From a day into a life time.(14+)

When 18 year old Chloe and her friends Shannon and Anna are coming home from a girly holiday, they arrive in Dublin airport and are running late for their bus. They bump into some familiar faces. The boys are on a break and deicide to settle in Dublin for the summer. They end up staying with the boys. Read what happens when Zayn and Harry fall for her but she only falls for Harry. See how her life changes from that one day .....


8. A prefect day .


I was on my way down to Chloe's room. I stopped in my tracks and heard her talking to Louis and Zayn. I stood there silently listing to what they were saying, I know it was rude but I felt like I needed too.I felt hurt that I was made her like this I slowly walked in.

She lifted her head up I could see wet marks on her blushed cheeks. "Harry I-I'm so s-s-sorry " she said looking down at her feet. I walked over and sat down on the bed beside her and tried to comfort her. "Its okay babe I understand where your coming from we where going to fast..... but my feeing will never change for you". I could see her smile , I kissed her on the cheek, Louis  gave me a tumbs up. 

."Whenever your ready just tell me baby and ill be waiting for you" "But Harry the weekend is over I'm like leaving tomorrow". "No you don't Chloe" Louis said butting in which I was glad he did I couldn't let her go so soon "ye can stay as long as ye want " he finished and left the room.

Chloe's mood instantly changed she turned to face me and wrapped her arms around me into a tight hug. I knew how she loved it when I whispered in her ear so I did so "want to go out for dinner tonight" I said sensually. "yeah I'd love to Styles". She playfully pushed me back onto the bed which kind of turned me on. "Now I didn't think you want to go this far Chloe" I winked at her. "Well to be fair we all know that you wanted to" she laughed as she placed either of her legs on my sides. Wow she turned me on so much. "Oui that's not nice, I do have needs you know"She slowly pressed her lips to mine, when Zayn walked out of the bathroom and look at me in disgust. "al right" mate.


I was so  happy that Harry understood everything. Louis even said that we could stay as long as we wanted. I was lucky that my mom gave me money in my account every month. I had my legs either side of Harry. We started to kiss , until Zayn interrupted  He gave Harry some dirty look. "Alright mate"Harry spoke. "yeah" and with that Zayn left the room. I ran out the door to catch up with him I had to thank him. "Thanks hun" I said and gave him a kiss on the cheek. I could see his eyes fill with happiness again. I walked back to Harry who was lying on his bed. He sat up and smiled. I loved his smile so much , He was so sexy everything he did was just wow, why did he like me I was nothing special.

I went back to sitting on Harry he rubbed my thighs we kissed some more he left some love bites on my neck and a I did the same. We where interrupted again by  the girls this time. "Hey love birds we are going out tonight want to come" Anna asked smiling ."Yeah sure but we are going for dinner we can meet you out" I smiled. ,"sure" Anna replied. Harry nodded with a smile. I looked over to Shannon and then to Anna , Shannon hadn't spoken a word witch  was a surprised .Anna mouthed the words LIAM to me and I winked a her. They both then left the room.

"Where do you want to go to dinner babe" I asked Harry twisting his curls in and around my fingers. "shall we have lunch instead on my balcony miss McCarthy". he smiled. "That would be splended Mr Styles" I laughed. I got up off Harry ,when he pulled me back for a kiss goodbye. Are lips moved in sync he licked my lips looking for entrance the kiss was so passonite. I hate haven't  to end my kisses with Harry I want them to last for ever I wanted him for ever. 

**Few hours later**

I wrapped my hair up in a towel and got dressed I opted for Light denim jeans and a red check shirt buttoned to the top. I sat on the bed and looked at my phone I had received a text from Harry. From: Harold x : Be up for Half Two , don't be late ;) xx.

It was only one I did my hair and make up for tonight so I wouldn't be rushing later. My hair was lightly curled and put a small amount of make up on. I still had a good bit of time to spare so I decide to go up to my girls. "Hey Anna" "Hey Chloe you look hot " she winked. "Me and Harry are having lunch instead " "ooo that's nice" she smiled. "Where Shannon?" "Do you have to as"k she laughed "Chloe she wont stop talking about him she driving me up the wall" I giggled "Anna in sure your the same about Niall" I winked . She blushed. "Right baby-girl I better get going" with that I left.


"Louis, mate what am I suppose to do"? I asked him with my hands in my face. Louis sat on his bed looking up at me. "Well I don't know mate its a hard one and you know she likes Harry". "Yeah you don't have to remind me, I liked her since I fucking laid eyes on her I was meant to be with her not him!" I shouted and stormed out of the room. 



Harry's door was left open.  He must of heard me when I walked in he stood there facing me so beautiful, his curls,his deep green eyes, his body everything HIM. He walked toward me smiling just enough to show his dimples. "Hey babe I hope your hungry  he said taking my hand. "I sure am" He stopped me " You look really pretty today" he whispered. He took my hand again and lead me out to the balcony I stopped just outside the doors. 

I saw a small red picnic blanket laid on the ground . With bowls filled with all sorts of foods he was amazing.There where rose petals scattered all around the ground it look so beautiful. "Wow Harry this this is amazing ,I cant believe you did all this" I said looking around in shock. All he did was smile and that was what he needed to do.

We came to the last strawberry, he offered it to me but i rejected. He moved the strawberry slowly into his mouth, I leant over and pressed my lips against his taking half the strawberry into my mouth. He laughed at what I had just done "All you have to do is ask babe if you want a kiss" he winked. Everything today was so great being here with Harry everything felt so right.


I cleaned up and walked back out to Chloe. She sat in between my legs, I kissed her neck lightly and played with her long blond hair , I found her week stop just on the edge of her neck next to her collar bone. I wrapped my arms around hers and intertwined our fingers I love having here so close to me. We talked for hours. It fell sicelent for a few moments until she spoke "Harry"? "Mhhm" "Do you actually like me" I could tell that she wanted to get that out. I was actually took back about what she had just said. "Yeah I genuinely do Chloe no word of a lie, I told you I would never hurt you and I plan on keeping it that way for a long time, I never would imangean beeing this happy until I met you." I said as I looked her in the eye. She looked up at me and kissed me in between her words "good" ...kiss...."because".... kiss..."I" ...kiss..."like you"..... "alot".


I knew Harry was telling the truth he was looking me straight in the eye. I left Harry's room I had a prefect day. Zayn was sitting on the bed with his hands in his face. He looked upset, he tried to cover it up with a fake smile. "You okay Zayn" I asked sitting down beside him. "Yeah I'm fine thanks babe". I like the way he called me babe was I feeling something for Zayn no I couldn't of. "Come on get ready you and me are going to dance all night" I said nudging his arm. "Yeah I'm a terrible dancer" "that makes two of us then" I kissed him on the cheek he walked over to the bathroom and said " you always know how to make someone feel better Chloe" he smiled and shut the door. 

I decided to wear a skin tight black lace dress that came to my mid thigh and  my black heels. I also put on my long gold chain that had a cross on it that I brought on holidays. 

Zayn and I walked into the lobby. On our way down he complimented me on my dress and I complimented him he looked good tonight.Everyone was standing in the lobby waiting for us as Zayn took s long doing his hair. I looked over to Harry who was giving me devilish look, I knew wanted me I laughed to myself.


Chloe entered the lobby and I couldn't keep my eyes of her he looked gorgeous beautiful pretty everything.My eyes didn't leave her body I wanted her so bad right now, and she knew. Her hair was lightly curled from today I couldn't help but smile at her blushed cheeks that no matter how much make up she would put on you would still see them they where so cute. Her dress complimented her so well she looked prefect she walked over to me."You look so beautiful babe " I said and pecked her lips. We all got into the taxi and I could feel Zayns eyes on me. 


Hey guys I hope you like it sorry if there's any mistake it was a bit of a rush please like comment share and tell your friends :D much love:)x 


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