End of time

Everyone has a dream. Evie's dream is dance. What happens when her dream is on her doorstep? A particular boy called harry captures her heart. "I will love you till the end of time" but Evie's mind isn't always as controlled as her dance choreography...


15. knee high socks with bows

Evie's POV

Abruptly our conversation ended with harry not asking but stating 'as a matter of fact' he was "coming to see me". Panicking, I didn't have time to fully comprehend what he meant. Gently placing my now luke warm cocoa in front of me, I agreed with the fact that I should probably improve my appearance so I am at least decent looking. Standing, I quite brutally travelled to my mirrored chest of draws to add another garment to my outfit for the benefit of my confidence.

Though on my way, to put on my grey knee high socks with frills and pink bows, I felt an excruciating discomfort afflict upon my left knee. Wincing at the pain, I flashed my eyes down to the throbbing injury, blood trickled down from the deep incision engraved into my leg. Although a dancer and withholding incredible balance, I am one of the most clumsiest dancers to be known walking this earth.

Blocking the blood from my modern floors whilst ceasing a heavy flow of tears, I cupped the wound, blood seeped through my fingers triggering a faint reaction pulsing through my entirety. Itching my hair with the blood-smothered hand, I came into realisation blood was now trickling down my scalp. Blatant knocking was all I heard before I cowardly blacked out...

Harry's POV

Escalating from my fearless black Range Rover, I briefly observed where Evie called 'Home', I must admit you can tell she is driven and persistent with her dream. Reaching my desired location, my heart fluttered with adrenaline before I boldly knocked on her Oak wooden door. Contemplating whether I had arrived at the correct destination, I couldn't perceive her petite body coming towards the door so I could enter.

My solution was to try and open the door, I luckily succeeded, after doing so, concern struck me when I witnessed the sound of a loud gasp and a quite lethal sounding bang. Tracking where the suspicious sound's source was, I ambled up the glass winding staircase and discovered an agape door. Twisting my head around the edge of the door, I came face to face with a sight I did not expect and actually found extremely distressing. It was Evie. Masked with a large quantity of blood, it felt though someone had torn at my heart stings as I came into realisation, she was unconscious. 

Heavily her head lay on my tight black skinny jeans, I wiped her beach waved locks out of her stunning face. In my attempt, I felt warm liquid graze the tips of my fingers. Distinguishing the liquid was blood, my widened eyes watered. Bravely, in attempt to bring her around, I hastily searched for a wet cloth. Laying the clammy, moist material over her temples I gently intertwined her cold fingers with mine. Like a shield of armour, my body en caved around her, protecting her from any further unimaginable danger. Delicately, I shook her body whilst repeating her name through tears of heartbreak. "Evie, Evie babe"...

Evie's POV

Seeping through my heavy eyelids, I distinguished light, wait, brown light, green light, Harry. "Evie, Evie babe, Evie" was the sound filling my eardrums, yet it wasn't spoken in his usual beautiful raspy tone, it was like a tone of sorrow, a sound of pure worry. Softly, I squeezed his hand that was tightly gripped around mine, this was translating I was awake. "Wh-what? where's my cocoa?", Ok we all know, stupid thing to question, what can I say? I was just unconscious...

Tingles shot up my body as the tune of Harry's deep laugh suffused my bedroom "Babe *sniff wiping now joyful tears* what happened to you?" he questioned through relieved sense of laugher. "I-I went to put some sock on and th-" I heavily narrowed my eyes, establishing where the source of  pain was. Worry-stricken, once again, Harry held my lower back forcing me fully onto his lap. "Knee" was all I could translate,  straining my arm by pointing to my leg painted in  crimson blood.

Harry POV

Tensing, her body was in pain, I hated seeing her like this, she indicated where her wound was located, as I peered in the direction her finger was shakily pointing, I flinched a little at the deep cut boldly carved down her left leg "Babe, let's get you cleaned up, you stay here and I promise I will be back to make you better sweet".

Nodding in confirmation, she lightly pecked my lips as a symbol of a 'thank you', the kiss tasted of 'sweet cocoa'. Savouring the taste, I  travelled to her flawless, modern bathroom (just like me everything HAS to be clean), I came into the discovery of a hard-to-miss 'First Aid' box, this gave me the impression it wasn't the first clumsy situation she has experienced.

Hastily I returned and extremely delicately wiped up the evidence of blood that was splattered over the shining floor. Bandaging her wound which she continually winced at, I then finally gathered her into my arms embracing my hurt girl in a bear-hug. "Hey beautiful" I spontaneously spoke, greeting her properly in the manner I was expecting.


*First Authors note* 

Hiyaa, just a quick thank you to all the reads :). I don't like to write notes as you may tell coz most of you probs skip to the good stuff anyways , I defoo do!  Please comment and share thank youuuuu <3

Hope you enjoyyyyy <3


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