End of time

Everyone has a dream. Evie's dream is dance. What happens when her dream is on her doorstep? A particular boy called harry captures her heart. "I will love you till the end of time" but Evie's mind isn't always as controlled as her dance choreography...


6. In the zone

Reserving my usual space next to my closest fellow dancer Megan, I slowly  scanned my vibrant red, chipped fingernails in attempt to focus on something other than him. Though something in side wanted me to remember and maintain eye contact but I have to concentrate on the winning ticket that would enable me to get to know him.

Miss Sheridan's voice squeaked our pep talk into action "Girls do this one right and though some of your times here are short lived, if you get the placement to this opportunity, this won't be goodbye but more or a see you later". Emotional miss Sheridan knew how to get our minds prepared and us in the zone.

Gently standing I confidently walked into a line with the other dancers. Just as we all looked up to our recent boy band judges  they ambitiously explained "Hi we're One Direction" all of them said. "And we are here to choose 5 specific dancers for our tour 'Take me Home" the youthful boy who spoke; I think was called Naill. Just as I shot an excitable look at each of them I noticed Harry discretely looking me up and down, suddenly we met gaze once again he winked and I chose to smile but I quickly recoiled when it was nearly my turn to speak.

Taking it in turns, each dancer had to introduce themselves. I felt as though I was in an examination being judged but as it was my turn to announce my identity I let go of my nerves and proudly stated "Hiya, I'm Evie Sanders, I am a recent student at Pineapple Dance studios and I am 19 years old." At this point, I was confidently making eye contact with them all individually and they all had impressed looks painted on their faces nudging each other. Afterwards I noticed Harry mouthing to Liam, who was seated to the right of him "that's the one". Baffled yet excited, I smiled to myself pleased that what i had planned to say didn't just come out like "fkljnv ofinewf asoih"...

"Now girls, please take your starting positions and, give it all you've got". As Miss Sheridan repeated her motto, this enabled me to focus and gave me one little bit more push to achieve my best. 

Mentally and physically prepared, 'End Of Time' began to play, this song was special to me not only was it the most amazing choreography I have ever learned but also it would be the first and hopefully not the last dance I would perform to Harry...

Popping, pumping and grinding my hips to the music it was going well and my concentration was on extremely high levels.

Harry's POV

All I could do was watch, watch her and her way her body moved. Discretely, I lightly brushed my fingers over my lower part of my left arms, eyes not leaving her all I was able to feel was goose pimples forming gradually. 

Violently she whipped her hair up and out of her face, her alluring eyes smiled at me as she pirouetted several times causing the chills move down my spine. I was going to make her mine.

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