End of time

Everyone has a dream. Evie's dream is dance. What happens when her dream is on her doorstep? A particular boy called harry captures her heart. "I will love you till the end of time" but Evie's mind isn't always as controlled as her dance choreography...


9. illuminating light

Frozen, it was as if I had just seen been in contact with a miracle it sounds cheesy but that's what love is. Responding to Miss Sheridan with a "thank you for this opportunity" I ambitiously headed to my car throwing my bags over into the back seat due to my roof being down. Due to the summer weather, I wore my Tom Ford brown lens sunglasses accompanied with the wind whipping my blonde locks around and the exposed tune 'Work' by Iggy Azalea blasting from my loud speakers. Switching my ignition off, I removed my keys from the slot.

Adrenaline pumped from my travel home, analysing the moments i spent with Harry I reconfirmed  Harry's presence by lightly brushing over my wrist once again receiving a tingly sensation by the thought of him.

Clutching my Iphone 5 I once again dialled Leah's number, the conversation consisted me updating her of my most recent accomplishment not including the news about Harry. though I didn't really know what to tell myself about him, I mean I had acknowledged we were friends but his actions lead me to believe it was something more in such a short period of time. 

*An hour later*

Considering it had drew to evening, the previous adrenaline and special moments of the day played on my mind, the main questions I pondered were, when will I see Harry again?, Did he mean what he said?, What did he mean when he said?...

Sooner or later, I peered through heavy eyelids, the prominent light that seemed to streak up my bedroom wall distracted me from my slumber. Half asleep, I was unaware of the further day's events that were yet to come...

Just as I'd completed my morning's routine, an unexpected vibration came from my 'Seba chunky bedside table' bedside table. Baffled by who the text was from, I lifted my illuminated screen and briefly examined the ID number that had text me. Opening the message, I scanned over the words printed on my screen "Hiya it's Harry" this is where I doubled checked I was reading right the text continued "your dance teacher gave me all the dancers numbers but I decided to keep yours instead, hope to see you really soon as you really mean something to me, maybe we can me up sometime this weekend to practice some dance at the studios? Xx"

Fluttering, my heart dropped, I soon had to catch my breath and just think what was I going to reply of course I desired to see his dimples and lit up green eyes once again but the nerves kicked in, it's going to be great dancing with him also. After contemplating what I was about to respond I decided on a simple "Hello," cliche but what else could I say "it was really special meeting you yesterday, I feel the same, how about  tomorrow we can start practice? Xx" though it could come across as eager, I didn't hesitate on shakily pressing the send button to confirm our next special meeting...

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