End of time

Everyone has a dream. Evie's dream is dance. What happens when her dream is on her doorstep? A particular boy called harry captures her heart. "I will love you till the end of time" but Evie's mind isn't always as controlled as her dance choreography...


20. mental, pure hatred

Evie's POV

"Hahahah stop, stopppp" tactically, Harry tickled my sides as I unlatched the entrance door to the studios. "I love your laugh thats all" pulling a puppy-eyes face, "well, you're weird if you enjoy listening to something that sounds like a witch on drugs". Rolling his eyes, he pulled my entirety close to his, whispering "I must be weird then".

Interrupting our intimate moment, I peered up at Harry  with a baffled expression as we both seemed to have distinguished someone screaming "Catch meh, catch mehhh". Knowingly, Harry caught onto my confusion pecked my lips and replied concisely "Louis..."

Making welcoming smiles and our presence apparent, me and Harry entered with our hands latched together. All heads painted with happy smiles casually turned as we made our entrance. Stumbling to our feet, Louis peered up at us before sending an evil glare behind him, directed to Zayn who had just shoved him to the floor, Zayn stated "Caught ya babe" winking at Lou.

"Not cool man, and don't wink at me ya freak" Looking up at us he warmly smiled and simply said "Oh, well hey" he stared and arose to his feet that were encased in Toms. As he playfully wiggled his eyebrows directed at Harry, I giggled whilst stating "Hey Lou, wanna take a picture? It'll last longer" I nudged his arm.

"W w sorry, hey Evie was it?, you guys okay?" indicating to our hands. "Yeah thanks mate we're going goooood", "Goooood broskiii, lets go bust some moves." Louis excitedly mimicked Harry whilst pulling on Harry's cute woolly grey sweatshirt to direct him to the centre of the floor, don't ask why he is wearing wool in the middle of summer, must be a boy thing. As I scanned and moved around the room, I inflicted a conversation with Niall and his dancer Lila.

Discretely, just as Niall was cutely complimenting to me and Lila  how he loves all of the dancers picked,  Louis and Harry kept cheekily peering at me probably discussing our revealed relationship. Throwing me a wink Harry jumped and the pitch of  Miss Sheridan's voice that arose from the muffled conversations. Directing the boys and us dancers to our starting positions, we began our warm up and then started the first dance and directions of the infamous tour.

Messing around, the boys were behind us five dancers, Liam was furthest to the left of the line of five boys, Zayn was next, Harry was positioned in the middle, Louis to the left of him and then little Niall on the end. Each dancer was in front of the assigned boy band member. 

Finsihing our first rehearsal, out of breath, Miss Sheridan spoke  "Ellie, you need to be more connected with Liam, I know he has a girlfriend but put your career first" miss Sheridan criticized our performance of the song 'Moments'. Lyrical was the genre of the dance we rehearsed and it involved the boys lifting us quite a bit, due to the chemistry me and Harry shared, it was a lot easier and less uncomfortable for us to handle. 

Harry's POV

"You enjoyed it?" Evie tiptoed up to my level after  I grabbed my beige Burberry coat from my peg. Pecking her lips, I replied "Yeah, it s great actually, dancing with you". Cheekily we exchanged banter "well your putting a lot more effort in now there is a teacher around and were not alone" she spoke whilst poking my firm abs winking at me.

"oh well your just hilarious aren't you" I laughed sarcastically, rolling my eyes, grabbing her waist in the process. "C'mon we're going to the usual with the boys and other dancers, so we can get to know each other better" I replied throwing her a cheeky wink. "yayyyy,  oh my gosh I'm so hyped like, I haven't been out in yearrsss, well not years but a while" realising she was babbling on she cutely sighed and said "Sorry". "Arhh, It's cute" I chuckled as we locked our contrasting fingers together. "Hehe, anyway where's 'the usual'?."she quizzed me. Simply, I just suggested "You'll see".

Eager to discover the hidden venue, Evie was surprised to see an infamous black limo, but she piled straight into it as it awaited our presence outside. After me and Evie, the boys and fellow dancers piled in too, we all were hyped for a night out. Confidently, Ava (Zayn's dancer) began conversation "this is mentallll, thank you so much" Louis retorted "Your the only mental thing in this pimp ride" poking her elbow as she pulled a sarcastic shocked face whilst laughing and playfully punching his ribs. 

Evie eagerly replied "I knoww but where are we going?, can one of you boys tell me where the usual is? Harry won't tell mee!!" Whispering the last part acting as though I couldn't hear, she cutely whined as Zayn replied "Evieee, we couldn't tell you thattt!!". Huffing, she snuggled into my arms crossing her arms over her chest whilst expressing a mardy pout into my neck. 

Curing her curiousness, I whispered in Evie's ear "Were here babe". Whipping her head round she could envisage what us boys call the 'club'. Though more for drinking and dancing, we get assigned into the VIP area with access to an open buffet and a bar with hits playing loudly in the background. "Well this looks pimpppp" she turned to face me with bold dimples pressed onto her cheeks. Poking her dimple I stated "ooo look at you being all gangsta like". Shooing my finger away, she loudly stated "When will you're finger stop contacting my dimple", all the boys and other dancers burst into laughter as Evie sat their clueless to her choice of vocabulary. 

"HAHHAAHA no" she sarcastically said after realising the hilarity of the situation. Calming my breathing down from the laughter, I brought her closer to my body whilst suggesting "Arhhh, Eve's is soooo cute, haha, c'mon let's gooo". Stepping out of the limo, my vision flinched at the striking lights, flashed at us. Cursing under my breath, I came into realisation I forgot to tell Eve's about this...

Evie's POV

Hands around my waist Harry and I raised out of the limo into the crisp evening air. Although, I was taken back by surrounding, intimidating flashing lights, the paparazzi... The boys being undercover,  resulted in the paparazzi not bothering us at the studios but Harry cursed under his breath realising we had blown our cover, not only of our appearance but also our relationship. Being fired at me repeatedly, random questions were simultaneous to the amount of flashes I could see.

Firmly, Harry pressed me into his body almost as if he was shielding me, protecting me from the media, I was soo thankful. Next thing I frightfully have to face 'Pure Hatred'.



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