From a day into a life time.(14+)

When 18 year old Chloe and her friends Shannon and Anna are coming home from a girly holiday, they arrive in Dublin airport and are running late for their bus. They bump into some familiar faces. The boys are on a break and deicide to settle in Dublin for the summer. They end up staying with the boys. Read what happens when Zayn and Harry fall for her but she only falls for Harry. See how her life changes from that one day .....


3. drinks.

We split into groups. Myself Harry, Zayn and Louis went to get a table which there was plenty of because their wasn't anyone around. We all sat down Zayn next to me and Harry next to him, Louis went to find the others. "So what brings you here" Harry asked also looking for my name, "I'm Chloe by the way "I replied with a giggle. "So Chloe what brings you here" he said again with a smile.  "just home from a from Cancún with the girls we missed our bus so we're going to stay over night". "Cancún eh nice place" he threw a wink at me I couldn't help but smile. "and yourself what brings and international boy band like one direction here", Harry laughed "On holiday" Zayn butted in. "in Dublin" I said sarcastically . "why not a change" Harry said as he grinned and his dimples formed. I couldn't stop staring at him.

Everyone came back besides Liam, Anna sat down beside me "where's Liam". "Gone to make a call I think, Chloe this is amazing" she whispered the second part in my ear. I nodded and smiled at her , Zayn excused himself from the table. Harry moved into Zayns seat. I smiled at his action we started our own conversation and so did the others. "How was your holiday"? he smiled taking a sip from his drink. "Amazing nice to get a break from here" he smiled at me again.



Chloe was beautiful the first time  I handed her the phone all I could think was wow. She had deep brown eyes, long blonde hair she had little blushed cheeks they where so cute she was a shy girl I could tell and I like that about her. I decided to spark up the conversation again "so are you from around here" I asked gazing into her brown eyes. "No I'm from down south but I'm living up here , moved up here for collage and that". "oh cool what are you studying". " Cooking finished my course now though" she said with a smile, her smile was amazing. I decided to be my flirty old self  "I like a girl who can cook" I said and winked at her, she playfully hit my arm and we both laughed it off. I could tell she was trying to figure me out by the way she was looking at me I couldn't help but smile.


He is just so beautiful  now I can see him this close. his dark curls, his sparkling green orbs, soft pale skin, his cheeky smirk that showed off his cute dimples. Not to mention his amazing toned body that  I could make out through his shirt. He was like an angle. I heard plenty of times that he was a ladies man so I thought I might as well ask him. " so I hear your a ladies man then harry " I looked at him. " you mean used to be I stopped now". he smiled "oh well done" I said sarcastically we both laughed, it was nice to see and change just in case anything did happen I wouldn't want it to be for one night. Wait what was I thinking that would never happen. I shook my head slightly to get the taught s out.

Zayn and Liam came back together. I noticed a smile on Zayns face, Harry stayed sitting beside me which I was glad of because I liked him. "where are ye girls going after this" Liam asked with a smile. "probably to go stay in some shit hotel" laughed Shannon. "Come stay with us our hotel I just rang them and they have enough rooms"  "Liam we couldn't do that let alone afford it" Anna said. "Anna love its all covered for we'd  love  to have ye all stay, wouldn't we boys". "Yes of course we would" Louis shouted , I couldn't help but to laugh I loved Louis he was funny and so random. The three off us looked at each other and smiled "so I take that as a yes then " Liam added, we all nodded.

"I guess we will  be spending a lot more time together" Harry said as he smiled down at me "I guess " I smiled back . I turned back to Anna when Harry nudged me, I turned to him as he came close to my ear "looks like Anna and Niall are hitting it off" he whispered in my ear. I winked back at him in reply and he smirked back. They way he whispered in my ear sent shivers down my spine.


Zayns P.O.V

Wait what was that, what did he whisper to her that made her wink I didn't think she was like that well I didn't really know her that well but I knew I would end up having feelings for her. Maybe I was thinking ahead of myself they could of just joked about something, but I knew that I had to make sure that she DID'NT fall for harry.


The three of us excused ourselves for the bathroom, we literally ran down the hall not as if we had done enough that day. I couldn't stop thinking about Harry when I fixed my hair in the mirror he was a pure angle. I could stare at him for days on end. "oh my god girls we are staying with one direction AHH " Anna shouted. " clam down Anna we need to play it cool" Shannon laughed, I laughed along with her.

"I love Niall he's so prefect his blue eyes his blonde hair and he's such a pet " Anna said as she danced around the bathroom. "So Chloe I see you and Harry are getting close" Shannon said as she nudge me in the arm and winked at me. "Come on we better go" I sad ignoring the question.


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