End of time

Everyone has a dream. Evie's dream is dance. What happens when her dream is on her doorstep? A particular boy called harry captures her heart. "I will love you till the end of time" but Evie's mind isn't always as controlled as her dance choreography...


10. Pattricia Chelsea Boots

Morning soon approached, as my mind rolled into action, I peered over the edge of my white bed sheets and untangled my sleepy limbs from the cocoon I had subconsciously created over the duration of the night. Since I met Harry the nightmares had stopped, I feel more refreshed this morning.

"Harry" I spoke and reminded myself of the "thing" we had previously arranged. Every time I said his name it just rolled of my tongue it seemed so perfect and almost fit like a 5,000 piece puzzle. Lost in my thoughts, I briefly wondered whether I should call this "thing"  a date or just pure rehearsals. Questioning myself over and over, I thought, was he bringing anyone? what exactly are we doing at the studios? Is it a class? I pondered...

Gradually, I tiredly strolled into my walk in closet, I was uncertain of how to present myself to Harry. After analysing myself in several outfits, I agreed I was sticking on wearing Driana leather shoulder patch tee in Khaki and my Jamal leather hotpants accompanied with my Pattricia Chelsea Boots in Brown an beige socks rolled just above the boots. Contemplating whether to keep my legs out I decided to in the end.  Falling just above my hips, my mucky blonde hair was left naturally tousled/wavy in a centre parting and I decided on placing my bowlers hat on my head. Light make up was applied onto my blemish less skin, light pink blush, matte powder, red lipstick and thick mascara to frame my deep blue eyes that matches the bright blue bracelet protecting my wrist. 

Leaping out my door, the butterfly's fluttered in time with starting my engine, my dance bag was once again by my side in the passengers seat. Appearing on my juicy glossed red lips, a hopeful smile was mirrored in my reflection. 

Claiming my usual space in the studio car park, I stepped my Chelsea boot out to peer up and see a beautifully shaped fIgure as the sun beamed behind him. Literally, it was like magic whenever I saw him as the excitement bubbled up in my body Harry took my little hand and intertwined our contrasted sized fingers. Leaping up to his towering height I tightly embraced him into a hug, we only met once but I really missed our connection.

"Hey stranger, you look beautiful" Harry muffled through my blonde hair into my ear as if he wanted me and only me to hear it. Retreating my head back I muffled into his chocolate curls "Lets go". Surprised by my sudden enthusiasm, I rapidly grabbed my  dance bag and casually looked down and slowly intertwined Harry's fingers with my, he looked up into my eyes once again and kissed my cheek.

Suddenly the gravelly floor was in my view, I was blushing. Treasuring the kiss, I held my cheek and smiled back at him and pulled his arm indicating to follow me. In each others presence we didn't even need to speak to know what we were both thinking we just knew. Strangely, we had so much chemistry in such a short amount of time.


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