From a day into a life time.(14+)

When 18 year old Chloe and her friends Shannon and Anna are coming home from a girly holiday, they arrive in Dublin airport and are running late for their bus. They bump into some familiar faces. The boys are on a break and deicide to settle in Dublin for the summer. They end up staying with the boys. Read what happens when Zayn and Harry fall for her but she only falls for Harry. See how her life changes from that one day .....


13. First move ;)

Harry must of out me to bed because I didn't remember getting here, I grabbed my phone it was only 10 am I turned to see that Harry was awake with a smirk on his face. I poked at his dimples and he laughed "morning babe" "morning Harry" I smiled. He turned to pick up his phone which was ringing "hey Niall" "yeah sounds fun" he said as he got out of bed. He was naked the fucker slept beside me naked but he did have a prefect bum. "HARRY " I shouted he turned around which i did see his manhood which was quite large he cupped it with his hands and grabbed a pair of boxers "sorry" he laughed "you should really get used I always sleep naked" he smirked. I threw a pillow at him "what did Niall say" "oh yeah we are going to this festival thing around 4" "ooo yaay sound fun" I smiled.

We cuddled in bed for while until Niall and Anna came down . "so what kinda of festival is it nialler " I asked him "emm well i know its music and food" "sounds good". Harry was in the shower at this point I was all ready to go I wore my high waisted denim shorts and a white crop top with a flower head band with my hair straightened the only thing I liked about myself as my hair it was blonde and came mid way down my back. While I was doing my make up Niall interpreted me "so Chloe have you and Harry you no" "No Niall we didn't " "but you want to don't you " I thought about it for a while until he "Of course you do" he winked. I couldn't help but laugh "But seriously Chloe hes good guy he wouldn't do anything to hurt you" he smiled 

Harrys P.O.V

I was getting dressed in the shower when I over heard Chloe and Nialls conversation. All I know is that she wanted to at least I think she did Iv waited long enough but I still didn't want to lose her. 

Seeing it was a festival i wore chino shorts that came just above my knee and a white T and my white cons I pushed my hair back and walked out of the bathroom, Chloe and Anna where gone but Niall was on still here ."Where are the girls" "there gone to find Shannon" he smiled weirdly "whats up with you mate " I laughed "she wants to Harry even Anna said it " my eyes winded "really did Anna say that" "yeah he said it to me last night but she will kick your ass if you hurt her" "haha yeah but Niall that's why iv been waiting because I don't want to hurt her" "Harry if you like her you wont" "Niall I think I might love her"

Chloes P.O.V

we went to Annas room first but Shannon wasn't there she was definitely in Liams . We early ran up to Liams room. There was a sign hanging from the door that read do not disturb . I instanly looked at Anna and she smirked back at me. I knocked once nothing.... twice nothing..... three times nothing. "Let me do it "Anna said pushing me out the way she banged both her fists against the door we heard some movement, finally Liam opened the door "yes girls" he said trying to catch his breath. we knew something happened but we didn't say anything "be ready in an hour we are leaving then" we both smiled "if you not to busy" I added giggling. I could see Shannon in the distance washing her hands "okay thanks girls" and he closed the door.

Liams P.O.V

That was close  they definitely new that we done something and where going t tell the boys I wasn't really the one to go faster then them so id say they will be surprised I wasn't as open about my sex life as the others were. It was only a wank but it was amazing to feel her hands on me one thing just lead to another I really liked her and I would not mess this up.

Chloes P.O.V

We busted in the door laughing I texted Shannon: TO:Shannon:): what was on your hands ?;)she replied instantly From:Shannon:): sticky stuff ;). I couldn't help but laugh "what are ye two laughing at " Niall asked "Liam answered the door after he got a hand-job from Shannon hahah" Anna laughed Niall burst into a fit of laughter.

Harry came up and hugged me from behind "you look beautiful" he left a kiss on my neck "stunning" he left another kiss "amazing" he left on last kiss. This feeling went through my whole body I never felt like this before I think he was the one I was ready.

"Thanks babe you to" I turned around and peck him on the lips. Louis came through the door "Lou" I shouted , Louis was like the brother I never had we had gotten so close with him I ran over and gave him a hug "hey sis" he smiled.

Harrys P.O.V

She ran over to Louis to give him a hug , Louis was always there for her as I was she needed someone else that cared about her all the boys did , Louis treated her like on of his sister  . I loved that she got along so well with all the boys and how we got along well with her girls.

We arrived at the festival with a lot of fans around the entrance its crazy how they know where we are going to be but they mean the world to us we wouldn't be here today if it wasn't for them, we stopped to sign some signatures and for a few photos It made me happy to see them happy, although there was a few nasty remarks about Chloe like "you deserve better Harry" "she fat and ugly" .Chloe didn't take any notice of it  but it hurt me for people to say that about her I wouldn't call them fans at all. 

Mumford and Sons where playing on stage as we entered the large tent, we all went to get drinks we talked laughed and danced we where all having a really good time.

Chloes P.O.V

We where all having a really good time , Zayn brought a girl from Little Mix with him Perrie I think it was .. I went over to introduce myself "Hi im Chloe" I said with a smiled "Hey Chloe Im Perrie Its nice to meet you " she said and pulled me into a hug. I liked Perrie she seemed really nice . "How are you big guy" I smiled at Zayn "good thanks" he said with his head down he wasn't good I think I to have a talk with Zayn "okay we have fun guys" I smiled and walked off. 

Harry didn't seem himself I sat next to him "whats wrong babe" I asked "I hate the way they say all the fucking shit about you" he said with his head down "Harry look at me" he lifted up his head "I  dont care what they think and I don't want you to care either okay " I smiled and pecked his lips

The night was going brilliant everyone was having a good time I wanted to dance so I dragged Harry up with me we where both still sober.

The music became more heated so our dancing did to he had his hands on my hips as we grinded against each other. We started breathing heavy I turned around and put on hands around his neck and pulled him in for a kiss his tongue asked my mouth for entrance and I gave it to him his hands moved down my body and cupped my bum cheeks I squealed a little as he squeezed him and he let out a small laugh.

Harrys P.O.V

we deiced to go and sit down again he hoped onto my lap , I think she was ready now, "babe do you want to tonight , we don't have to go all the way" she paused for a little while she was thinking about it , she looked up at me with her beautiful eyes "If you promise not to leave me after whatever happens" she bowed her head down. "Chloe I wouldn't leave you in a million years" I smiled, her eyes light up a little bit "soooo is that a yes then" "maybe she winked at me" I couldn't help but smile.

Chloes P.O.V

Tonight would be the first night time I felt Harrys hands all over my body. I wanted to tease him a bit making him wait was fun he kept asking me if I wanted to go I kept saying no , then he started to run his hand up the inside of my thigh and started to kiss my neck I was getting tuned on but I didn't want to show it.


I finally gave In and we headed back to the hotel Harry paid the taxi driver and picked my up bridal style he carried me all the way and laid me down on the bed softly. I watched him strip down to his boxers he was amazingly beautiful his curly hair his green eyes his toned body that light up form the lights outside. He came over to the bed and lay on top of me "you ready" he asked , I nodded. 

He bent down and kissed my neck taking of my top and unclipping my bra, he took my head band off and put it on his head I giggled ," you look cute" "thanks babe" he laughed , he started to suck on my neck leaving red marks either side . He slowly moved down and unbuttoned my shorts and slid them off . I was lying there in my Underwear and nothing else "you are amazing " he whispered He traced my whole body with his hands he kissed down t the my stomach and got to the waistline of my underwear "Harry" I moaned. he tugged my underwear off "you ready" "yes just go harry" I said panting I was really ready fro him now 

He slid his index finger into me I moaned out load it felt so good . I titled my head back as his thumb moved in circular motions on my clit the pleasure escaped throughout my whole body. It felt so good he then entered another finger "Harry " I almost screamed. He back up and kissed me hard as his finger moved in and out of my body he moved back down and used his tongue this time I don't think anybody has ever made me feel this good. he moved his tongue slowly on the sensitive spot he started getting faster and harder more moans escaped my lips. 

I let out a scream and a burst of pleasure filled every inch of my body , he removed his fingers and licked them "you taste good" he winked he laid down beside me. "did you enjoy it " he said and kissed me on the cheek "amazing babe" I smiled. 

I got up and threw a pair of Harry's tees on me and a pair of his boxers. He started to move of the bed I pushed him back down "where are you going" I asked "to get a new sheet" he laughed "we are not fished yet" I whispered in his ear as I sat on top of him. I felt him get hard instantly.

Harry's P.O.V

She slowly kissed me all over my body. she pulled off my boxers her eyes winded as she saw the size of my manhood, Im not trying to be cocky buy it was pretty big. She then placed her lips on mine and took hold of my manhood a moan escaped my lips, she continued to kiss me as her hand slowly moved up and down on my dick "Chloe " I moaned I could feel her smirking on my lips. She moved her head down and licked the top of my erection C-C-hloe I moaned again. She genitally put her whole mouth over the top of my dick and sucked it slightly  as my dick went further into her mouth pleasure filled my body "Chloe im going to to c-cum" I let out a deep breath , she laid down beside me "wow babe your good" I said cheekily. "Thanks " she laughed . I got cleaned up and when back to bed Chloe already changed the sheet it was pretty messy. I embraced her in a hug it had to be the best night ever I couldn't help but smile "goodnight harry" she said ans kissed me on the lips she nuzzled her heard into my neck "goodnight babe" I said and went to sleep with the girl of my dreams in my arms


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