From a day into a life time.(14+)

When 18 year old Chloe and her friends Shannon and Anna are coming home from a girly holiday, they arrive in Dublin airport and are running late for their bus. They bump into some familiar faces. The boys are on a break and deicide to settle in Dublin for the summer. They end up staying with the boys. Read what happens when Zayn and Harry fall for her but she only falls for Harry. See how her life changes from that one day .....


5. Harrys Room

Another buzz came from my phone that woke me up. I realized that I was in Zayns arms we stayed in the position all night it was amazing. I turned to get my phone once again the message was from Shannon from:Shannon :) x "come to our room now :) x". It was half eleven, I slowly got out of be trying no the wake Zayn up  he stirred a small bit, but that was it I grabbed my phone and a spare key and left for the girls room.

I knocked on the door lightly not to disturb any other guests. "Hey Chloe" Anna said scanning her eyes at what I was wearing I walked past her Shannon looked at me confused "Are they Zayns clothes" she said dramatically. "No I just wear boys clothes for the laugh" I said sarcastically  "did you let him in your pants" Anna said giggling towards Shannon who was in fits of laughter.  "NO obviously not" I said back as I threw a pillow at her. "Now why am I here", "oh yeah" Anna said as she clapped her hands together "here's the key for your suitcase and go get changed into your bikini the boys invited us down to the pool". A smile grew on my face "okay" I said as I took my key and left there room. I was so excited about seeing Harry again and this time it would be in the pool. 

I opened the door quietly to see Zayn sleeping he looked so cute. I quickly got changed and grabbed a towel from the bathroom I threw my hair up in a messy bun and walked out to where Zayn was sleeping I decided not to disturb him. I left him where he was. I walked back to the girls room which had a note stuck to the door "already gone down :) "x . I walked down the stairs through the lobby  I walked through the restaurant "Chloe" I heard a similar accent call my name, It was Niall with a piece of toast in his hand. "you going pool" he said with a rather full mouth of food. "yeah heading there now" I said with a smile  I really liked Niall he was a real genuine guy. We walked out, their was the rest of the gang expect Harry I was disappointed , and Zayn as he was sleeping. There were no other guests around the pool I noticed as we walked over the sun beds "where's all the other guests" I asked Niall. "we have the pool booked out for the time we are here". Well I suppose that made sense  I lay down the towel on the sun bed, "Wanna run and jump in together Clo" Niall said smiling  "yeah sure". He grabbed my hand as we ran together and jumped in. It was really fun but cold I laughed to myself. We swam over to where the others were. "NO JIMMY PROTESTED" Louis aid loudly , I looked over at him and he smiled at me and I smiled back. Niall swam straight over to Anna I knew something was going on between them, I would hope that Niall would  treat her well as he had a bad past be past relationships but I knew Niall would, he had a good heart. I looked towards Liam as he gestured me to go over to him.



I gestured Chloe to come over. I needed to see if everything was okay last night , I hope Zayn didn't try anything with her. I also really wanted to get to know Chloe she seemed like and really nice girl and she was stunning. "Hey Liam whats up" "hey Chloe how was last night was everything okay" I smiled. "Great thanks the rooms are amazing and views I have never seen Dublin so pretty thanks so much for all of this Liam" she smiled and she gave me a hug. I just smiled at her and continued talking.



We talked for a while It was good getting to know Liam he was a lovely guy he had the kindest heart and would never to able the hurt anyone. I went to swim a length of the pool to warm up, I got pretty cold from standing there talking to Liam.

I popped my head out of the water and wiped the water from my eyes I turned to swim back to the others when Louis shouted "Hey Harold". I spun my head around to see him in his swimming shorts he waved, he looked so good as he walked over to the sun beds. His toned body sparkled as the sun hit of it like his beautiful green eyes, he put his towel down and dove into the pool. I turned to finally go back to the others when I felt a pair of large hands grab my waist. I turned to be facing harry , I was so close to him foreheads touching his green eyes stared into mine his wet curls stuck to his head everything about him was just so prefect he was amazing. "Morning beautiful" he said with a smirk, Then I realized it was him Harry Styles who sent the text last night. "So you where the one who text me last night then eh handsome" I shot a wink at him being cheeky  he smiled shyly with a nod.


She called me handsome this means she obviously was attracted to me. I couldn't  help but smile again. I really liked her I cant just say it to her after what a day? she would think I'm a pervert of something. She walked well swam to the others she looked so beautiful in the water I followed her over. 


I swan back to the others we where all talking it was really fun to get to know all the boys, It felt like iv known them for years. Liam was so kind-hearted, Louis was just hilarious,  Zayn was sleepy but so fun, Niall had a love for food as did I but in a different kind of way, And Harry I don't think I even need to explain  I started to shiver cause I was getting cold. "I'm cold guys I'm getting out". "Me too" I heard a husky deep voice say which I new was Harry's a smile grew on my face.

we got to the edge of the pool when I felt Harry's hands at my waist this time he sat me on the edge of the pool. I couldn't help but smile, "Thanks". "Anything for a lady" he said with smirk. we ran over to the sunbeds and wrapped ourselves in our towels. "you going back to your room Chloe". "em well I kinda forgot my keys and no doubt that Zayn is fast asleep". "come up to my room you look freezing. I was really fucking cold and I couldn't refuse to go to Harry's rooms I nodded quickly in reply.

We got to Harry's, I walked in it was amazing better then mine and Zayns and it was actually warm. "Pretty isnt it " Harry said putting his key down on the table. "Yeah its amazing" I said looking around the room was huge and it had a kitchen. "do you want to take a shower there joggers and that in there" "yeah please thank you" I said with a smile and walked over the bathroom and  shut the door behind me.


Every time I was with her , I felt butterflies in my stomach she just made me feel happy all the time. I never felt this way about a girl before, she was the one its seems so early but feels so right. Then I thought if her and Zayn , It made me feel so angry I needed to tell her how I felt and soon. I dried myself off and grabbed some boxers and a pair of grey joggers got my laptop and plopped down on my bed. 


All I thought about in the shower was Harry , I knew I had feeling for him. I got changed and walked out of the bathroom room. Harry was laid on his bed just in a pair of joggers. I laid down beside him and looked at his laptop screen I couldn't bare to look into his eyes. "Wanna watch a movie." "Sure " I replied with a nod , We deicide to watch grown ups Harry but his arm around me and brought me in closer to his chest. "Its okay Chloe lay there if you want" he whispered in my ear. I loved it when he did that I laid my head on his toned chest. He rubbed my side and before I new it I was dozed off.

I heard a buzz from a phone it was Harry's. I stirred a little bit "You awake miss" "yeah" I said in a yawn. "Well it looks like we are all meeting for dinner in the restaurant below". "Well I better go get ready then" I said as i dragged out the well. I got up and walked to Harry's door just before I opened the door he grabbed my by my waist and held me into a tight hug, I pecked him in the cheek and thanked him. I ran down to my room I only had a short amount of time to get ready. Zayn left me in straight away he seemed very quite. I quickly grabbed a dress from my suitcase god I should of unpacked. I quickly got changed and did my hair I left it down it was naturally wavy after a shower."you look pretty" Zayn said as I walked out "why thank you Zayn " I said with a smile.There was still some time left, Liam said he would text I sat down on the bed next to Zayn. "So how come you weren't at the pool" "I was but I left and Harry offered to go to his room cause I was really cold and I had  no key and I didn't want to disturb you". "Oh Okay " he said looking down at his feet. What was wrong with him I didn't like this type of Zayn was he jealous I don't even no why he should be.


That's where she was Harry's room she obviously wanted to go there that made me so angry . She looked at me in a strange way I couldn't help but stare back into those beautiful eyes. I got a text from Liam , "ready " I asked putting on a smile. "yeah" she with a massive grin she was obviously happy because Harry was going to be there......


I'll update as soon as I can guys!!!! hope ye like it!!! Comment ,Like , Favourite please its my first fan fic so please no hate :)




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