End of time

Everyone has a dream. Evie's dream is dance. What happens when her dream is on her doorstep? A particular boy called harry captures her heart. "I will love you till the end of time" but Evie's mind isn't always as controlled as her dance choreography...


14. Memory box

Scraping my mucky blonde hair out of my squinting eyes, I let my body relax into my cushioned window seat. Although summer has risen, cold nights seem to be drawing in. Covering my hands with then ends of my Gerry Melange cross elbow jumper (found on MissGuided), I gripped my mug that was filled with creamy hot chocolate. Though there was irrelevance to the idea of hot drinks in the middle of summer, I slowly forgot about the cocoa when Harry kept drifting into my stream of thoughts whilst I scanned the sun gradually melting into the dimness of the sunset. A silky rainbow of colour shone into my eyes reflecting off of my modern artistic wallpaper.

Life couldn't be more perfect right now, my dream career had just began, I have a potential love life, finally and I think he matches my strong feelings I share about him. I wish you could take a picture of it and save it in your memory box for some ordinary day set in the future that's not panning out so good. 

Wondering whether he was thinking about me, I hung my head low to the plaited bracelet that beautifully decorated my long petite arm. Inspecting the ocean blue bracelets' every fine detail, my phone's radiant light contrasted with my now dim lit bedroom. Accepting the caller ID "Spicyyyyy H;)" my smile stuck prominent to my face and the goose pimples began to spread, it's erratic how Harry brings so many feelings to me with just one small gesture,  sounds pathetic but I missed Harry after what? 3 hours. A husky tone filled my eardrums "Hey beautiful"...

Harry's POV

"Give me love,like her
coz lately I've been waking up alone--
and that I'll fight my corner, maybe tonight I'll call ya"

Full volume, the gentle, melodious voice of Ed Sheeran filled my ears, matching the tranquillizing view I was watching perched on my balcony. Hitting the pause button, I spoke under my breath to myself "Nice one Ed" his music's lyrics just gave me an idea. Reaching for my Iphone 5, I desired to hear the sound of Evie's voice, the way her eyes enlightened her whole face like the sun I was currently watching fall to sleep and her soft waves framing her every perfect curve of her silhouette.

After waiting at least a couple of seconds for her to respond, I put on my raspy voice and stated "Hey beautiful" she chuckled cutely before saying "and what could you be calling for?" she said jokily  "Oh right I see we're playing this game are we missy haha... well I was just sat watching the sun go down rather lonely actually" I broke a small sigh and confidently continued "and you miss Evie Sanders kept crossing my mind, you wouldn't leave and I wanted to know, well are you doing the same" finally finishing my long winded sentence. "Well Mr Styles, it's quite ironic actually as we seem to be playing the same routine, just drinking ma hot cocoaaa" 

Laughing a little I replied "Well you need some spice with that hot cocoa of your's" turning my tone more seductive, "when you put it like that... yeah that would be great, it's getting a bit cold need's a bit of spice in it's life" she quite cleverly stated. 

Simply, I responded not rudely but urgently replying "I'm coming to see you". Hanging the line up before she could contemplate, I grabbed some special food ingredients, a couple of romantic movies and my toothbrush. My night now planned including Evie, I was now more excited about my evening.Revving my engine, I steadily yet on occasions where Evie entered my mind, speedily made my way to her apartment.

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