From a day into a life time.(14+)

When 18 year old Chloe and her friends Shannon and Anna are coming home from a girly holiday, they arrive in Dublin airport and are running late for their bus. They bump into some familiar faces. The boys are on a break and deicide to settle in Dublin for the summer. They end up staying with the boys. Read what happens when Zayn and Harry fall for her but she only falls for Harry. See how her life changes from that one day .....


2. Meeting them.

I looked to pick up my things that fell down with me, he helped me up. I couldn't keep my eyes off his beautiful face I mean iv seen him plenty of times before on TV in magazines, but in real life it was completely different. His skin looked so soft to touch I gazed into his brown eyes. "S-Sorry! I stuttered . "its al-right love" he said with a smirk. I looked at my surroundings to find that of course Anna and Shannon where talking to Liam, Niall and Louis, they all burst into laughter at something Louis had just said, Zayn kindly guided me over to them. I felt a tap on my shoulder. It was Harry, his perfectly curled hair swooped to the right of his forehead, his dimples showing as there was a grin on his face, his green eyes which where so beautiful gazed into my innocent brown ones. "I think this may be your phone?" he said in a deep voice, "oh yeah thanks" I said with a grin. He had rather large hands which added to his beauty in a weird way. His eyes travelled up and down my body quickly with a smirk on his face.


I always said that Harry was my  Favourite but I wasn't much of a fan. he flicked that god damn sexy hair and walked off. I walked over the group, Anna whispered  that we where going to get drinks with him. I nodded this was going to be a good ending to my holiday.....I hope.

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