End of time

Everyone has a dream. Evie's dream is dance. What happens when her dream is on her doorstep? A particular boy called harry captures her heart. "I will love you till the end of time" but Evie's mind isn't always as controlled as her dance choreography...


11. Raspberries

Entering through the usual glass doors, Harry hesitated  and unexpectedly quite quickly place one of his warm, massive hands over my eyes. Astounded by his afflictive moves, I inquired "Harry? What are you doing?". With his other silky, free hand, he softly tangled our fingers together, nudged my head to the side and huskily whispered in my left ear "Nobody is here", I answered by spinning on my tip toes and falling in to his cushioned yet muscular chest and admired his angelic like featured before biting my radiant red lips.

Pirouetting on my toes, I turned away from his warm embrace, my eyes widened when I examined a small yet grand looking stage framed with professional stage lighting and electric fans constructed to the front.Agape, my jaw was fully dropped, before I could observe the impressive view any longer, large hands were fixed to my hips elevating me onto the stage. "I thought I'd create somewhere that I know you belong" Harry charmingly stated, appearing rather proud of his masterpiece. "You did this?" still bombarded with amazement he soon echoed a simple yet affective "For you".

Plummeting from the spot I had been placed on, I flew from the stage and quite literally dropped on top of him whilst announcing my excitement with prominent laughter. Falling not only for him but also for the shiny modern dance floor, I straddled his lap just as he suddenly rolled me over and wrapped me in one of them infamous 'Harry hugs' just as I firmly pressed my lips to his dimpled cheek. Perching in his lap, we were once again mesmerised by each others eyes whilst I whispered "thank you so much" not escaping the gaze he had got me captured in.

Gradually leaning in towards my face he appeared to be trying to... kiss me?, I may be one to fall for someone but pshh not at all at a hasty pace... Barely grazing each others lips, I playfully poked his belly button actively stating "You ain't getting mama's sugar yet!! your gonna have to dance with me first"

Hastily I arose from the positioned we had managed to get ourselves into peering back down at Harry he seemed to be rolling on the floor with laughter so I took my open opportunity sneakily crouching back down and tickling over his tatooed chest and arms he tickled me back in approval elapsing me back onto the shiny floor tickling me back in revenge the goose pimples had formed the must have been visible. Sneakily, I playfully bit his arm but he didn't flinch he just blew violent raspberries into the crook of my neck, I honestly couldn't contain my laughter.

*Later on the date*

"W w w w waittt, I can't dougie" Harry moaned cutely "Well then i'll just have to teach you let me put the music back on and start from the top broskiii" Harry chuckled a little had both of my hands firmly in his grip, he resistantly released them so I could teach him, start the music and actually rehearse. Prior to me attempting to teach him to dance, he had me fixed on just messing around hugging him and trying to lure me in by telling me of my 'apparent' beauty but this time I was the controller.

Knowing he wasn't going to dance whatever I did, I decided on reversing the roles and demanded "go sit there, if you won't rehearse, i'll dance to show you" I cheekily winked and began the music 'Dance for you Beyonce'. 

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