From a day into a life time.(14+)

When 18 year old Chloe and her friends Shannon and Anna are coming home from a girly holiday, they arrive in Dublin airport and are running late for their bus. They bump into some familiar faces. The boys are on a break and deicide to settle in Dublin for the summer. They end up staying with the boys. Read what happens when Zayn and Harry fall for her but she only falls for Harry. See how her life changes from that one day .....


1. Late.

We were late enough as it is , until Anna went and locked herself in the bathroom. "come on Anna" I said patiently. I cant get this bloody door... "gate to Dublin closing in 15 minutes" I heard over a intercom. Anna finally barged through the door of the bathroom "thanks for waiting Chloe" I smiled back a her. I grabbed her hand and Shannon's as she walked around the corner from the shop. We eventually got to gate B12 just in time. There was barley anyone on the plane as it was pretty late, I sat down and let out a sigh of relief I  was extremely tired from all the running we did. "That week in Cancún was amazing guys, thanks" I said to the the girls smiling. I could feel my eyes getting heavy and I slowly drifted of the sleep.


"Chloe,Chloe we are here" I slowly opened my eyes to the bright lights I blinked a couple of times. We went to get out bags there wasn't anyone to be seen, we all had our bags by now I looked down at my new iPhone "fuck" we were going to miss the bus, I told the girls and we all started running . I couldn't help but laugh id say we looked ridiculous . The two girls fell back , well if at least one of us got there, the bus driver would wait.



I looked back at the girls when all of a sudden flash bang I was on the floor , I bumped into some guy around my age. I opened my eyes to find a tall olive coloured skin boy with a blonde strike through his hair, I knew id seen him before somewhere. He held out his hand , I rubbed  my eyes to find the word "Zap" tatooed on his arm it was none other then Zayn .... Zayn malik.

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