. I loved being here with everyone well Anna and Niall we where all talking about last night. We had been here for 4 days now and I knew everyone so well. Niall and Anna went to pool , she really liked him they looked so cute together. I sat inbetween Harry's legs so my back was touching his chest. He stared kissing my neck he found my weak spot and I think he knew he did to.

"Harry stop" he was turning me on, but I didn't want to show it. "I cant help it " he smirked. I got up on the sun bed and striped gracefully down to my binki. I started to run over the the pool just as I felt to large hands grab my waist and pick me up bridal style. "Are you ready for a swim " he giggled as he walked closer to the pool "Harry.... DOnT" "Its called pay back babe" he took another step. "For what" I asked looking down at the water "Last night" he shouted and dropped me into the water.

I surfaced the water pushing my hair out on my eyes I looked over to see Harry in the fits of laughter, he jumped in and swan over to me and started laughing he leant in for a kiss and this was my chance to get him back. This kiss got more heated he started to move his hands to my waist and then to my bum. I slowly moved my hands down his chest to his waist still in the kiss. I traced the line of his shorts with my fingers the kiss got more aggressive he pulled me into him closer ,his hands moved h up and down my back he moaned quietly into my mouth I felt his manhood get hard against my leg I knew I had got him back , It was so easy to turn Harry on. I ended the kiss and started to laugh I swan away. He turned to look at me with a confused look. I sat on the edge of the pool, Niall and Anna where making out on the sun beds."Are you not going to finish what you started" he smirked as he looked up at me."emmm nope" I laughed "What was that for " he asked looking let down "Babe did you know that paybacks a bitch" I asked and started to laugh again. I went over to the sun beds giggling as I saw harry alone in the pool trying to hid it.

"You okay in there buddy" Niall asked "Yeah just em just to hot you know" he said with a fake smile. I couldnt stop laughing at him, Niall and Anna both had no Idea what was going on they just both looked at each other and rolled their eyes.

Harry's P.O.V

I was finally able to get out of the pool when was boner was gone. She was so cruel but I have to admit it was quite funny. "Welcome back" she said and patted a spot for me to sit down she wrapped my towel around my shoulders she was so cute. "No more paybacks deal?" I smiled "deal" she said smiling back at me.

We stayed at the pool for a couple more hours everyone was here. Zayn looked a bit down in himself I hated to see any of the boys like this. I knew he liked Chloe but he had some girl the other night I didnt really like Chloe being around him he is such a "pretty boy" as people call it. I decied to go over to him and have a chat. "You alright mate" I said with a smile "Ah yeah im good mate thanks" he smiled He was a terrible lair."Mate I know when you are lying and you are ... lying, come on you can tell me bro". I wanted to get it out of him. "I em just feel bad for being rude to Chloe , she left to go stay with you she hates me now" he said in a sad tone as he was looking at his feet. "Dont worry she will get over it and Zayn trust me she doesn't hate you. He liked her I knew he did I never seen Zayn upset over a girl before ever this was a first he had to get over her , I wasnt going to allow Chloe to be with with him much.

"Dinner at 8pm guys" Liam shouted over from the pool it was half four. "Harry can we go now" "sure babe" I smiled

Chloe's P.O.V

"I want to you to Rock Me Rock Me Rock Me yeah" was all I could hear from the shower, Maybe Harry was sending me some sort of message of something I giggled to myself. This dinner was going to be fancy tonight I didnt know what to wear I finally found a black crop top and a light pink mixi skirt that was long and the back but short in the front.I paired it with my Black heels my hair was straightened it came just passed my bra strap on my back. I had already applied my make up I only wore a small bit because I didn't like looking fake. It was already half 7 and Harry was still in the bathroom. "Come on Harry" I shouted, he opened the door he was wearing a white shirt with black trousers and those famous Harry boots he was wearing a bow tie and had a suit jacket flung over his shoulder. "Harry where are we going>" I asked looking down at my outfit . He walked over to my and lifted up my chin with his large hand "dont worry babe you look amazing, some restaurant with a few other celebrity  "Oh cool" I turned around to the mirror I couldn't go like this I felt like everyone would be judging me. He took me by the waist and looked at me in the mirror I starred back at him. "So when people ask me can I call you my girlfriend?"he asked with a smirk. I didn't know what to say I was speechless I didn't think he would as me and now he did, but I really wanted everything to work and not go to fast, I turned to face him "Harry...I really want this to work with us I don't any of us getting hurt " I looked away I couldn't look him in the eye. "I promise Chloe nothing will go wrong and no one will get hurt" he turned his head and faced me. I knew he was telling the truth. I nodded a smile began to forum in his face showing his prefect smile. I was Harry Styles girlfriend....

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