End of time

Everyone has a dream. Evie's dream is dance. What happens when her dream is on her doorstep? A particular boy called harry captures her heart. "I will love you till the end of time" but Evie's mind isn't always as controlled as her dance choreography...


8. 'This'

Leaving, the other dancers sulkily left the studio in jealousy; apart from me and the four other dancers. "Any questions?" Liam politely questioned, he was too cute. "Just asking why you picked me?" In which I directed really to Harry. Harry's head shot round to me as he had spoken to all of the other dancers, it was as if he was saving me till last. Liam shot a 'go for it' look as Harry secured it he began to walk over to me timidly yet confidently.

Leg's crossed, hands intertwined like waiting for the judges comment prior in my life, it was as if and angel was walking in slow motion to ... wait to me. Rapidly my face flushed some unknown colour of pink as Harry reached me all he spoke was "This" the pause felt like forever as I found contact with his jade pupils once again.

Offering me something beneath our latched gaze, Harry unmasked a plaited ocean blue leather bracelet in his slightly shaky hand. Continuing he stated "is for the one who caught my eye". As I managed a smile revealing my right dimple he mirrored my response and as I spoke a faint "thank you, for this and for choosing me"  he extracted my hand that was dangling beside my left hip and began to slowly tie the bracelet on my tiny wrist his perfect smile was enough of a response for me.

Freezing, my mind couldn't process what to say so I in a way spluttered out "w-why is it blue?" I know how irrelevant that was, though Harry managed to save the moment by gently pulling up his free arm and caresing my right cheek that was engraved with a constant dimple.

"Your eyes" he progressively stated, "sorry?" I questioned "Your eyes... the colour matches your eyes" we seemed to be lost in each others gaze when it all seemed totally perfect I knew it wouldn't last when the croak of miss Sheridan distracted both of us. "The boys have to leave due to an early interview, thank you for coming today boys and I hope you are each confident about your choice". Abruptly Harry spun and replied but to me "absolutely" he winked and now we had conversed I easily slipped him one two as his skin lost contact with mine I felt lonely "see you around" I cheerlessly explained. Boosting my confidence a mile he kissed my dimple but stopped at my ear and whispered "I'll make sure of it".

Chills shot around my whole body as Harry resistantly pulled out of my personal space and gazed back at me as he left me stood their accompanied with a massive blushing smile on my face. 

Checking they were definitely all out of the glass doors, my other four fellow dancers jumped in excitement. Me well i was stood stationary in a daze with the prior situation "I..." was all I could manage to announce.

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