End of time

Everyone has a dream. Evie's dream is dance. What happens when her dream is on her doorstep? A particular boy called harry captures her heart. "I will love you till the end of time" but Evie's mind isn't always as controlled as her dance choreography...


12. 'Sugar and Spice'

Completing my freestyle, it was like the first time we met, butterflies going crazy, stood frozen on the spot in anticipation of his verdict. First he walked over to the pumping stereo, cutting off the music by the button with one abrupt click, swept his curls whilst locking his olive eyes on my body. As he built up the moment he lead himself in my direction, "you didn't have to build me that stage you know" once cradled in his warm embrace, he placed my bowlers hat over his perfect spirals his forehead creased and inquired "Why? yes I did.". Simply I responded "because I am where I'm meant to be here where I am right now... well... with you" 

Passion filled his Jade eyes, he only slightly grinned not unleashing his white pearls. Leaning in, this was my favourite reply I had ever received from him he connected our willing lips together, they fit together like two searching pieces of puzzle and once they found each other, well, they just worked.  

Finally extracting from each other's lips, all I could manage to display was my massive dimpled beam, he gently drew contact with his hand to my temple stoking the tips of his fingers down to the crook of my neck. "We belong together" he whispered giving me prominent goose pimples. "You're so cheesyy... but I love it", "You're so spicyy... but I love it" Harry just added some more cheese into the intimate situation. Nestling my face into his collared blue and white shirt, I filled my nostrils with his musky cologne. 

"Lets go" Harry suddenly stated twirling my body so he was positioned behind me, grabbing my waist and nestling his face into my neck taking in my obvious scent of Burberry perfume into his lungs. Disconnecting our intimate touch, I scooped up my dance bag, travelled to the door yet still allowed Harry to wear my bowlers hat he looks so slick. Effortlessly jogging to the glass door, I once again flicked my head in the direction of the beautiful stage, viewing it's boldness. "Hey step back you, I know they say ladies first but that means a perfect gentleman has to make that happen" Harry bowed down as if I was of much higher authority. "Why thank you sugarr" I leaned down kissing his forehead gently returning his generosity. 

Passing through the door, the humid breeze hitting me, the scent of summer in the air, just as everything appeared so innocent Harry intruded by tapping me forwardly on the bum! Whipping my slender figure around to face him, he was closer than expected ready to steel another kiss. "Catch me sugarr" sprinting to my beetle I peered behind me and envisaged him charging rapidly after me accompanied with an almost sly dimpled grin beaming at me.

Sugar was the new nickname I labelled him to. Reminding me of chocolate, his hair was so cute and sweet like sugar... Returning the favour, he nicknamed me as spice, due to the spice he thought I maintained when I dance. Together we make Sugar and Spice. Though cheesy it just made sense. 

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