End of time

Everyone has a dream. Evie's dream is dance. What happens when her dream is on her doorstep? A particular boy called harry captures her heart. "I will love you till the end of time" but Evie's mind isn't always as controlled as her dance choreography...


25. Sing her to sleep

For this chapter, listen to
'Poison and Wine by the Civil Wars' < its so gooood <33

Harry's POV

Stirring in my sleep, I snapped my head up as I remembered where I was. As soon as I spotted the beautiful wounded girl laying stationary over the sheets, I just wish it was all a dream.. well, a nightmare so Evie doesn't have to feel this numb pain.

It's the forth time tonight I have woken from a cold sweat nightmare, I think this will scar me in the future.

My tired legs held my sleepy weight as I stood to kiss Evie's cold lips, it hurt when they didn't respond, as I fell on my knees next to the hospital bed I spoke through rushed breath "I am so sorry" I sat back on the chair and clasped both of her hands in mine pecking them affectionately."I'll tell you what's wrong with me. You know like you wanted me to. It starts like this....".

After telling her my torturous past about my father, I had an ounce of hope she would wake from her deep, deep slumber. But, I didn't and it didn't change anything.

Just as I was thinking about what others would say to this, it reminded me about her parents, won't they want to know about Eve's, should I call. I act upon my thoughts and pick up Evie's phone to tell them and the band the terrible news.

"I am so sorry, I will protect her for as long as I am here... no Mrs Sanders..I won't leave. I swear to you and your husband.. yes they are still books y'know if she performs" I say trying to hold the growing lump in my throat down.

As I told the band earlier they said they would be as soon as they could but I refused to let them see her like this they will tell management, who will kick Evie off the tour and I know neither of us want that. Especially her.

*a week later*

Management are becoming suspicious as to why Evie and I aren't turning up to rehearsals. I am beginning to accept I might not fully get her back.

Unbeknown to Eve's, me and the boys are covering for her as well as we can, lying that she has severe flu but there is only so long you can have the flu and time is running out until the doctor said we have to switch her machine off and before we go on tour.

Every night and day I have stayed with her.  No showers and I am living off Evie's hospital meals as she isn't there to consume them. The past week without her has made me realise how much I love her and need her in my life.

I miss everything about her. I have passed the time song writing so I can sing her to sleep every night, even though I know she can't hear my voice properly. Other times, when I'm not so inspired I listen to the song she first danced in front of me 'End of Time by Beyonce'.

It was 1:00AM I was abruptly woken up, not by the nightmares but by someone cooing my name. I had to look twice before I saw Evie's beautiful, gleaming blue eyes on mine with a pained expression, she was muffling my name through the oxygen mask repeatedly as tears rolled down her face.

Was this real? Pinching myself, my eyes watered as I rushed to her side delicately holding her as she couldn't catch her breath from the heaviness of her sobbing.

"shh.. I'm so so sorry baby. For everything. I love you so much, It's going to be okay" The things I have wanted to let her hear me say most spurted out my mouth through my tears. I hated seeing this sight of her, she looked broken and felt frail. 

"Harry, where am I? Are you ok? You're not angry any more at me are you?" She spoke slowly and  sounded so innocent, this breaks my heart to think I hurt her that much but yet she can't remember what happened that got her here in the first place.

Though the fact she remembers who I am, sends a wave of relief through me, I didn't want to loose her all together.

"Baby, it's okay, you were in an incident and you've been in a deep sleep for a long while.. I am just so thankful you're back" I nuzzled my head into her neck. I flinched back as she winced at the pain, sucking a sharp breath through her teeth "sorry" I weaved our fingers together, I apologise not only because I hurt her but because I was so horrible.

"It's okay sweet. How long have I been sleeping for?" I don't know how to tell her she has been in a coma for almost a week, she's had enough shock. I decided to avoid the tough question and answered "Can you remember what happened babe?". 

She inspected the floor deeply thinking before muffling her frail voice through the oxygen mask. "I was listening to your new song on the radio and  well I think I lost control... of the car of course.. sing it to me" her words touched me yet pained me as I knew it was my fault she crashed. 

"I am so sorry, it was my fault all this happened if I wasn't so selfish and hateful to you non of this would have happened" I shook my head looking down at my shoes. Tilting my face up to meet hers she caressed my check with her thumbs whilst peacefully asking "please?".

After I finished the chorus, I loved to watch her beam at the sound of my voice, the rest of the night I sung her my new song I had wrote in a hospital room by her side, though her expression changed as tears rolled down her flushed yet rosy cheeks. Concentrating to the lyrics, I could tell I was fully forgiven by her sweet reaction.

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