End of time

Everyone has a dream. Evie's dream is dance. What happens when her dream is on her doorstep? A particular boy called harry captures her heart. "I will love you till the end of time" but Evie's mind isn't always as controlled as her dance choreography...


23. i'll be there... in a while

Evie's POV

Promising me he wouldn't leave my side, I tried to persuade Harry I was fine. I'm not fine. 

Telling me to call back later, I wondered whether my mother actually meant it or just blurted it out because that was the first thing that popped into her mind.

Sat scrunched up, leaning against my bed's head board, Harry's head was on my chest listening to the anticipation of my heart beat. "I'll do it... but only for you" I bravely stated whilst winding my skinny fingers into his curls his response was a hum before verbally replying

"You're gonna call her?, do it babe!!" Harry raised his head off my chest, brought his face further up my body and lightly rested his chin on the middle of my chest innocently acknowledging my face closely.

Pecking his forehead, I swooped my legs around rising off the bed, whipped my Iphone up lightly from the bedside table and tripping over the end of the bed, to Harry's amusement, he giggled in response. I thought if I was going to do this, I better just get it over and done with "Just taking a call" I proudly twisted my body round winking saucily as Harry lay resting his weight on his elbows as he intently watched me leave with a smile plastered over his mouth shaking his head at my random remark.

"You know it babe" He winked at me before I securely clicked the door shut, my face falling to my phone screen imprinted with my mother's number. For the final attempt, I promised myself that if she wished for no further contact, I have Harry, he means everything after all.

Nervously twiddling with the hem of one of Harry's big wooly jumpers, I dragged my phone up and confidently held it firmly to my ear, prepared for confrontation if necessary. Falling straight to answer phone, it took me a further 4 attempts of ringing before her voice finally responded. 

"H-hello" she stuttered, "Mum?......... can we talk?" an awkward silence arose though she finally broke it with her response "Alrite Evie, this isn't going to be a short conversation and it's going to  cost you rather a lot on you're phone bill so this better be good" she conversed in her annoying snobby thick posh accent, rolling my eyes, she began to sound like her paranoid, over-exaggerating self. 

Consisting of  the phrase 'forgive and forget', me and my parents were now on speaking terms but the relationship is still a massive work in process. 

If I was to meet my parents soon it would just tip me over edge, I wouldn't be able to handle it. It would break me down mentally and physically we just need time to sort things out first before we go all the way to getting back to a reasonable relationship.

Ending the long, wearing call, the call didn't go as miraculously as wished it could have been, I turned to my enclosed door, halting at the handle as I deeply wondered what Harry had been doing all this time through the long duration of the phone call.

Poking my head in, Harry cutely lay in slumber, he even told me he thought his body wasn't used to all the exercise. Switching the lights off, I crawled from the end of my bed, travelling up to hover over his body, slowly kissing his lips before whispering in his ear "I don't know whether I have done the right thing".

Suspiciously, Harry's eyes shot open and the colour drained a little from his cheeks almost as if something had gone wrong. Reassuringly I touched his cheek almost to translate an 'are you ok?' as the familiar shade of green flooded back into his eyes. 

Grabbing my hips, his forceful grip caused my body weight to fully compress onto his as his reply continued the kiss and between our rising chests he pressed our foreheads together and whispered "how about we sleep?". 

Contracting back to the previous position of his head on my chest, I replied after kissing his soft lips and cuddling into him. His reaction to me telling him about  he call not going so well, made me curious, why did he seem so worried and slightly... pained? Much to my curiousness, before I knew it, sleep appeared to pass over me as I felt Harry's body move off of mine, as I peered into the impossible darkness, his scent became absent as I heard the door open.. what's up with him?

Opening the bedroom door, I pattered through the apartment to find Harry draped over the kitchen counter rubbing his hands over his face in stress. "Babe? W-why did you leave?" I said though a yawn.

Jumping at my presence, he  turned and narrowed his eyes at me as if I had done something wrong "nothing, just go back to bed Evie." Why was he talking to me like this? what have I done wrong? "I was only being thoughtful, why are you so angry with me?" my volume slightly increasing. 

"I'm not. It's late. just... just go to sleep I'll be there in a while" maybe he was tired, we haven't argued yet but he is just acting unreasonably snappy and rude, I have never seen him like this.

"What have I done wrong, you're not normally like this with me?" I mutter as I obey him by travelling back to my room. All I heard was an aggravated sigh, I don't understand his sudden change in attitude.


Heyyy, this is all Evie's POV, it's only really a filler chapter but I promise the big problem hasn't happened just yet-- please read to discover., Please comment -- need feedback ;) Thank youuu <333




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