From a day into a life time.(14+)

When 18 year old Chloe and her friends Shannon and Anna are coming home from a girly holiday, they arrive in Dublin airport and are running late for their bus. They bump into some familiar faces. The boys are on a break and deicide to settle in Dublin for the summer. They end up staying with the boys. Read what happens when Zayn and Harry fall for her but she only falls for Harry. See how her life changes from that one day .....


12. girly day

I woke up in my boyfriends arms, We where all meeting for breakfast at around 10. "Get up Harry" I said slapping his prefect bum. "Do that again". I would do it all day if i could okay Chloe clam yourself. Today I wore shorts and a top it was pretty warm out today I matched them with my white cons and threw my hair up in a messy bun. We walked down to breakfast hand in hand.

When we got there everyone was sitting around the table laughing I couldn't help but smile with everything has happened. I order pancakes they where my favorite thing to have for breakfast. "Chloe you want to come shopping later"? Shannon asked. "yeah sure " I smiled . I was looking forward to going shopping with the girls we hadn't spent much time here together. 

When we went back to the room I got all my things together the girls weren't ready yet so i laid down next to Harry on the bed. "I'm going to miss you " he said with a frown to which I no he was only messing. "Oh shut up Harry I'm only for a few hours". "Yeah a few hours without you" he cried out. I couldn't help but laugh he was so cute and he was mine. The girls text me saying they where ready to go I was about to leave when Harry grabbed my arm "Do I not get a kiss goodbye" he said as he pulled me in closer to him he laid his hands on my hips and moved it close. I gave him a quick kiss "Goodbye Harry"

The boys driver brought us to the shopping center on the way Anna had a huge smile on her face, she defiantly had something big to tell us . "Anna"? "Guess what Niall asked my out" she shouted I couldn't help but laugh i was so happy for her. She really needed someone like Niall he was a good guy.

We spent ages trying to find something nice to but until we entered elles dresses I was looking around on my own while the girls where trying some dresses on. I came across this amazing dress it was black and skin tight with studs around the neck line. Anna still wasn't sure what dress to get for her date tomorrow night it had to be prefect I took a sit because we where going to be here for a while. I pulled out my Phone to see that I had a text from Harry FROM: Haroldx : I miss you come back xxx , TO: Haroldx: Sorry Chloe is unlivable at this moment goodbye x. I laughed at my little comment I sent him. I hit my twitter app and checked my mentions @harry_styles : I miss @chloemccarthy. I gained so many new followers , I got some nasty tweets from fans as well but I knew it was  goin got happen at some stage so I didnt let it bother me . @harry_styles I'm sure you can live :P. Anna was finally found a dress so we all continued shopping.


I laughed at the text from Chloe, it was around 4 o'clock and boys had just left I haven't any of us so happy before well beside Zayn... Chloe left at 12  so i deiced to give her a call. "Yes Harry" she anaswered "where are you babe" she laughed at the other end of the line "well if you must know i am nearly back" "okay hurry up" "goodbye Harry" with that she hung up the phone.

Not long after that Chloe came in with a few shopping bags. "Hey babe looks like you had fun" "yeaah it was good to have a girls day" she smiled Oh how I loved her smile. She dropped her bags and jumped onto the bed. "uggh im so tired shopping is so much work" she moaned. "so what did you buy" i asked as I kissed her on the forehead. "well dresses and shoes mainly" he giggle , i loved her giggle to. "Did you like my text " she laughed "no it actually really hurt me" I said trying to be upset. "awww my sorry baby come here" she leaned in closer and we fell into a kiss ours kisses where amazing they where so deep so passionate every time. I pulled her closer to me she slide her hands up and down my back. I kissed her neck and ran my hands over there smooth skin of her body. "Harry not yet" she whispered "whenever your ready babe I puled back and smiled. I didn't want to loose her  I just had to wait. My phone started to ring it was Liam "hey mate whats up" I asked "my room movie night room service around 8 you to lovebirds up for it" "yeah sounds cool see you then " It was 4 now, I turned to see Chloe asleep on the bed so I left her where she was.


I woke up with Harry moving around the room "where are you going" I said in a yawn "oh hello sleepy well we are going to Liams for a movie night."Oh yaay" I was looking forward to see everyone. I wanted to wear something comfy so I deiced on a pair of joggers and one of Harrys t-shirts , I love wearing his clothes.

Everyone was already at Liams , Anna and Niall where sitting together Shannon and Liam and Zayn and Louis where on the ground. Harry sat down on the arm chair and I sat on his lap swinging my legs over the side of the chair. Anna and Liam were fighting over what to watch."we dont have to be watching this movie right now" Harry whispered sensually in my ear. He made me shiver he had so much accfect on me I smiled at him and kissed and nibbled on the weak spot of his next. He left out a few small moans that only I could hear. I could feel his bludge get harder underneath me I couldnt help but laugh he was way to easy to turn him on "GET A ROOM" Louis shouted over. "Louis we are actually in a room" I said with a cheeky smile. 

"Harry" I said in a shocked tone looking downwards. "Chloe this is all your fault" I couldnt help but laugh. "No baby you need to control that dick of yours". "emm I think ill just go to the bathroom now" he knew what I was playing at "haha no missy your not going anywhere" he said as he tightened his arms around me.

The pizza finally came and Anna got her way and we watched nemo I was cuddle up to my beautiful boyfriend and around all my amazing friends I couldn't ask for more.


I couldn't stop staring at Chloe and Harry I know it sounds odd but they where actually made for each other she brings him out more as a person. I was really starting to like Shannon she was so beautiful ,kind ,funny everything I wanted in a girl . I wanted to take it slow because I had only got over Danielle, we kept trying to make it work which ended up in fights. "Shannon do you want to stay tonight" I asked nervously "yeah sure that would be cool " she smiled "we can watch batman " she added I couldn't help but laugh and I pulled her close again.


I wanted her so bad but I couldn't rush into anything but she has to know that I do have needs to but then I dont want her to think that I only want her for sex. I need to have a chat with Louis soon he seemed to know what to do all the time he was my big brother as well as the other boys but I was closer with Louis. Chloe s eyes were slowly closing "babe lets go" "carry me Harry" she whispered with her eyes closed. I picked her up bridal style and said bye to everyone. I laid her down on the bed and left her in her clothes , I decide to sleep naked to night I mean I always did it I found it was more comfier I laughed to myself and help Chloe in my arms.



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