End of time

Everyone has a dream. Evie's dream is dance. What happens when her dream is on her doorstep? A particular boy called harry captures her heart. "I will love you till the end of time" but Evie's mind isn't always as controlled as her dance choreography...


18. The key

Evie's POV

Rising to see the sight of no enlightening sunrise, mine and Harry's previous conversation lingered in my mind. Scrunching my tousled hair with my left hand, I stretched my back and reached over sloppily to grab my alarm clock widening my eyes at the shock of the time. "4:30AM?!?" Irrelevant of what time it was, I threw myself back into my white sheets and paused a second distinguishing a figure laying peacefully next to me.

Then I remembered, I must have accidentally fallen to sleep whilst downstairs with Harry last night. Grateful of his sweetness, I pressed my lips onto his cheek, I swerved my legs over the side of my bed bringing my weight to my feet, the pulses of pain brought my memory back of the cut down my leg causing me to limp slightly and then return to normal walking pace.

Urgently, I was in need to let all my negative family thoughts leave my mind, what Harry suggested to me last night about 'telling them' made me cringe but yet it inspired me, I hate them moments where you don't know what to do?

"Hey babe,
I have gone for a you know casual 4:30AM dance work out, need to refresh my mind a little, I know you think I'm cray but don't worry I won't hurt myself, there is pancake mix in the fridge help yourself, see you for rehearsals later :)
Love you long timee ;) xxx"

Writing him a note, I decided on maintaining the same sloppy cross elbowed jumper with knee high socks on, as I am trusted with the key to the dance studio, I contemplated and agreed on going early travelling to just dance and let my worries leave my system.

Gaining a feeling of belonging, I speedily walked to the entrance of the studio after stepping out of my beetle scooping up my dance bag on my way. Switching the lights on of the studio my eyes winced at the sudden enlightenment though this soon faded as my mouthed curved popping my dimples as I came into the view of the stage Harry had previously constructed. 

Slipping my Samiya Kaleidoscope frayed hot pants (found on MissGuided) over my hips, I sleepily stretched ready to spring into action. Clicking on the music 'Key to my heart by Jessica Jarrell' bounded through the speakers, unleashing an new inspiration into me I began my lyrical dance.

Starting the routine, I gracefully move across the gleaming studio floor thoughts (Harry) streaming through my mind as I watched myself in the wide, wall mirrors. Making sense to me the lyrics flooded through my mind...

"Boy you put me on the spot,
I don't know what to say,
But I'm trying anyway,
Like my hearts gonna drop,
My mind drifts away,
---  Words are spinning in my head,
Don't know why I'm holding back,
I should just tell you how I'm feeling ye- heah"

Harry's POV

Embracing what I thought was Evie's body, I bewildered and concerned when her apparent 'body' was extremely wait ?!?.... squidgy. Inhailing Evie's scent embedded onto her pillow deeply, I wasn't able to discover her petite body. Suddenly, I arose from the bed we shared that night rapidly, immediately I was worry-stricken. Searching around the empty darkened room, I couldn't find her... I arose at a very fast pace slamming open every door possible switching on every light possible...

Nowhere, she was nowhere, did I say something what did I do. Returning to the bedroom, I realised I luckily brought my phone with me. Moments before I reached for my phone, I paused as a crumpled note with neat graphic writing transcripted onto it, caught my eye. Snatching this suspicious item off the bedside table, I read carefully, a note from Evie claiming she woke at 4:30AM.. to.. to dance?!? Personally, her letter made me smile a little, she was so caring knowing pancakes were my favourite as I was not a morning person. Protective, I knew she would not be fully awake driving, what if something has happened to her. 

Strangely, my first inclination was to ring Louis, he answered almost immediately "Mate, Lou?!", "Yeah, it's me, err, what the hell are you calling me at this hour for?" his voice sounded full of sleep what did he mean by 'the hour' flashing my eyes to Evie's digital alarm clock my breath hitched in my throat slightly as it read 5:00AM.

Replying "Err, sorry if I woke you mate" he responded "Well, yeah but what do you want?", "I-I well Evie she's gone..." he could tell I was struggling with words. "What? Who's Evie?... Ohh yeah, that hot dancer you picked... what do you mean she's gone mate?"

As Lou's words rang into my ears it just brought me into reality I hadn't introduced Evie with the band, the bands 'week off' had past, I had spent it all with Evie. Quickly, I saved the drama "Doesn't matter mate cheers anyway". Confused, Louis groggily stated "I didn't do anything mate, good luck with whatever". 

Hanging up on the pointless call, I heaved on my clothes from yesterday, Evie seemed fine, I didn't want to disturb her but what if I hurt her? What if she get's hurt and nobody was there? Is there anyone there? I am so paranoid...

Arriving in the studios car park I gripped my tailored London designer coat in my right hand sweeping the curls away from my sleepy Jade eyes.

Targeting the door, I ran straight to it entering, only the sight of  Evie dancing through the door held me back causing me to doubt my voyage here, she told me this was her way of 'being free' I shouldn't distract her, I should've trusted her. Leaning against the decorated wall, I slid down it secretly peering through the modern door windows watching her move beautifully to the muffled yet distinct music.  

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